Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sample Store Shopper's Paradise at Waterway Point

Sample Store organized a Shopper's Paradise at Waterway Point and there were alot of different vendors and alot of things to see! Take a look below at the wide variety of merchants that were there!

Yeo's juscool sparkling fruit juice range with 6 yummy fruit flavours - Orange, Passion fruit, Yuzu, Peach, Grape and Apple! You can drink them on their own or use them to make cocktails. They are available at all leading supermarkets. 

Sanitary Pads are a must have for every girl every month. Every month we face a problem of unbearable cramps and stuffy down there, not to mention the smell that might or might not get out. So, I was introduced to Padeve Pads. They are a local company selling Herbal Sanitary Pad offering 4 different types of pads: 1. Ultra Liners (18cm), 2. Ultra Day (24cm), 3. Ultra Night (29cm) 4. All Night (33cm). You can get your Free Samples here!

On the Tech aspect, Otter Box has been known to me to have the best phone casings and I am so glad that we got to try it out when I get my iPhone 7.

Also, I got a Reed Diffuser from Wild Harvest Care. It is an Australian Natural Reed Diffuser in Green Tea & Lemongrass, One of their top seller.

Also there to provide free beauty trials to everyone, Beaute Hub. Beaute Hub is an award-winning spa and skin care specialist in Singapore dedicated to customer's beauty needs and well-being enhancement.

And one of our favourite beauty portal from Taiwan - Beauty Keeper has spoilt us again with yet another bag of goodies. This time we got products from Userism, Starsuki, Bee Perfect, MD/AA Jiao and Phytopia. I can't wait to share with you guys the different products inside, I'm so excited!

Last but not least, I got another Tattoo from @Chrispy_Sim. There was a FREE hand drawn tattoo or Airbrush Tattoo for everyone who attended the Shopper's Paradise.

I had a great time at the Sample Store Shopper's Paradise and thank you to Waterway Point for the awesome location. They also have a Party Room to cater to your party needs too! Birthday Parties, Baby 1st Month Parties etc. It is located at the West Wing, next to Gelare.

Do remember to sign up with The Sample Store for more exciting events and FREE Samples! Time to get Sampling.

With Love, M

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