Tuesday, December 20, 2011


WARNING !!!!!!!!!

Below are a series of cam whore photos,
If you do not wish to look at this post, Just Scroll down at lighting speed:)
So are you ready ?
 Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~

Okay Guys, Here are the pictures of myself with my first ever pair of GEO lens, I know Im DAMN SLOW, 19 year old liao then buy GEO lens and wear, lols.

I bought XCM-215 which was in Grey :)

I wore it out on my date with G on saturday :)

We went to Yakun Toastwich for breakfast :)


Its my first time at Nex Shaw and the decorations are so cool, Only 1 entrance/exit. :)

Look at the way they direct you to your cinema! Like MRT Map, lols.

And Look, The hallway to your cinema, so spacey one! Like star wars that kind you know?
*hmm, where is our cinema*

*Oh, is it this one?*

Hahahas, Its fun trying to decipher what people are thinking in pictures, :P

And Of course, Christmas seasons, Christmas trees everywhere ~~

Then after the movie we went to Cineleisure, Wanted to go ECP cycling but RAINING! ):
Walked around the flea market and got wet here and there, meh. After walking around then we went to sit down somewhere to rest and munch on my famous Amos Cookies :)

We went to the food court to sit down since there were tons of people sitting down inside as well. :)

After That, we went home vecause I had my religious things at home,(Standard Every Saturday Night)
 Then of course I wouldnt miss the chance to cam whore abit with my new lens right? :D


Look at my Grey Lens ~~

Oh Oh ! I got these Dices from Cineleisure, it was suppose to promote the campaign to stop gambling, But everyone was just thinking of getting the pretty coloured dices. EVEN ME! LOL #Auntish

AHAHAHAHAHA! More Pictures Of Me ! If you dont want to see then just scroll DOWN!

Then The Next Day, Sunday! Planned to meet G to get some stuffs with him but I had to go Pray with my family first in the morning :) #ReligiousGirl92

We went to eat this VERY YUMMY Laksa! LOTS of HAE BI(shrimp?)

Random picture of me trying to act like a little boy with the cap sideways, lols!

Then after that my dad drove me to bugis because it was raining so heavily~
so we went to the Guan Yin Temple to pray first, since G have not reached :)

Super Famous Guan Yin Temple!

There was this display of Chinese Calligraphy Contest Winner's Art Pieces and i took pictures of them!

After this picture the security guard came over and stopped me from taking ... LOLS.

After that I went to walk at Bugis Junction since it was raining, & I saw this super cute Stitch! its $70 ! OMG! Who want to buy for me ? :D

Another Picture of myself randomly inserted :)

Then I went to a shop named Gift a Name, & I saw this Huge Pooh which cost $50! I also want ~~

Then I saw this Super cute Mug with a super cute Pooh ! *melts*

I even bought some christmas gifts for my cousins since we have gift exchanges every year :)

Then I went to WO AI TAI MEI ! LIKE FINALLY MAN ! First Time in my life ~ #FML
I didn't know what to order so I ordered Green Tea with Yakult & TOFU Fries, Since I heard alot about Tofu Fries from WATM.

My drink was too sweet because I asked for sugar level of 75% , which i thought was normal, But Its too sweet for me~ But the drink was nice! Love the taste of yakult <3

And My Tofu Fries, Well, Not a Fan of Tofu, I didnt find it fantastic but  quite a number of people who were queuing infront and behind me ordered Tofu fries, I guess its just me. #sadlife

After that decided to go Plaza Singapura because I want to go Daiso, At first when I went to take the red line from city hall to Dhoby Ghaut, I had fear like later the MRT spoil again how ? BUT HENG never ah! :)

Walk Walk around and I saw this HUGE Stitch! Like OMG la!

Too Big a Stitch to carry home! Then we went to Daiso to walk walk around :)
I saw this super Cute Instant Mix, Literally Cup Cake! :)

& They come in 2 different Flavours :) I wanted to buy but the Queue was SUPER LONG! ):

After that, we went to Comics Connection to look for some gifts for my cousins who were KPOP Fans, & I saw what I want for christmas! *wink wink at G* hahas.

After shopping around, I was just in time to catch the Sesame Street Performance! ELMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! <3

Thats all peeps, I Cant Wait for Thursday, Friday & Saturday to come faster this week! <3

Ending this post with 2 lousy quality pictures of me!

Till Then, XOXO