Monday, August 12, 2013

VanityTrove with a Personal Touch

Hey Ladies!
Tired of getting products in your beauty box that your skin might be sensitive to ? 
Or products that don't suit your skin type?

Haven't you heard? You can Now Personalize your own Vanity Trove! :)
No more worries about the type of Products you are going to get in your monthly troves because now you can be your own beauty consultant! Choosing the items YOU want to try out! Be your Own Boss(sorta)!

From Shampoo, Facial Products from Famous Brands like Lunamer, Sol, Dr. Ci:Labo and many more!
I would recommend the Dr GL Collagen Essence for maximum Boing Boing on your skin! :) 
And Best of All, You can get the same sample Over and Over Again in your Troves! And VanityTrove is continuously adding more wonderful items for us to sample!

So Hesitate no more and start personalizing your own Troves! Best of All, It will arrive within 7 Days after you have paid for your trove online! No more waiting for the 22nd of every month to receive your troves! YAY!

With Love, M