Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Neon Nails by Fame Nail

Hey Ladies, Today I am going to share with you a place to get good gelish nails done at a cheap price!
But First, Look at my summer + 2NE1 New Song Inspired Nails :D Hahaha.
It is done at Fame Nails Spa at Bugis, I have done most of my Gelish there with them! Let me show you a Gallery of them.

Fame Nails Spa
233A Bugis Village Victoria Street
 Singapore, Singapore 188026

Summer Neon Nails

Pastel Leopard Nails

Chinese New Year Gelish Hands and Leg.
Candy Colour with Transparent Base on the nails, and a simple glittery Copper colour on the toes.

Something Green for a Change although I thought it was going to turn out Turquoise. LOL!

There are more but I cant find my pictures anywhere. T___T

So anyway, how do you like my past and present Nails? Beautiful Isn't it? I have received so many compliments from people around me and people i meet. This is one of the most happy nails that I have done! ^^

So Do Check out Fame Nails Spa on Facebook and make an appointment with them today! :)
Sign up for their package and each Gelish Session will not cost More Than $30 (1 colour or alternating colour on nails.) Any Enquiries Just Give Anna (9761 7607) a Call, SMS to book an appointment as she may not be free to pick up calls sometimes! ^^

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I paid for all my sessions with FNS so its not bias! Thank You.

With Love, M