Friday, November 27, 2015

Vibbly Skin Beauty - Eyelash Extensions


Deng Deng Deng! I have a new Eyelash & Facial Sponsor - Vibbly Skin Beauty! YAY!
My Lash ArtistVeira has more than 5 years of experience working with other brands before coming out to open her own beauty salon. The shop front is located at 465 North Bridge Road #01-5049, within the heartlands so that the prices of the service can be push down further for you to enjoy quality service without burning a hole in your pocket.

Today I'm going to share with you my first eyelash extension experience in my whole 23 years of my life. I trust Vibbly to do a good job to the window to my soul. lol! Vibbly offers a variety of lashes for your different needs.
1. Silk Lash - The most common type of lashes used in the market. Vibbly offer Black or Brown Silk Lashes.
2. Feather Mink Lashes - This type of lashes are softer than silk lashes, which also means it will present a softer, more natural look.
3. Premium Two-Tone & Colour Lashes - These are silk lashes with colour! For a more fun look, you can try these lashes instead!
4. 100% Real Mink Lash - The softest among all lashes. It is the most premium lash Vibbly offers.

Lashes come in different lengths and different thickness to achieve a wide variety of looks. From soft & Natural looks to Loud and dramatic looks to Sexy seductive looks. 3D & 6D lashes uses Mink Lashes to achieve the natural look.

Here we go, My Bare Lashes, Verdict by Veira is that my lashes are quite long but sparse. :( Save me !!

A Comparison of the 2 eyes - Before & After. A dramatic difference in volume and length. I have on a range of lash length, from 9mm to 11mm C curl lash which will create a more natural look, and this one is more suitable for people who usually wear specs, that's why Veria did the shorter length for me. So considerate! And C curl lashes is among the most popular choice of lash for ladies to achieve the natural look.

Done! You can see my eye abit red because I felt a little stinging sensation during the process, but Veira advised to wear contact lens when doing the lashes to minimize the stinging sensation. This is the first time I'm seeing my eye so close up! haha!

Price List:
Normal Lash Extenstions - Price start from $78
(Includes All Single lashes, irregardless of curl type or length)

3D Lash - $138/NETT 
(irregardless of how many strands)

6D Lash - $158/NETT 
(irregardless of how many strands)

Colour Lash - $148/Set

First Timer visiting Vibbly after reading my blog - 10% OFF 
(normal days, not valid with other promos)



Criteria: Must Like their Facebook Page only when you are at the shop.

Vibbly Skin Beauty
465 North Bridge Road
#01-5049, Singapore 191465
(5 min walk from Lavender Mrt)

Telephone : 63415818
SMS/WhatsApp : 94291688
Email :

Cheers to a more beautiful you, With Love, M

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ZALORA Brings Korean Fashion to you!

Korean POP MUSIC is taking over the world by storm and so is Korean FASHION! Want to dress like your favourite KPOP Star or your favourite Korean Drama Lead Actress? You will be spoilt for choices on Zalora! My KPOP Idol is 2NE1, and my BIAS is CL! I love how she can look effortlessly casual but also look Super Stunning.

I spotted a similar top that CL is wearing on Zalora!!! My ultimate wish is to meet CL omg.
So until that dream comes true, I guess what I can do is to try to dress like her? Haha!

And Next, the ever popular drama "My Love From The Stars" lead actress - Jun Ji Hyun.
Ever since that show, she rose to fame and she rose to my attention too! She looks really sophisticated and classy!

So while I was browsing the Korean Fashion Section on Zalora, I spotted something similar! Hahaha, So Happy! Now I can look classy too! 

Are you inspired yet? 
Check out the many Accessories available too!

Or this cutesy backpack?

And of course, how can we forget about Korean Beauty products?
Be spoilt for choices when you shop at Zalora because they are giving away free gifts when you spend $25 Or More on Korean Beauty Products!! Always wanted to look like your KPOP Idol? You envy their dewy and perfect skin? Now you can too! Hop over to Zalora to start stocking up! Prices start from as low at $.3.60!

Hope you are inspired, and since its the christmas season, it is time to do some gifting. Or you could hint your friends on what are the items you are interested in. #youknowwhatimean Hahaha!

Check out the K Fashion Section on Zalora Now!
*All information on products are courtesy of Zalora*

With Love, M

TCM Slimming Journey with Dr Huang Jing PART 2


Hello! I'm back to share with you my Slimming Journey with Dr Huang Jing! I will share my experience on my First Consultation and my first ever cupping session!

First Consultation: 4th of July 2015

Just like everyone else, I had a mix of emotions, a little fearful, much excitement, but yet a little doubtful too.
TCM slimming has never been in my choice for weight loss and it has never been really advertised in the media, unlike slimming centers, which are So Widely Advertised, and Widely Reviewed.

Dr Huang Jing is my savior for my stubborn fats! First Impression of Dr Huang is that she is so radiant and cheerful! Not like those old TCM physicians who looks like they are out to cheat you of your money(oops). Dr Huang is very chirpy and is very welcoming, i did not feel pressured to be consulted by her.

Some of the Questions asked during consultation:
1. What are your eating habits?
2. How much water do you drink everyday?
3. How is your menstrual Cycle like? (for ladies)
4. What is your exercise level?
5. What is your target after the whole package? (20 Sessions)

I will now tell you my answer so that you can gauge how similar is your body to mine. BUT still, everyone's body is different so how my body lose weight will be different from yours la! (Disclaimer: All answers here are true to my own habits, in no way am i faking anything here, fake for what?)

1. What are your eating habits?
Ans: No Control! Hahaha, I really didn't care about my diet. I can just eat Rice Rice & Rice every day. I am a firm lover of Carbs. Example ah: Bread for Breakfast, Fishball noodles for lunch, Pasta for dinner.

2. How much water do you drink everyday?
Ans: I drink up to 2L of water each day. Plain Water hor, not Bubble Tea, Sweeten drinks.
I love Plain Water. Sometimes I drink Japanese Green Tea also la.

3. How is your menstrual Cycle like? (for ladies, duh)
Ans: My mensus is regular every month, at most +/- 1-3 days. Dr Huang says that it is normal for a difference up to +/- 5 days depending on each person's body.

4. What is your exercise level?
Ans: Almost Zero. Due to my lower back injury, I cannot do strenuous exercises. Which literally means most of the exercise I cannot do except Swimming and maybe brisk walking.

5. What is your target after the whole package? (20 Sessions)
Ans: Honestly, I didn't know what to expect from the effects of TCM slimming. So I said I wish to at least go down 10-15 KGS. Dr Huang said she will try her very best to help me but also have to see how much effort i put in la.

After the consultation, it was Weight In time! Deng Deng Deng~~~ AND MY WEIGHT WAS.......
80 KG! OMG. Not my Fattest in my life! Haha! My Fattest in my life was 83KG, After Chinese New Year this year, So heng I went down quite abit. But Still not satisfactory lor. Lucky I have Dr Huang to help me now! After the weight in, lets get on to my First Cupping Session in my Life. (very nervous)

Cupping, also known as 拔火罐 can help to reduce moistness in the body, activate the pressure points and clears blockage in the body to allow more circulation of the blood which will in turn boost metabolism. It will balance oneself and relieve tiredness and boost immunity as well. TCM treatments are non invasive and the root of their treatment is to adjust your body back to normal processes. It's not a miracle treatment where you will see results after just 1 session and expect it to last forever.

As you can see, there are certain parts that are redder or darker than some parts. Different coloured circles reveals different things about your body. Let me try to explain them in english, but if you can read chinese is better la. Haha!

Purple Black - Insufficient blood supply to parts of body, body is very "cold"

Purple with Black Spots - Very Bad Blood Circulation

Purple with dark and light spots - Rheumatism

Bright Red and warm on the circle - Feverish, Body Base is very Heaty, Body has Heaty Toxins

Dark Coloured Circle - High Blood Lipids, Insufficiency of Blood supply

Slight itchiness after cupping - Signs of Eczema

Blister, Moistness - Poor Circulation, Body has alot of "Moisture"

Purple Red, Dark Red - Blood Clots, Body is "Cold"

Hope you get a better understanding about your body on your next cupping session just by observing the colour on your body. So is cupping painful? On a scale on 1 to 10, My pain tolerance is 1 or 2, (1 being very low). But i feel that cupping pain is bearable, its more like a aching pain rather than a sharp pain. So If your pain tolerance is like me, you will survive! Congratulations!!

Doctor Huang was very patient with me asking her so many questions and she explained to me that TCM Slimming is good as the rebounce of the weight is not huge even if you indulge once in a while. I was whining in pain for my first session and my tummy area felt so tight, but it all feels so good at the same time because I'm on the way to a better and healthier self! Haha.

Stay tune to my next post on my Diet during my slimming treatment with Han Dian! You will be surprised.

Quote "Michelle" and get to try 3 Session of the TCM Slimming Treatment at only $140!
Han Dian's Telephone number is: 6532 1258 .

Han Dian TCM Clinic 
930 Yishun Ave2 Northpoint City
#03-15,Singapore 769098
Opening Hours: 1030 - 2130 (Daily)

Telephone No: 6752 8098

With Love, M

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015!


All Thanks to Red Planet for the tickets to attend Sundown Festival - LETS ROCK!
I Had a wonderful night yesterday despite a unfortunate event that happened to me earlier in the day. :(

First up - Cheryl Loon from Singapore. Cheryl is a local Singer-Songwriter.

Next up was Farrago - They are an indie rock band formed in Singapore comprising of members from Singapore, Japan, UK & Australia. 

And we have Cashew Chemist - Who was playing when the skies were grey, or was it grey when they came out? Haha. They kept saying that they hope they don't bring the rain. lol.


First up: 放射空間 GROUND ZERO from Taiwan!
They are a 4-member Taiwanese Indie Band founded in 2010. They have since performed at major events in Taiwan and also attended the Spring Wave Concert 2014 in Singapore! They performed many songs, from Covers of pop Mandarin & English songs, to their latest song - 大海之名.

Next Up is local act - CARACAL. The 5-member group is hailed as Singapore's best Post-Hardcore Band. They certainly did Wow the crowd with their hardcore music.

Welcoming J-Rocks from Indonesia! They are an Indonesian Rock Band who are heavily influenced by Japanese Rock Style Music. Who would ever know Indonesian songs could have Japanese rock influence.

Then we have INKT from Japan. So sorry that I don't have any photos of them performing because it was raining a little and I did not want to risk my camera. But they are really so passionate to their fans!

As the night goes on, We have POTATO from THAILAND! They are a Renowned Thai Rock Band that has won multiple awards, with origins as far back as 2001. They performed many songs and one of them was their Famous "Ter Yang"

The Highlight of the night was EPIK HIGH from KOREA! They are also the last act of the night. The crowd went wild and everyone was jumping and screaming. Epik High did so much fan service - Spraying water and also signing on towels and throwing them to the crowd.

Thank you to Skechers for organizing this amazing concert to bring together the different acts from all over southeast asia. Thank you Red Planet for the tickets. I even had the chance to do a 1 to 1 interview with Taiwanese Group 放射空間 GROUND ZERO, so be sure to watch out for it here.

For More Photos of the different Groups, Please head over to my Facebook, I will upload all of them there.

Till Then, With Love, M

Thursday, November 19, 2015

M Hotel's Colourful Christmas at Cafe 2000

*Food Tasting*

Merry Merry Christmas! It's my favourite season of the year and I've just attend my first Christmas Feasting at M Hotel. I tasted their christmas offering that night but the head chef told me that this was only 70% of the Full Selection that is available for Christmas. I was stuffed already, how can it not be 100%.

One of the highlight dish to look out for at the buffet spread is the Whole Roast Charsiew Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, served with Char Siew Sauce & Cranberry Sauce. The Char Siew Sauce is pretty interesting and the Turkey was pretty tender, not tough at all.

And M Hotel has been known for their creative variety of crabs. There were so many types of Crabs available! Steamed Mud Crab, King Crab Legs, Dry Salted Egg Yolk and more! The other items like the cold cuts and salad and the Salt Baked Salmon were pretty good too!

There will be a Alfresco Barbeque Station to cater to your BBQ Cravings! There will be Huge Prawns, Slipper Lobsters, Scallops, Salmon and many more for you to choose from!

There is a live dessert station where there will be freshly made waffles and aromatic Creme Brulee. There are Ice Creams & Various Toppings for you to pair your waffles with. Look at my creation - Strawberry Paradise.

There are so much sweet stuffs available on the buffet spread that I am spoilt for choices, I bet you will too. Highlight of the spread is their Chempedak Log Cake, Chocolate Fountain & the Durian Puree. Desserts lovers will be in heaven.

Festive International Seafood & BBQ Dinner Buffet
Friday - Saturday, 1800 - 2200
Adult: $65 (U.P $82) | Child: $33(U.P $42)
Prices are subjected to 10% Service Charge and 7% GST.

For reservations, Please call 6500 6112 or email to

With Love, M

Sunday, November 15, 2015

FYR Cycene Ond Drinc

*Food Tasting*

I'm back to share with you this new place on boon tat street. On first Glance, how do you pronounce the brand - fyr ? It's actually a simple word - Fire. FYR serves modern European-style cuisines. Exotic herbs and spices of Southeast Asia goes in to every dish, intensifying the taste.

Chilean Sea Bass - ($18) came with prosciutto, squid & local fruits salsa.
I love the texture of the fish but it's a pity its a tiny piece.

Blue Mussels - ($15) - mixed herbs, wasabi & laksa leaves.
It did not have the kick of wasabi & Laksa leaves when i tried the mussel, but the aroma was divine.

DeRaza Iberico Pork Chop 280g - ($36)

 Braised Beef Short Ribs with Rendang Glaza - ($42) 
I didn't really taste any rendang flavour but the beef was tender.

Sharing Platter for 2-3 Pax:
1) Whole Maine Lobster, Five Spice Whole Chicken & Lamb Saddle - ($88)
I love the lobster and the lamb saddle, the chicken was tender but I prefer the former 2.

2) Cape Bryon 100 Day Grass-Fed Angus Tomahawk 1KG - ($108)
A Massive 1KG beef on bone for you to share and indulge, It was a little tough that night when I had it though.

Dessert of the night:
Valrhona Triple Chocolate Mousse - ($15) with Balinese black sea salt & peanut caramel
I would never say no to chocolate desserts and this was was pretty addictive.

Grilled lady finger banana & Coconut Ice cream - ($10) with almond caramel, filo pastry & cinnamon.
I did not understand why the bananas came charred (Chao Tah) looking, but it was very aromatic and the bananas were a little mushy, so it was very delightful to have to end a meal.

Thank you FYR for the invite.

19 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069619
Tel: +65 6221 3703
Mon - Fri: 1100 - 2300
Sat: 0900 - 2300
Sun: 0900 - 1600

With Love, M