Friday, December 30, 2011



I Would Like to Wish you a very Happy NEW YEAR !


My New Year Resolution..

So, Its the 30th today, last 2 days of 2011, How have you spent this year?
Any Regrets ? Anything you have not done? Anything you wanna do before 2011?(you still have 2 days)...
Well, for myself, 1 BIGGEST Problem I have is, I have not slim down since last year. My new year resolution last year was to slim down by this year but I #failed. ):
BUT Nevertheless, I want to slim down by next year end!

Michhysaurous's New Year Resolution 2011/2012 ?

1. TO SLIM DOWN TO ACCEPTABLE WEIGHT! *repeats every year*

2. Earn alot of money so I can spend like I have alot of money! *Sustainable 4 Digit In bank Acc*

3. Get to know more awesome people and befriend with them <3 *Of course I wont forget the friends I have now*

4. To improve on my make-up skills. *First step is to paste double eyelid sticker properly! LOL.*


That's all I guess...

What is your new year resolution? <3


Naomi Neo

TODAY~ Introducing, Naomi Neo !

This girl here has super big pretty eyes !! <3 so jealous Max !

Visit her blog:
& Follow her twitter: @NaomiNeo_

I forgot where I know her from but I did not regret becoming one of her reader of her blog and her follower on twitter. Naomi always has pretty pictures of herself posted up on her blog and she has very inspiring & relatable tweets! I like her sense of style too, I've always wanted to wear alot of bands on my hands but I just  dont know how to match them on my hands, but Naomi matches them well. I should learn from her! <3

&& I really hope to meet her in real life soon, She's so pretty in pictures, confirm more pretty in real life! <3

p.s: "KOP" pictures of her from her blog, :x


Ruthanne Lynn

Here I am posting about the Awesome people I know from twitter again !

Today Introducing to you, Ruthanne Lynn !

See She Cute Anot ? Hehe. I got to know her from GushCloud because I followed her on a favor request and i didnt expect her to follow back, Then the stalker-ish me, went to read her blog and her blog picture so pretty ! Hahahas. Then I agree with her viewpoint of Going clubbing dosent mean all bad but we must know how to control ourselves and must go with the correct company of people :)

Hahahas, I really hope to meet her soon! She tweeted me yesterday night asking me to go shopping today, but I was asleep, Now I'm waiting for her reply <3

p.s: "KOP" Pictures of her from her blog! Hahahas!


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey People!

Im going to blog about my "Twin" MichelleAKJ !
Go Read Her Blog at!
Follow her on twitter @MichelleAKJ

Hahahas, At first I saw her display picture I thought she was like some foreigner, I SWEAR! Hahahas.

Don't You Think So ? O.O

Then I went to follow her on twitter and read her blog later on. & BAM ! She's so friendly one ! She replies me tweets :)
And I think that she really has her own style, Different from some of the girls out there, Especially her hair, I think Its VERY Cool lor her hair ! <3

I hope to meet her in real life soon !!!

p.s: I "kop" her pictures from her twitter and her blog! :P


Rena !

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Everybody !

Today Im going to kick off my whole chain of blogpost for all the awesome people I got to know on Twitter!

First Up is Rena from !
Follow Her On Twitter too! @RenasRainbow

She is 1 SKINNY GIRL I TELL YOU ! And she is a very kind girl ! She replies to my tweets and she had a giveaway and she even have something special for the people who didn't win the giveaway ! How sweet ? Hahaha ! I'm one of those lucky one who will get something special other than the complimentary gift ! Wahahahaha ! She's really a sweet girl although I have not meet her in real life . :)

p.s: I "kop" her picture from her blog, LOL!


My JB Trip: Day 3!

My 3rd Day Starts After the Wedding Dinner, because after 12mn is the next day already right ? :D Hahaha !
So, Cousins and me decided to have a christmas gift exchange so we went to the hotel's cafe to buy a cheesecake because Julene said that we should have a cake for a celebration, so we bought a New york cheesecake for RM7, Cheap anot ah ? Hahahas.

Then it was gift Exchange ! OMG EXCITED !

Then of cos Need to Camwhore la! and we all went for the Bohemian style ? Hahahas, It was my idea ! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !

Then it was the Center Parting Style ? Hahahas ! OMG Tak Glam Sia My Photo !

We wanted to TON the night but we decided that we want to go out to walk for awhile before we check out the next morning, so we went to sleep at 3.30 am! LOL.

We Did Not Wake Up In Time For Breakfast and Shopping. LOL!
Me and Aldaynez was awaken by my mum for Breakfast and I called Julene's Room and she was still sleeping. Hahaha! As usual, So we went down for Breakfast! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Hotel Breakfast Buffet !

The Place for breakfast was Cafe Para Para~ *Para Para Sakura~* LOL, Oldies me ):

The Pretty Table Deco, I wonder why They use Orchid Flowers, LOL! *Im in Malaysia*

Then some of the Deco at the Cafe Para Para ~
Carved Out From Fruits Ley ! OMG LA ! So Creative ! & So Pretty One !

Can you spot the Swan ?

The Spread ~~~

And got Chef Cook Eggs for you On The Spot!

So I ordered Scrambled Eggs! YUMMEH !

And a Must Have For Breakfast, TEA !

Then after breakfast, Julene was just awake so we did not have time to go walk walk at KSL City again.
So we bathed and Prepare to Check Out Earlier To go to City Square Mall to walk walk again.

After preparing, Still got time, So.... Camwhore la! Hahahas!

The On The Bed Style..

The On The Bed Style 2..

On The Bed Style 3...

Just Being Vain...

Act like one tourist with sunglasses. LOL.

So we went to City Square Mall and looked high and low for this Crepe Shop My Aunt was talking about. LOL ! At first I thought it would be those soft crepe but it turns out to be the crispy type, meh, but still delicious! :)

Look at the variety of the crepes! Got sweet and salty ones for you to choose! <3

Rachel with her Chocolate Oreo Crepe..

Me and My shared Chocolate Strawberry Crepe..

Julene with our Chocolate Strawberry Crepe..

My Dad and his Salty Crepe, I for got the exact name of the ingredients, I think its Fish Flakes ? You know those things that they put on the takoyaki balls ? YA, That one! Very yummy Too !

And while eating, we took pictures using Action Cam as well, We tried to create this effect and finally we got it after like 5 tires! LOL ! HAHAHAHA!

And then we made our way home! Look at my Successful Wink ! Hahahahas! Not bad for someone who has problems controlling her eyelids. LOL !

& Its Some Gifts and Shopping Items time!

I got this beauty set from Rachel and Aldaynez said I got this because they think that I'm smelly! ):
It contains a body lotion, body mist, body cream and 1 more i forgot is what. LOL!
They have a very nice smell, not too sweet :)

Then I bought this couple tee for G & me! <3

Aldaynez bought this set for her boyf and herself :)

Shall End you with 2 Artsy Pictures ? Hahaha! #FAILPHOTOGRAPHY


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My JB Trip: Day 2!

Malaysia Trip Day 2 ! :)

Went in at about 11plus, Took Bus from Bugis For the Firs time in my life :) & Its was quite cheap compared to Taking Taxi In which costed $10/Person! O.O''

Then when we reach City Square, My Family & I were Hungry so we went to Old town White Coffee To Have Our Lunch :)

Aldaynez Ordered Cherry Float.

My Daddy Ordered Curry Chicken, but It was like a 5.5 - 6/10 only.

I ordered Iced Hazelnut Coffee, no hazelnut taste at all. ):

Aldaynez Ordered "Springy noodles with Sausage" But it was just Maggie Noodles with Hot Dog :)

I ordered Fried Chicken, the Garlic Bread and fries are better than the chicken itself. LOL.

Then Mum Ordered Half Boiled Eggs, But there was no dark soya sauce, the sauce you see in the picture is Light Soya Sauce. LOL.

Then Dad Ordered Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun as well, We thought it would be like those in singapore, dry one, But in the end, Soupy one! Hahas.

After that we went to our Hotel, Hotel Grand Paragon! HAHAHAHA ! I realize I never take a picture of the hotel's Name, LOL!

This is my Cousins Wedding Car ! Go buuy 4D ! :) 

Greeted with a christmas tree :)

Around the hotel

Fugly Tourist with Huge Santa.

The view from my hotel 

After we settled down, we decided to walk to KSL City to shop and get our nails done and we walked around and saw a shop with O.R.I Nail Polish, LOL ! Supposed to be O.P.I ! HAHAHA!

Then we went to get our nails done ! It was my first time doing a medicure and i choose to do Gelish Nails Becos it's longer lasting and more suitable for "Chor Lor" People like me! #Suagu

Then After I done my nails, I went downstairs to get some Auntie Anne's Pretzels! & Its SO Cheap Lor ! RM3.60 - RM5 only! WHY NOT ? So I bought a total of 5 Pretzels, 4 Caramel Almond and 1 Parmesan Cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Then we walked back to hotel to get ready for the wedding dinner and i was literally squating down while taking this picture! LOL !

Then my cousin came over to my room and she's got this Sephora Make up kit, So cool la !

And Tadaa ! Outfit for the Dinner ! Very Auspicious because I wear Red :)

Went down to the hotel's Ballroom and the reception area, Also got christmas tree !

And the Beautiful Bride :)

Then its Photo taking time since we were there very early :)

Me holding a glass of Whisky :P

The Starters ! 
All other photos are with Aldaynez, will grab them over soon!

Me, Bride, Aldaynez & Groom..
Idk why Aldaynez must seperate the Bride & Groom -.-

Look at my eye shadow! I followed the steps on my cousins's Sephora Make Up Kit ! LOL !

Julene trying to camwhore but she just cant find the comfortable angle :)

& I shall leave you with a picture of butterflies on my falsies because they were just too thick ! Hahahahas !