Friday, December 16, 2011

Twister Fries & HydroGel Mask Review

OMG EVERYONE ! Twister Fries IS BACK ! 
Hahahas! Huge Fan of Twister Fries You Know !? 

New Packaging ! 



I've Grabbed some samples from & the first item I'm trying is...........

Hydrogel Mask !

Okay, I have never heard of hydrogel before, #suaku, but it says on the packaging that it is made using a advance technology to form all the pure & natural essence in to a soft gel, Which is very cool! I never tried Gel masks before! & It's suppose to melt the essence on to your face so that it will penetrate deep in to your skin to moisturize your face for up to 24 hours! 

SUCH A Cool Thing I got for FREE ! YAY ! *excited*

This mask comes in 2 pieces so that it fits the face more!

See the mask on my face? Looks like putting Jelly on your face!

See ! Jelly on My face.

Then you put on for 30 - 40 mins~
Then Remove from your face, Being a lazy lady, I only put for 30 mins , LOLS !

Then you remove piece by piece, but at this point of time you will feel like the mask is sticking on to your face because it's 'melting' the nutrients on to your face. 

After you remove the mask, gently massage the remaining essence on to your face, no need to wash off :) 

*really hate my uneven eyelids, #FML

This mask does not do any whitening or brightening effect because it's supposed to moisturize and protect the face for 24 hours :) I went to sleep with the though of allowing the essence to penetrate my skin to keep it moisturized becos i sleep in air con EVERYDAY, which is v bad for my skin because air con will like dry up our skin de lor. But up till now(1.50pm), my face still feels moistured la, I feel it! so I guess its good!

Maybe I'll post up a guide for The Sample Store? Just for anyone who wants to grab samples from there also ? Or maybe I can do a guide to all the online shopping I do, hahas. Comment or Tweet me la, then i can decide!