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TCM Slimming Journey with Dr Huang Jing PART 2


Hello! I'm back to share with you my Slimming Journey with Dr Huang Jing! I will share my experience on my First Consultation and my first ever cupping session!

First Consultation: 4th of July 2015

Just like everyone else, I had a mix of emotions, a little fearful, much excitement, but yet a little doubtful too.
TCM slimming has never been in my choice for weight loss and it has never been really advertised in the media, unlike slimming centers, which are So Widely Advertised, and Widely Reviewed.

Dr Huang Jing is my savior for my stubborn fats! First Impression of Dr Huang is that she is so radiant and cheerful! Not like those old TCM physicians who looks like they are out to cheat you of your money(oops). Dr Huang is very chirpy and is very welcoming, i did not feel pressured to be consulted by her.

Some of the Questions asked during consultation:
1. What are your eating habits?
2. How much water do you drink everyday?
3. How is your menstrual Cycle like? (for ladies)
4. What is your exercise level?
5. What is your target after the whole package? (20 Sessions)

I will now tell you my answer so that you can gauge how similar is your body to mine. BUT still, everyone's body is different so how my body lose weight will be different from yours la! (Disclaimer: All answers here are true to my own habits, in no way am i faking anything here, fake for what?)

1. What are your eating habits?
Ans: No Control! Hahaha, I really didn't care about my diet. I can just eat Rice Rice & Rice every day. I am a firm lover of Carbs. Example ah: Bread for Breakfast, Fishball noodles for lunch, Pasta for dinner.

2. How much water do you drink everyday?
Ans: I drink up to 2L of water each day. Plain Water hor, not Bubble Tea, Sweeten drinks.
I love Plain Water. Sometimes I drink Japanese Green Tea also la.

3. How is your menstrual Cycle like? (for ladies, duh)
Ans: My mensus is regular every month, at most +/- 1-3 days. Dr Huang says that it is normal for a difference up to +/- 5 days depending on each person's body.

4. What is your exercise level?
Ans: Almost Zero. Due to my lower back injury, I cannot do strenuous exercises. Which literally means most of the exercise I cannot do except Swimming and maybe brisk walking.

5. What is your target after the whole package? (20 Sessions)
Ans: Honestly, I didn't know what to expect from the effects of TCM slimming. So I said I wish to at least go down 10-15 KGS. Dr Huang said she will try her very best to help me but also have to see how much effort i put in la.

After the consultation, it was Weight In time! Deng Deng Deng~~~ AND MY WEIGHT WAS.......
80 KG! OMG. Not my Fattest in my life! Haha! My Fattest in my life was 83KG, After Chinese New Year this year, So heng I went down quite abit. But Still not satisfactory lor. Lucky I have Dr Huang to help me now! After the weight in, lets get on to my First Cupping Session in my Life. (very nervous)

Cupping, also known as 拔火罐 can help to reduce moistness in the body, activate the pressure points and clears blockage in the body to allow more circulation of the blood which will in turn boost metabolism. It will balance oneself and relieve tiredness and boost immunity as well. TCM treatments are non invasive and the root of their treatment is to adjust your body back to normal processes. It's not a miracle treatment where you will see results after just 1 session and expect it to last forever.

As you can see, there are certain parts that are redder or darker than some parts. Different coloured circles reveals different things about your body. Let me try to explain them in english, but if you can read chinese is better la. Haha!

Purple Black - Insufficient blood supply to parts of body, body is very "cold"

Purple with Black Spots - Very Bad Blood Circulation

Purple with dark and light spots - Rheumatism

Bright Red and warm on the circle - Feverish, Body Base is very Heaty, Body has Heaty Toxins

Dark Coloured Circle - High Blood Lipids, Insufficiency of Blood supply

Slight itchiness after cupping - Signs of Eczema

Blister, Moistness - Poor Circulation, Body has alot of "Moisture"

Purple Red, Dark Red - Blood Clots, Body is "Cold"

Hope you get a better understanding about your body on your next cupping session just by observing the colour on your body. So is cupping painful? On a scale on 1 to 10, My pain tolerance is 1 or 2, (1 being very low). But i feel that cupping pain is bearable, its more like a aching pain rather than a sharp pain. So If your pain tolerance is like me, you will survive! Congratulations!!

Doctor Huang was very patient with me asking her so many questions and she explained to me that TCM Slimming is good as the rebounce of the weight is not huge even if you indulge once in a while. I was whining in pain for my first session and my tummy area felt so tight, but it all feels so good at the same time because I'm on the way to a better and healthier self! Haha.

Stay tune to my next post on my Diet during my slimming treatment with Han Dian! You will be surprised.

Quote "Michelle" and get to try 3 Session of the TCM Slimming Treatment at only $140!
Han Dian's Telephone number is: 6532 1258 .

Han Dian TCM Clinic 
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Opening Hours: 1030 - 2130 (Daily)

Telephone No: 6752 8098

With Love, M

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