Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 Days to Christmas!

HOHOHO ! 4 Days to Christmas ! Hows all my cute readers ? <3

Here I am again to spam you all with my pictures! *i love myself*
All pictures here are edited with Mei Tu Xiu Xiu on iPhone ~ <3 AWESOME APP!

EXCEPT THIS ONE! This one Naturally Take de ! Somehow i Blocked the flash on 1 side then become like this! <3 Love accidental pretty shots!

So Yesterday, Its my usual meeting up with Grace & Winona, a.k.a G & W !
We went to Texas Chicken because W had a craving for it !

I ordered 3 pcs tenders original chicken, Why does it look like 2pcs in the picture? LOL.

W had the same as me and G ate this Chicken Supreme or what(i forgot the name), We had to eat the lettuce(me) and Tomato(W) for her. Hahas.

Then of course, Picture time! Finally this time I remember to take pictures with them! Look at W! So cute ~ <3

& here's G, she took pictures with the left side of her face because she said she look weird with her right face. BUT FML my forehead.. ):

Then since Texas Chicken Gave us soooo many of this, W made a star with them :) *Creative*

Then we went to walk walk around and we went into a shop which had a somewhat similar concept as Toy Outpost but the things inside are more expensive and are all over the place, Messy. I saw this Popin Cookin Kit and I wanted to buy BUT its $11.90 per pack and $50 for 5 packs. ): So Expensive, & W said her friend said that its fun to play with but not nice to eat.. *slowly walk away*

Then we went to Isetan because W wanted to buy shoes, & of course got chriatmas decorations! I realise this year alot of purple related decorations or purpley-pinkish deco, like 313 Somerset there the christmas tree :D

After that I went to my dad friend's temple and all the pictures I took were Lion dances. Hahahas. I Just post afew for you all to see okay ? Dont get sian of it hor!

*can you see my dad?* :P 

This picture looks like as if the lion is going to eat the man ! Wahahahahas ! 

Then I saw this very cute Hello Kitty Lighter! Metallic one! :)

And I shall end off my post with my picture again! I guess this is becoming a habit of mine :p

Byebye, XOXO