Monday, October 31, 2011

Update Update !

Yesterday went to sakura charcoal BBQ at Punggol ! Yummy ! Was there from 6.30 to 9.30 pm . Hahahs, very long hours there, very satisfied, will post more pictures up when my sist uploads the pictures. :D

A Picture Taken On The Way There !

When I Reached There, I Saw Pretty Cars ! 
This is #1 .

This is #2 .

And This is #3 ! :D

And This is my personal childhood favourite game, the candy catching machine ! I spent $2 on it yesterday ( 4 tries) and i got 8-10 sweets . Happygirl92 !

This is the beautiful sun i took at the bus stop this morning before coming to work :D

Till Then , xoxo.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paranoid ?

Been thinking , am I thinking too much ? Recently getting very easily irritated or unhappy .. Isit because of PMS ? I also dk ..

Pretty Picture Of The Sky From My Window !

And Another one from my dad's car, & yes, that is an angry bird, the white one which lays an egg . :D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yummy Dinner With Boyf ! :)

TGIF ! Yay ! Today I meet my boyf for dinner at Nex Ding Tai Fung because I wanted to have Chinese cuisine (: we ordered "Dan chao fan" , "xiao long bao" , "shrimp wanton la mian" and "jiu cai wanton" ! Yummy ! Total bill
Came to $35 only , quite ucheap wor ! We were very full and satisfied.. Hahas .. Then we went to changi airport , we wanted to get some ice cream as a dessert but the airport don't have proper dessert place (cos we were craving for ice cream). In the end we made do with MCD McFlurry , I had the oreo McFlurry and boyf had the Ho Ho Ho Horlick McFlurry ! Then we went to view planes and then we went home ! :3

Summary of attachment this week: this week we just did some settling down and did research for the company's project .. But my office super cold ! :s

Posting From My Phone ! (:

Tried out some photo editing apps on my phone today .. Didn't realize they were there until today .. I must go figure them out ! The pictures are pretty cool ! :D Except for the pooh bear tissue box ! I just thought it was cute so I upload also . Hahas !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A New Beginning..

Well, Here's to the new beginning to my blogging life once again (:
I shall make it a habit to post at least 1 picture a post. Hahahas.

So , short introduction of the pictures i will post ! Hahas .

1. Zilian Photos ! >.<

2. Food Photos. Im a glutton , i LOVE TO EAT ! :D

3: Nature Photos..

Hahahas, Thats All For Now ! Got Work Tomorrow ! Good Nights ! Zzzz...