Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whats your religion?

Helloooooooo ! Well, this post is not being religion-ist or what, Im just sharing my religion with you guys :)

So I went to this temple celebration which was for my daddy's Shi Fu :) & so that day I went down after my dinner date with G, and which i brought the fucked up shoe. lols. hahahs. Anyways, it was the day where they allow people to cross the bridge of safety? hahahs. :/ Anyways, my daddy needs to Jump Jump(tiao dang), so me, being super shag after work + the fucked up shoe making me irritated, I just sit down somewhere and take pictures from my phone. Therefore, sorry for the lousy quality of the pictures, I never edit or what, I'm so lazy ~~ :x

This is my Daddy ! <3 Hahas.

The God guiding people over the bridge.

Yea, thats all :) Enjoy!