Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{SPS} Magnum Pleasure Store opens at Clark Quay

For all Pleasure Seekers, Here is what you have been looking for...

On 27 July, invited guests witnessed the opening of MAGNUM SINGAPORE Pleasure Store at Clarke Quay’s Central Fountain Square. I was super happy when Karen (@Superfinefeline) invited me for this event! Thanks Karen! ^o^

The Newly Opened PLEASURE STORE main aim is to allow all guest to have a go at creating their own Creative Magnum that is uniquely to themselves.

Each Guest will be given a dressing up paper to choose the Coating, 3 Toppings and the Drizzle.
(This was my pick)

Upon Entering the Pleasure Store, Be sure to be welcomed by friendly staffs and a wide variety of Toppings appear before your very eyes.

Then Just Relax and let the staff do the job while you anticipate your own creation form before your eyes.

My Selection of Dark Chocolate Coating, Chocolate Hearts, Golden Nuggets and Poppin Candy Toppings with a White Chocolate Drizzle. I must Say I love how the popping candy surprises me in my mouth unknowingly and the taste of the dark chocolate was rich and satisfying.

The Magnum Pleasure Store will also be serving up a wide selection carefully crafted Magnum desserts and Magnum-inspired cocktails. So Be Sure To Check Them Out!

The MAGNUM SINGAPORE Pleasure Store will be in Singapore, with the first stop being at Clarke Quay Central Fountain from 27th July to 26th August 2013 and will be open daily from 12pm to 11pm.

With Love, M

Monday, July 29, 2013

[F.T] Da Paolo Pizza Bar Weekend Brunch

With Many Different Concept Under It's Name, Da Paolo sure have a wide Range of Customers to Cater to. Under their belt are Gastronomia Da Paolo - A Gourmet Deli Cafe, Da Paolo Bistro Bar - Alfresco Dining & Drinks, Da Paolo Ristorante - Boutique Italian Dining & last but not least Da Paolo Pizza Bar.

I had the pleasure to attend a tasting session with the invite from my dear blogger friend Celes, on a bright and sunny Weekend Morning (What Was I thinking). HAHA! We were invited for a Brunch Tasting therefore we were there quite early and because Da Paolo Pizza Bar is located at Holland Village, I had to wake up EARLY to prepare. LOL! Enough of my ramblings, Overall it was a wonderful experience! 

Da Paolo Pizza Bar
44 Jalan Mera Saga
#01-46 S278116

Orange Juice, I have a peeve to have fruit juice or plain water together with my breakfast, Idk why! :D

Banana Caramel Smoothie - It Was GOOD!

Popeye's Breakfast - $17
 Spinach and Parmesan Scrambled Eggs, Portobello Mushroom and Pumpkin Hashbrown.
I love the Pumpkin Hashbrown so much! At first I thought it was 

Caliprawnia - $20

Fresh & Sweet Prawns, accompanied by the soft and creamy Avocado, together with the Cherry Tomatoes, I must say it's enough to fill me up if I had it alone!

The Royal Stack - $19. A stack of Pumpkin Hashbrown, Avocado, Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs on a bed of rocket salad, It was so good with the Hollandaise sauce although it was a tad watery for me.
Believe it or not, it was my first try at poached eggs and I must say I loved it! Like how i love other Eggy dishes! It's Eggtastic! LOL!

Big Fry Up - $20. A HUGE Platter with everything so sinful. Poached eggs on toast, Grilled Sausages, Tomatoes, Bacon, Mushrooms, Baked Beans and a Cute Hashbrown. They each have their own flavour but what attracted me was the hasbrown. I loved it!

Speciality Bruschetta - $13. Parma Ham & Cheese on a perfectly toasted baguette slice, Oh how yummy and also a alternative to the usual Tomato based Bruschetta! I love this one more! 
Oh my Love, Parma Ham. 

Goat Cheese Fritters & Capsicum Dip - $15. At first glance, no one would have guessed that this would turn out to be Goat's Cheese. I was anticipating it to be Scallops, lol too shallow. First try at goat cheese and I have a complex feeling inside of me. The taste is really overwhelming but when dipped in with the capsicum dip, it was brought on to another level. Love & Hate for this dish for me.

And I always Say when Desserts Look Pretty, They MIGHT not taste as beautiful. But I was Wrong!
Lemon Curd Pavlova - $12. I love the Tangy Sourish taste of the lemon curd and the special meringue tasting thing was actually a Pavlova, Something new to my food dictionary and I must say the whole dish complemented each other so well, with the berries sprinkled all over & a generous ring of Whipped Cream, it was such a delightful dessert.

Da Paolo's Tiramisu - $13, Supposedly one of the best in Singapore after reading reviews obout it online, But it did not WOW me as I felt that it was a tad sour to my liking. Lacking of the coffee and rum flavour, Im not too sure if the other ladies present had the exact same thought.

Conclusion, I would wake up to head over for a brunch again anytime soon! I love the atmosphere regardless of sitting inside or outside. I might go for other desserts on the menu as well, Im such a Glutton.

With Love, M

Friday, July 26, 2013

VanillaCrystals Clearance Sale!!!

Introducing VanillaCrystals Blogshop! Selling all the pretty clothes that you will die for! 
*not literally die la okay?*

I'm going to cut the crap and go straight to the point because some of the items are left with 1 piece only! So Faster go check them out on Facebook to get it before anyone else!


So Here are my Picks for this Sales! 
You can go to their Page to browse through more beautiful pieces!

Eyelet Skater Skirt - $14
Maroon, Beige & Navy. Fits UK6-10

PacMan Pullover -$19 (Super cute la!)
Freesize (Available in Black and White Based)

L.A Oversized Pullover - $27.50
Something for the Edgy and more Personality Girls.

Houndstooth Collar Top - $20

Zig Zag Batman Pullover in Red - $27.50
Fits UK 6-12 Unique Piece with the zig zag hem!

Galaxy Button Up Top - $26

Cross Knitted Pullover in Pink - $27.50

3 Way Studded Bag - $34

Sequin Clutch Bag - $18
Available in Black, Pink, Silver & Gold

I must say, I am in total dilemma if I were you, I cant seem to decide where to spend my money on!
What's More, Quote "Michhysaurous" to get 10% off your total Bill!
Even more reason to shop now! 
And Since Payday is coming as well, heh heh heh, Guilty Pleasure satisfying time! HAHAHA!

So go start Shopping now! Click Here!

With Love, M

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LOL Season 2 - The Sam Willows Episode

Hey You! I bet you came to read my blog because of The Sam Willows Right? Even if it's not for The Sam Willows, You are still here to support me right? HAHAHA! Okay Lame. 

So, I attended my 2nd LOL Recording, and this episode, we have The Sam Willows, Cheryl Wee, Darren Tan and Adam Chen, together with Benefit Professionals, I would say it is a wonderful experience altogether.

First Up in LOL, we always have the Couch Interviews First, and Every Recording, we have different Guest on the HOT SEAT! This episode we have the Cast of MATA MATA, a upcoming new series on Channel 5, Be sure to catch it as Darren and Cheryl have a Romance in the show But the Twist is that Darren is acting as a Thug but Cheryl is acting as a Police Women! And Adam is acting as a cute character called "dua Jiak" which simply means Big Eater and not Big Sized and he is also a Thug! So Interesting!

And Mata Mata is airing right after the National Day Parade Broadcast! It is a period drama where they depict the story of the police in the 1950s . Be sure to catch it! ^^

Then we have the Benefit Professionals showing us the wonderful miracle product called POREFESSIONAL! Have you heard of it? It minimizes the appearance of pores and also helps combat "shine", which most often happen on our Oily T-Zone. :) It is a Wonderful Product, Everyone should Try It!
I had it on once as my make up base, and my face did not shine for 6 hours straight! YAY!
psst! Come for LOL Recording and you will get a Beautiful Benefit Umbrella and also a Sample of the POREFESSIONAL! Talk About Generosity! 

For the Final Segment, We Have The Sam Willows! YAY! *Throw Confetti Everywhere*
Beautiful and Handsome People with Talents, They are to die for! *wink wink* HAHAHA!
Just in a Short 1 and a Half Year Span of time, The Sam Willows have already Travelled to Many places and have also worked with Award Winning Producers! TALK ABOUT LIVING THE MOMENT!

I was totally into their performance and I must say I was Craving for more!!!
Be sure to check out The Sam Willows on their facebook and Twitter and Instagram! :D

So I'm feeling that you are getting a little jealous and envious of me, But nevermind, There is still 1 more recording tonight, so lets make it a FULL HOUSE and enjoy ourselves to the maximum!
Register at now !
Like LOL's Facebook page for the latest updates of guests and also, the next season's recording dates! OMG I CANT WAIT! See You!

With Love, M

Monday, July 22, 2013

[F.T] Azur - A Taste of the Seven seas

The only place I wouldn't mind visiting everyday would be our Singapore's Changi Airport. I love to dine in the Airport with the Wide Range of Choices but little has been heard about the Hotel's Dining Options. Even I myself have not stepped into the Hotel for any dining options. So the question come, does Crowne Plaza's Dining Option not meet the expectations of the crowd?

I was invited by Karen(@Superfinefeline) for a tasting at Azur for their Premium Buffet Dinner Spread. The Restaurant will be launching its first edition of the Seven series, Feast of the Seven Seas, over a limited period of two weekends from 19 - 21 July as well as 26 - 28 July. 
pic credit

As it was my first visit to Azur, I took on a tour around the place and I am impressed with the live cooking Demo stations where the chefs do their thing right infront of your eyes. Talk about a feast for the eyes.

And with a Wide Selection, I was so tempted to try everything on the spread that day, but I had to control myself as I had to taste the special series later on!

Did I mention they have a cheese Section? ^^


Unlimited amount of Lobsters, Scallops, Muscles & Oysters will be available for the normal buffet times BUT! Fines de Claires Oysters, instead of Australian Oysters, will be available during the promotion period!

And also, I don't go home from a dessert without attacking the Dessert Table, :P Azur's Dessert Table Setting does impress me with the range of selection available.

The Gourmand Experience First Edition
Feast of the Seven Seas

Complimentary Mocktail: Which has Orange Juice and Honeydew. Refreshing.

Selection of Premium Chilled Seafood
Pic Credit to

Diners get to enjoy a wide range of seafood selection from freshly poached prawns to Premium Oysters and Boston Lobsters to Fresh Muscles and Scallops.

Lobster Bisque with Tarragon Chantilly Cream with Herb Gougères
 Packed with Flavour, I could ask for another serving. Smooth enough for me.

Black Pepper Slipper Lobster

The Lobster was well coated with the black pepper sauce and the sauce was not too spicy for a lousy spicy eater like me. Fragrant and it made me crave for more!

Hawker Style Bamboo Clams
I felt that this dish lacks the freshness I desire, the meat was a little tough for me, Overall just an average to me.

Baked Whole Salmon with Seafood and Aromatic Spices served with
 Coconut & Lemongrass Espuma. 
Highlight of the night. Baked Whole Salmon with loads of Big Fat Scallops and Prawns Stuffed on it to ensure Diners a Wonderful Mouthfeel.

Every Bite in to the Salmon brings me up to heaven (well, sorta). Soft and Juicy at the same time, paired with the Coconut & Lemongrass Espuma, it's a totally different taste. with the Fresh Scallops and Prawns, this was the Winner of the night, In my case for that matter. :)

Baked Conchigliette Pasta with Shrimp & Mozzarella Cheese
Disappointing Dish I would say, Lacking of sauce for this seafood focused Baked Pasta Dish. I love my pastas, But It did not win me over. Talk to the chef and Im sure he has taken our feedback in.

Parisian Mussel with Fresh Herb Crumbles
Not a Fan of Muscles but this was good! Simply presented but full of flavour! 

I told you I could not resist the Desserts!

1st plate of dessert selection


Please do not miss this offer of such wonderful selection of Seafood and Desserts!

The Gourmand Experience First Edition
Feast of the Seven Seas
Date: 19-21 July 2013, 26-28 July 2013 (Dinner only)
Adult: $88.00++
Child: $44.00++
*Include a complimentary first glass of red/white wine or mocktail
**15% of total bill if reservation is made online

With Love, M