Monday, December 12, 2011

HOHOHO, Merry Christmas! Lols ! Hahas, Im all into the christmas mood already! Well, so christmas = many pretty christmas lightings around singapore(orchard area) right? Of Cos I went there to snap pictures with my new "digicam", Hahahs, my iphone 4s is really like digicam lo, even my mum say so. So on saturday , my mummy decided to go shopping at flea market @ *scape like finally cos i have been telling her how awesome the things were there, so we went out with going to see the christmas lightings at night plan = long day out..

This was my make up for the day, nice anot? No fake lashes okay! :)

And so i guess many of you guys have already spotted like a zillion elephants around town area, hahas, but im still going to spam you with all the pretty/cute elephants I saw! :P

First up, the elephants I saw at 313 Somerset!

Apparently this elephant is designed by Mr Dick Lee :) 

This one is like a devil inspired elephant since it has horns and its like in devil red :) 

I like this one cos its so colourful with all the circles and the best part is the eyes, blue eyed elephant with loooooooooooong lashes :) 

Then this 2 are more simple kind? I prefer the one on the left cos it looks like it has a heart shape space specially left out, awwh <3

After the elephant taking session, we went to the flea and didnt take any pictures cos i was busy shopping for awesome things, will share them at the end of the post with my other buys :)

After that I suggested to go to POMO since there was a POP Flea organized by For Flea Sake(go download their iphone app, very informative!), so we walked past SOTA and had to take a shot because so artsy, hahas!

Reached POMO, held high hopes for it, in the end I was abit disappointed cos I didnt see anything I like and the place was rather small and stuffy with no lightings, I wondered if it was suppose to be like that or they had a power outage, so didnt buy anything. Then mum was asking what to have for dinner, so I suggested Just Acia lo, Always safe and worth it place to eat, cos got FREE FLOW Drinks & Ice Cream! Wahahaha! #Budget

So My Mum ordered this Spicy Chicken Set. 

I ordered this Chicken Teriyaki Set 

I didnt take any pictures of Aldaynez's Dory Fish with Ginger Sauce cos I was busy playing Sim's on my phone, LOL ! Then After Dinner, we headed back to orchard to see the pretty lights! That day we were like going to and fro somerset, dhoby ghaut, orchard. Lol. We alighted at orchard after dinner and we went to Tangs! The decorations at Tangs was so beautiful! I dont know why the pictures are lost in my phone, but I'll update them soon! & THEN, I saw many cute elephants again! They were displayed all around the whole building so I snap snap snap!

This cute white elephant is actually bling bling one okay, but I think the picture doesn't really show it's bling. ): 

Sorry for the models but this elephant matches the decorations so much, or should I say the decorations match the elephant so much! Gold body with purple feathers as decorations and if you see the eyes....... 

So cute la! Got Bling Butterfly one! :) 

Then we went to level 4 since there was a elephant parade gallery.. I saw MORE CUTE elephants in Many Sizes!

Hearts <3 

Simple but with injured leg. LOL 

A Family of silver ones 

Smaller Sized ones on the racks 

More Pretty Elephants 

& Whats christmas without a christmas tree? This small display tree is so cute because the star looks like its too heavy and its going to drop off, LOL.

And these flowers look gorgeous, although they are fake, hahahas!

Then we left Tangs and walked along orchard road and yes, MORE Elephants!

This one is multi coloured one 

This one is wearing smart casual, and you see the other side...... 

Maciam commercial like that, the tie still fly fly one! :P 

Then this one is abit earthy feel with the beautiful blue eyes 

So that concludes my elephant pictures for now. & Now, to show you guys what I bought from the flea!

Black Pearl Mask @ $1 only! 

Super cute Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask, $8 for 10 pcs, supposed to have whitening & Brightening effect, I have yet to try it though.. Will post a review of it after I use it. :)

Dotting tool that I saw from Gmarket Long ago but never buy, I bought it at Toy Outpost at scape @ only $5! 

I also bought this O.P.I Gold shatter Nail Polish @ $10 only,  But idk if its real, i doubt it, but nvm la, the effect come out nice can already! :P

And here is my most happy buy, sheer long sleeve oversized top! It was actually $16, but I got it at $15 cos the buyer was so nice, forgot to snap a picture of her because she was wearing the exact same one! :) 

And Aldaynez bought this top from the same shop but it was $16, hahas! 

& I saw this super cute Hello Kitty Casing which I wanted to buy from a shop in bugis but it was $18 there so I was still considering, THEN I saw this at the Flea & its only $12! So why dont buy ? Save $6 ley! Hahas, I bought the white one to suit my white iphone and my mum bought the darker pink one.

I also bought a leather bracelet @ $3 only but i forgot to take a picture of it, maybe I'll post it on twitter soon!

So the next day, which was a Sunday, I went for my malay friend's brother wedding in the morning/noon(I'll post about that soon), then My mum had plans to go take something from my aunt and return home to cook dinner, but in the end we end up shopping for shoes at hougang mall. Hahas!

First we went into this shop named KIYO, its newly opened in hougang mall on level 1, go check it out! They have all kinds of shoes and clothes for working adults!

& so, me, being a working student(internship), I had to buy a pair of shoes cos my previous pair spoil already, fml(fuck my leg). Went in and saw this pair of not so high heels @ $19 only. Cheap mah! So I try on and walk around, very comfy.. So I bought it. But Today, first day to wear it to work and I got blister already. ): I really cannot wear this kind of shoes to work man! Had to buy plaster summore!

Then we went to the Big Cotton On to look around, OMG I saw this pair and I chiong to go try it on! Very comfy and not too tight and just my size, LOVE IT! I asked my friend to buy for me already, hope got stock, it cost $45 i think! $_$

Then we went to another shoe shop on level 3, beside SASA, its called Giovanna, and we were looking at all the shoes inside, all quite cheap lor! Got below $20 or Below $30 one!

I bought this pair of look like creepers de shoe and its only $25.90! I super love it and the cute ribbon part infront!

Here's me wearing the shoe, CUTE Right!

And here's another pic! Mad Love! 

& I'll end off this post with a picture of a good office girl but wearing something not so office style, :P