Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask

YES ! Its the Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask ! Hahahahas! HELLO KITTY LEY ! & if you have read my blog, I got it for $8 for 10 pieces at *Scape Flea ! :) 

 Cute Pink Pakaging

They show that its Sanrio Licensed but I doubt so, LOLS !

More of the pink polka dotted packaging 

10 Pieces inside! Also pink and polka dottish! 

There are 3 different designs but they are all the same flavour, hahas.  

White with Pink Polka Dots 

Pink with White Polka Dots 

Baby Pink with White Polka Dots 

You are Suppose to use the mask for 20- 30 mins :)


First wash your face with your normal facial wash and dry.
(Please pardon me with my uneven eyelids, #FML) 

The mask is folded inside.. 

Take it out from the packaging and open up carefully so as not to tear the mask 

Then Apply on to face. This mask is quite big and I like it cos I have a Big Face ): 

After 25 mins, I took off the mask... 


Look at my shiny face, ITS NOT OILY Okay! Its the remaining Essence on my face. 

You do not need to wash off the remaining essence off your face, you just slowly massage it on your face to let it be absorbed and you're done! :) My skin feels abit tighter and also looks abit brighter I guess, but the pictures dont really show any difference.

Price: Affordable
Packaging: Cute
Smell: V light Strawberry Smell
Effect: Not very visible for just1 time use, need to use for a longer period of time then give my verdict :)

Just Something I want to share since it's the first time Im seeing it!


Gigantic Lobster Print

Its a Magic Boxer Shorts ! COOL ANOT? Hahahs, 
Instructions say you have to soak it in water to soften it, which I think is equals to "You must wash it first then can wear", LOL. I'll try to upload the video as soon as possible! Very cool ! Hahahs! 

I shall end off this post with my heavy Eyebags Picture that I posted on my instagram!

Thank you, XOXO

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