Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang Contest

Since the Korean Fever hit our shores, everything related is becoming popular. Korean Music, Korean Food, Korean Culture and Korean Make-Up. Korean Make-Up, also known as Ulzzang Make-Up to some, is something which makes one look and feel like a flawless beauty. And The Term Ulzzang is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking".

Mentholathum Acnes has come up with a contest to find the Ultimate Ulzzang In Singapore and here are the Top 10 Finalist! Support my Friends Kife, Hellven and Caroline! You have 3 votes a day, you can rotate your vote so that you vote for everyone. :)

Two of these 10 Ulzzangs will get to fly to KOREA FOR FREE! YES! So Please Vote Wisely!
But there are also goodies for the voters as well la, so It's a Win Win Situation. :)

And Of Course, you yourself can win something too! 3 of Acnes Medicated Skincare Singapore's Instagram Follower will stand a chance to win a Polaroid! Simple Steps to follow.

So Start Posting and You might just win a Polaroid Camera or a pair of Movie Tickets! ^^

With Love, M

Tuesday, August 27, 2013



13 Kpop artistes will be coming to Singapore for the MBS Korean Music Wave 2013 Concert on 16th November 2013 at The Meadow, Gardens by The Bay. These 13 Kpop artistes are; Shinee, Teentop, B1A4, B.A.P, 2PM, 2AM, FT Island, EXO, IU, Sistar, Kara, Miss A and 4 Minute and more special guest to be announced soon.

I myself am excited to hear about the cast but I'm still waiting for them to invite 2NE1 ! Haha. 
Details Below~

Korean Music Wave Singapore 2013 Concert Ticket Sales:
Venue: Playspace @ *Scape Level 1, Orchard Road, Singapore
Time: 9am till 6pm
Date: 1st September 2013 (Sunday)

Internet booking will be open to public on 12.00am on 2 September 2013 on their e-ticketing partner [Singtic's site]. SO START SAVING UP, Or you ask your parents for a loan first. :D

With Love, M

[F.T] Goldleaf Restaurant (New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant Pte Ltd)

Goldleaf Restaurant ( New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant) is a Taiwanese-Singaporean Porridge restaurant. They first Started at Oxlet Rise in 1971 but has moved from place to place for a number of years and finally settled down along the shophouses at Amoy Street. 

Picture Credit

Goldleaf Restaurant 

Venue: 110 Amoy Street, #01-00, Singapore 069930

Contact: +65 6324 8310

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.00pm - 12.00am

Fresh Lime Juice - $2.00
I love my Lime Juice that is Sour Enough. At GoldLeaf, You can request for them to make it more sour for you on the 2nd cup if the first cup is not sour enough for you! :)

Complementary Appetizer
Full of Flavour, Beancurd Strips with Peanuts, Ikan Bilis, Pickles and Chilli Strips, fully infused with the homemade sauce.  This Appetizing Homemade Dish will sure make you want to have more! 
But please bear in mind that there are more food available later on!

Stir Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk - $16.00 / $36.00
My Favourite Dish would have to include Seafood and Salted Egg and this dish has both! Fresh Prawns coated with a crispy layer of Salted Egg Yolk, Every bite is a crunch but I feel that the salted egg yolk flavour could be much stronger.

Cai Poh Omelette - $6.00 / $10.00
If you love Cai Poh Omelette, ORDER THE $10 Portion! It goes super well with Porridge and they are super generous with their Cai Poh at Goldleaf. Fluffy Eggs infused with all the goodness of the Cai Poh, It will sure make you have bowls after bowls of Porridge.

Goldleaf Special Fried Rice - $12.00 / $18.00
Simple looking fried rice but packed with alot of hidden treasures. This Goldleaf Special Fried Rice is infused with Ham, Egg, Spring Onions, Prawns and many more ingredients, Much like a Treasure Hunt.

Taiwan Lettuce (er cai, 鹅菜) - $8.00 / $14.00
For a Non-Veggie Eater like me, This is a Surprisingly YUMMY Dish that I can't stop eating.
The Vegetable is lightly Salted and is Crunchy in Every Bite (I am Serious). This had to be one of some of the best Vegetables I Have eaten so far.

3-Cup Chicken with Basil (三杯鸡) - $12.00 / $16.00
If you are a Huge Fan of 3-Cup Chicken, Goldleaf's Version may not make you go GaGa over it but it is worth a try. Tender pieces of chicken with flavour enhanced with the different spices.

Traditional Prawn Rolls - $8.00 / $12.00
I LOVE THIS, Especially the Crunchy bits of Chestnut infused in the prawn rolls, with the right proportion of Meat, Chestnuts, Onions and Prawns. I was the last one finishing up this Dish.

Goldleaf Braised Pork Belly - $10.00 / $16.00
I have a Love and Hate Relationship with Pork Belly. I love it when their meat is tender and the Fats melt in your mouth, But I don't like it when it piles on the calories for me. But oh well, Eat First, Think Later. 

Cod Fish with Specialty Sauce - $9/100g
MY LOVE FOR FISH WILL NEVER DIE! Haha, Goldleaf's Cod Fish is fresh, Crispy on the outside, Soft and Tender on the Inside. Accompanied with the special sauce that is just lacking in something which I can't really tell, was it the Ginger Flavour? or The Sweetness Flavour? Let me know if you feel the same after you tried it! :D
Picture Credit

Fresh Cockles with Special - $8.00 / $14.00 
Well, Cockles are really fresh according to the other ladies on the table that day. It's either you Love it or Hate it. I did try 1 piece and I have to say that I hate it. I couldn't make it go pass my tongue.

Green Tea Jelly & Red Tea Jelly - $4.00 each
I prefer the Green Tea Jelly as it has a stronger "Tea" taste and Aroma which I like, as compared, the Red Tea Jelly was lacking in Flavour.
Picture Credit

Herbal Jelly - $3.00
It's up to you whether you want to drizzle the honey over this dessert or not. I personally like it both ways. It's bitter but not too overpowering.
Picture Credit

Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts - $4.00
Being a Huge Fan of Yam Paste, I was expecting a sweeter and a more aromatic Yam Paste, But nonetheless, Godleaf's Yam Paste is more suitable for people who doesn't like their desserts too sweet.
Picture Credit

I must Thank Celes and Goldleaf for the invite and the warm hospitality. 
We ate until we really could not fit in anymore.

All readers of Eat.Shop.Play will enjoy a 10% off bill with a minimum spending of $50 for dining in the restaurant (not applicable for drinks and liquor). Simply quote my blog name or Michhysaurous when making payment. Promotion ends on 30 Sep 2013.

With Love, M

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jason X Jason on LOLToggle

You have heard of The Battle of the Sexes, 
But Have you heard about the Battle of the Jasons? :)
Today, we have Jason Chan & Jason Godfrey on LOLToggle to Battle it out which is the better Jason.

They are competitive from the start, from talking about what they used to do(before entering the entertainment industry) to what they have been through in this industry to their personal life stories. 
Can you guess who had a more exciting Life so far? :)

Well Well, Jason Godfrey Treated us to his Sexy Leg Hair while talking about his role in Channel 5's new series Mata Mata. There are not many guys who will willingly show their Leg Hair on National TV Right?

Can You guess What is Jason Godfrey Happy about? :)
This Segment where they have the trumpet in their hands, they are to answer questions after they press on the trumpet. And Boy, are these 2 Jasons Competitive.. Haha.

Nearer to the end of the Segment, the Jasons decided to discuss each question's Answers first and they each will answer a Different answer, to see who scores a point then. Hahaha. Such Cuties.

Then we have Naomi from Benefit Brow Bar to tell us more about the Brow Services they have.

And she did a Live Demo on the model to show us how the brow specialist creates a unique brow for everyone. No 2 person will have the Exact Perfect Brow, well, unless you want to have the same brow as your friend then that's totally up to you. :)

And On The Music Segment, LOL Never fails to amaze me with the amazing music talents!
This Episode, we have The King Kong Jane! :)

This Group of Boys are so loyal to each other, Staying together as a band Since University Times!
They have been creating music together for the longest time and their friendship is something we can all look up to. :)

Giving their all in the live performance in front of a all ladies audience sure made them feel a little pressured right? But nonetheless, they gave us a earful of their wonderful performance! :)

Great Job Guys! & Thank you for the CD! ^^

With Love, M

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[F.T] MadJack Food Tasting - Are we Getting Mad?

Have you heard of Mad Jack Cafe ? Or Have you ever walked past a shop with this peculiar name but have never stepped in for many reasons ? Well, Fear not, I am here today to clear your doubts about this weird shop that is said to serve Australian Style Food Items! :)

1.French Vanilla Latte - $6.90 Sweetness of the Vanilla infused with just the right amount of Caffine, making it a crowd favourite. 
2.Brain Stimulator - $4.50 Blended with fresh orange, pear, lemon & apple, this fruit juice taste just like normal fruit juice but with all the beneficial content! 
3.Fruit of the Forest - $6.90 A smoothie made with many berries like strawberries, blueberries & raspberries! It is Sour and I feel that It's Great to give you a boost for the start of a meal! 
4.MAD JACK Sling - $5.90 Slinging its way though with orange, pineapple & soda, this concoction taste like a normal cup of juice, nothing fantastic.. 
5.Double Fudge Mocha - $6.90 Not a fan of the Double Fudge Mocha but I must say it is a Must Order for all Chocolate Lovers! ^^

Extreme Blue Mountains Beef Burger - $13.90
Tallest Burger you can find in town with patties made from minced beef, ensuring the juiciness of the meat with the layers of Cheese, Pineapples, Tomato and Buns, This is definitely a challenge to anyone.

A: Crispy Butterfly Prawns
B: Soft Shell Crab
C: Fried Mushrooms

Not Enough Cheese in my opinion la, But Still Enjoyable. :)

Swan River Chick - $13.90
You would have guessed that This dish is just a roasted Chicken Thigh and the sauce is Black Pepperish Sauce Right? WRONG! Well you are Half Right. The Sauce is a special homemade sauce from MadJack that is Sure to set this dish aside from other Roasted Chicken. 

Grilled Barramundi - $19.90
Hmm, What Do I say, It is a choice for "fish over chicken anytime" people. 

Spaghetti with Sambal Seafood - $11.90
While Pasta is not their Niche, Mad Jack Serves Up a Very Local Tasting Pasta Dish, Incorporating Sambal Flavours into the pasta, But Making it taste like Chilli Crab without the Omph Spiciness. The Seafood included in this pasta is Fresh and not Stingy at all.

Lamb Rack - NEW!
Point to note when ordering, please make sure that you inform the service staff of the done-ness of the lamb.

Wild Boy Banana Crumble - $5.90
Banana Lovers, JUST GO FOR THIS ONE! :) Warm Banana Crumble with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and Banana Slices drizzled with Caramel Sauce.

Banana Craze - $6.90
What else can I say? It's 1 HUGE Fried Banana with 2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream Drizzled with Chocolate Sauce. It is one of the better Goreng Pisang I have had recently.

Pavlova - $6.90
I have fallen in love with this chewy crunchy textured Australian Dessert. Topped with Fresh Fruits and Chocolate Sauce Scribblings at the side, It is the 1 dessert that I crave for MORE! But please do be concious that it has a high sugar content! ^o^

Apple Pie
Nothing to shout about their Apple Pie, Although I love the Crumbly Top.

Chocolate Lava Cake 
Oozing Warm Chocolate Lava, The Soft & almost Chewy Cake goes really well with everything on the plate. Made with Preimum Chocolate and Special Homemade Cake Recipe, This Cake is something we all can Enjoy and feel guilty later. Haha.

Over All, My Experience with MADJACK Cafe has been a pleasant one. 
Craving for more for some of the items on the menu, I can't wait to go back!
Hope you will enjoy your dining experience there as much as I did. :)

Picture Credit: Jasmine Victorina

Ending off with a picture of the Pavlova again. ITS SO YUMMY!

With Love, M

Thursday, August 15, 2013

{SPS} Liese Hair Spray - Now for Wavy Hair!

Hey Hey ~ I got New Item to Introduce to you! 
Tired of your Perms but with no Moisture? Or Happy with your Beautiful Natural Curls but it gets really frizzy in the morning? Or you want to work the Bed Head Look? I Have a Solution! ^-^

Introducing Liese Moisturizing Hair Mist with respberry extract. 
Specially Formulated for Wavy Hair!

I bought their Older Version, Which is also called Juicy Shower, But it did not state that it is for any specific Hair Type, So I bought it and I have been using it quite oftenly because of it's smell. The fruity Fragrance is so appealing to girls like me. LOL! Liese Juicy Shower will moisturize your hair, especially the last 15cm of hair which is normally the dryer parts.

BUT This New Formula is specially targeted for Wavy Hair, Or Bed Head Look Hair. This New Formula is good for a quick morning spray to moisturize your hair after you wake up or after you blow dry your hair! :)

Do Remember to Spray The Hair Spray, 15 cm Away from Your Hair
You do not want your 1 part of your hair soaking wet. LOL..
(My Hair colour Looks Great Here! lol no link)

Do you have the Tendency to Over Spray or Accidental Spraying of anything in a Spray Bottle?
No Worries, Liese has come up with a cute little "Lock" to help you lock the spray bottle top so that there wont be any accidents that you spray it onto other people's face/hair/clothes etc.

*inserts mandatory Selfie with the Product*

They have the Refill bottle that is sold at Watson or Guardian! So No need to buy so many spray bottles! :)

So do check out this awesome smelling product if you are in Watson or Guardian!
Picture of my hair after spraying! ^o^
Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for Wavy Hair retails at S$14.90 for the trigger bottle (200mL), and S$16.90 for the refill bottle (400mL). Available at all leading pharmacies, personal care stores, and supermarkets.

With Love, M