Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Relaxing Time in Bukit Timah with Feet Haven

With our daily work, sitting down at the desk typing furiously on the keyboard. It will definitely cause strain to our neck, shoulder and back. And all that walking to MRT, to Lunch, standing on heels and such causes sore feet that we can only soak them at night to relieve it for awhile.

I was so glad that Feet Haven invited me to their latest outlet in Bukit Timah for a massage session. As I've had some back injury before from another massage place, Ed went in place of me for the massage and I took a Foot Massage instead!

Here's a look at their price table, quite affordable right. There are different timings and different massages for you to choose from, so pick the one you like.

Feet Haven has really cozy decoration which makes you feel at ease, just like how you would feel when you are home after a long day and just really looking forward to that relaxing massage to remove all the knots in your body.

They have couple rooms and single rooms for you to choose from, so you can come along with your friends, other half or even your parents. Mother's day and Father's day is round the corner, maybe it is a good chance for you to treat them to a relaxing time.

This is the Foot Reflexology area. Plush and comfy chairs which makes you want to fall sleep on so that you are most relaxed during the session.

Treatment Time. Body Massage & Foot Reflexology

I love how the Therapist used the most adequate amount of strength for me and always ensuring that that I am comfortable throughout the whole session. I've always admired the professionalism of Massage therapist for they need to use their strength the whole day to help many customers to massage. Thank you.

Ed also said that the 60 Minute Body Massage was really enjoyable, it loosened knots from his shoulder and calf especially and the therapist had maintained the same strength throughout the whole session.

Feet Haven Outlets islandwide:

Feet Haven Katong
136 East coast road, Singapore 428821
OPS: Sun - Thurs (1200 - 2200), Fri - Sat, Eve of PH and PH (12 - 2300)
Tel: 6344 7311

Feet Haven Serangoon Garden
4A Maju Avenue, Singapore 556682
OPS: Sun - Thurs (1200 - 2200), Fri - Sat, Eve of PH and PH (12 - 2300)
Tel: 6288 2314

Feet Haven Bukit Timah
5 Jalan Bingka, Singapore 588899
OPS: Daily 1100 - 2300
Tel: 6463 0506

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves at Feet Haven's latest outlet in Bukit Timah and we are now more relaxed. I would totally recommend it to friends and families to visit them.

With Love, M

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