Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ajisen Gourment Town for Grace Birthday!

 Hey Everyone! Yesterday I went to meet up with my poly mates, Winona & Grace, to celebrate Grace's birthday in advance + our usual gathering. hahas. At first we didnt know what to eat and we were discussing on twitter for like a 1 hour plus? Then in the end we decided on Ajisen Gourment Town :) & it was my first time there! #suagu

The Menu<3 

The deco of the place 

So we talk talk talk and finally ordered our Ramen Set...

This is Winona's Volcano Ramen *BOOMS*

This is Grace's Seafood Ramen *blub blub*

This is my Scallop Ramen *no sound effect*

We also got to choose a side dish and a drink to complete our set meal.

Grace wanted to try this mayo prawn because she said it looks yummy in the menu.
Verdict: Edible, Prawn not very fresh but still acceptable.

Me and Winona both ordered this fried prawn because the other sides look MEH..

This is Winona's improvised Ramen, its the Bean Sprout Volcano Ramen, because me & Grace dont take bean sprouts and we forgot to tell the lady who took our orders.

The drinks we all ordered is Ice Lemon Tea because the other drinks not nice, lol.

Short story of refilling water from W.. She finished her drink and told us that she will ask the person for a refill and G & me was like "Can Refill de meh?", & W was like "Can! I ask!" Then she asked the waitress to refill ice lemon tea for her and the waitress said "Sorry we do not refill ice lemon tea, ice water can.". Then W said okay since she need water, G & me were laughing until~~~~, okay, end of short story.

Then I found me soup too "sian" so I went to explore the things available on the table, at first i only added the chilli powder or what, then I saw this crispy pork floss looking thing and i pour out some to try & to my surprise, it is fried Garlic! & I was like "OMG", i excitedly told W & G that its garlic and i started to pour it into my soup, resulting in the small pile of fried garlic as show above, and i realised i just poured out half a bottle of the garlic...... Hahahas!

Then IDK when did the bill suddenly appear on the table but yea, our total price was S$53._ _, i forgot how many cents, LOL.

Another short story, the lady who took our order was a pregnant lady and when we called for her to take our order, she was saying out our orders like bullet train then we "Orh", and she say "Okay". Then W asked why was she in such a rush, & most funny part is W actually asked us if the lady was pregnant or fat. -.- , Funny W!

Then we walk walk around and I saw this cute shop that I have tried before, they sell tarts which have many flavours which you may not think that goes well with a tart, hahas. I tried the egg tart and it was awesome! <3

Then G wanted to go Value shop to buy some snacks to bring to office to eat since her office pantry only got hot water, #sadlife.

Then while G was paying, I went to snap pictures of the pretty deco I saw from this shop near the Value Shop :) 

Then we went to the pet safari to walk walk awhile because G said she was still feeling v full.

Seriously, who can resist these pretty snacks?

G told us her friend's Dog was reluctant to eat these, I wonder why.. ): they look so yummy!

& I shall end off this post with a Deco i took from a weird angle while going up a escalator :)

Goodbye, XOXO