Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads

I got introduced to Padeve SG from The Sample Store's Shopper's Paradise event. When I first heard what the lady explained to me, I was like "HUH?", because Padeve is the first local brand that introduces Herbal Sanitary Pads, YES, HERBAL! *I bet your reaction is also "HUH"*

Why herbal? Padeve uses premium quality materials to ensure your comfort all day long. Paired with their unique blend of herbal ingredients that gives off a mild herbal smell to kerb the unpleasant odour. 

Padeve have 4 different products to cater to your everyday needs.

1. Padeve Ultra Liners (18cm)
2. Ultra Day Sanitary Pad (24cm)
3. Ultra Night Sanitary Pad (29cm)
4. All Night (33cm)

I love the packaging of Padeve's Sanitary pads because they come in a peel off tab that is so much more convenient than ripping the packaging apart like other brands that I've bought before. I think that this packaging is much more sanitary too, it keeps the pads and liners fresher?

I have tried their ultra liners and i really smelled it and i could detect a faint herbal smell that is nothing unpleasant at all. The surface of the liner was really smooth and the material used felt really comfortable throughout the day. I also feel that it helps to keep the odour level down.

Head over to Padeve website to get your FREE Sample and also follow their Facebook for their latest update.

With Love, M

Friday, May 12, 2017

Gills N Shells New Steamed Seafood Basket

I'm back again at Gills N Shells. They have a updated menu and a brand new item that you make you say "AHOY MATEY!" Haha.

Gills N Shells is the perfect chill out location that is not in our central area but close by in Lavender area. Just a 5 minutes walk from Lavender MRT Exit B and you will reach Hotel Boss, where Gills N Shells is located.

Gills N Shells, as the name suggests, is all about seafood, from fish to oysters, they do it really well. Featuring the Oyster Shooter ($9.90/shot), it consist of a plump oyster doused in Vodka and lime juice. This is one shooter you will never forget and do not worry, you will not get drunk from this. Haha.

Gills N Shells have daily Happy Hour promotions for you to come visit any day of the week. We cannot miss out those munchies to snack too. Gills N Shells have 2 popular snacks, Fried Salmon Skin ($9.90) and also the Crab Nacho Chips($10.90). The former remains crunchy even until we finished off the last piece. Served with wasabi mayo, it is so good you would not want to stop!

Gills N Shells is the first cafe that I've known to serve Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs($16.90). I have had frog leg porridge before but spicy buffalo frog legs are a first for me. Big, fat, juicy buffalo frog legs are imported from Vietnam and they look like a huge chicken drumstick instead!! Haha. You've definitely got to try this.

Highlight of the night would have to be the All New Steamed Seafood Basket. The one you see is their All in one Steamed Seafood Basket ($88) which consist of a Boston Lobster, Snow Crab Legs, Prawns, Salmon Fillet, Oyster(2pcs), Mussels, White Clams, Scallops and Seasonal Vegetables. Great for sharing with a group of 3-5 friends over some beer & bites.

For couples who would like to try their steamed seafood can opt for a smaller portion to try. Choose the desired seafood and request it to be steamed. It will also be served in a Dim Sum basket, so cute right!!

There are 5 dips to choose from, Garlic Mayo, Wasabi Mayo, Cocktail sauce, Thai Sweet Chilli and my personal favourite, the Zesty Lime Green Chilli sauce. Well, you could always go without the dips as well, it all up to you!

I love the fresh, juicy and crunchy prawns the most as I am a prawn lover. Try it and let me know what is your favourite in the comments below

Gills & Shells
Address: 500 Jalan Sultan #01-19, Hotel BOSS
Opening Hours: 3pm to 1am Daily
Telephone: 6493 2238

With Love, M

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Gorgeous Hair for my trip to Shanghai

So, This is a little overdue but seriously the MUCOTA treatment that Elein Chong did for me at Artistry Hair Professional was da bombs. My Hair was really frizzy due to my crazy bleaching before and I wanted to have great hair during my trip so I went to Elein for Help. Inserts my in flight selfie. I went to Shanghai on an SQ flight and it was so enjoyable!

Look at my smoooooooth hair! So manageable, saves my lots of time to do my make up instead and head out earlier! Yay. Anyway, here's a picture of #edxmich outside our Airbnb, behind us is the entrance, NOT the Window.. Haha.

I am always looking my best for selfie time because I have great hair and my colleagues always ask me where I do my hair, especially previously when I had my galaxy hair colour. So much love from everyone!

I wanna thank Elein of Artistry Hair Professional for making me look great, I really trust her skills alot, and I always recommend her to my friends who are looking for a trusty hair stylist.

Promotion for the month of MAY 2017
X-tenso rebond with free hair treatment.


X-tenso rebond, yuko color and free hair treatment.

Dial 6221 9255 to make your appointment with Elein Chong!
Psssst, you can bring your mum for a Hair pampering session this mother's day too! Quick book your slots!

Alternatively, you can quote "Michelle" or "Michhysaurous" when you book your other hair services at Artistry Hair Professional to enjoy up to 30% OFF Hair Services.

Here's Wishing all beautiful mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day!

With Love, M

A Relaxing Time in Bukit Timah with Feet Haven

With our daily work, sitting down at the desk typing furiously on the keyboard. It will definitely cause strain to our neck, shoulder and back. And all that walking to MRT, to Lunch, standing on heels and such causes sore feet that we can only soak them at night to relieve it for awhile.

I was so glad that Feet Haven invited me to their latest outlet in Bukit Timah for a massage session. As I've had some back injury before from another massage place, Ed went in place of me for the massage and I took a Foot Massage instead!

Here's a look at their price table, quite affordable right. There are different timings and different massages for you to choose from, so pick the one you like.

Feet Haven has really cozy decoration which makes you feel at ease, just like how you would feel when you are home after a long day and just really looking forward to that relaxing massage to remove all the knots in your body.

They have couple rooms and single rooms for you to choose from, so you can come along with your friends, other half or even your parents. Mother's day and Father's day is round the corner, maybe it is a good chance for you to treat them to a relaxing time.

This is the Foot Reflexology area. Plush and comfy chairs which makes you want to fall sleep on so that you are most relaxed during the session.

Treatment Time. Body Massage & Foot Reflexology

I love how the Therapist used the most adequate amount of strength for me and always ensuring that that I am comfortable throughout the whole session. I've always admired the professionalism of Massage therapist for they need to use their strength the whole day to help many customers to massage. Thank you.

Ed also said that the 60 Minute Body Massage was really enjoyable, it loosened knots from his shoulder and calf especially and the therapist had maintained the same strength throughout the whole session.

Feet Haven Outlets islandwide:

Feet Haven Katong
136 East coast road, Singapore 428821
OPS: Sun - Thurs (1200 - 2200), Fri - Sat, Eve of PH and PH (12 - 2300)
Tel: 6344 7311

Feet Haven Serangoon Garden
4A Maju Avenue, Singapore 556682
OPS: Sun - Thurs (1200 - 2200), Fri - Sat, Eve of PH and PH (12 - 2300)
Tel: 6288 2314

Feet Haven Bukit Timah
5 Jalan Bingka, Singapore 588899
OPS: Daily 1100 - 2300
Tel: 6463 0506

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves at Feet Haven's latest outlet in Bukit Timah and we are now more relaxed. I would totally recommend it to friends and families to visit them.

With Love, M