Friday, December 30, 2011

Naomi Neo

TODAY~ Introducing, Naomi Neo !

This girl here has super big pretty eyes !! <3 so jealous Max !

Visit her blog:
& Follow her twitter: @NaomiNeo_

I forgot where I know her from but I did not regret becoming one of her reader of her blog and her follower on twitter. Naomi always has pretty pictures of herself posted up on her blog and she has very inspiring & relatable tweets! I like her sense of style too, I've always wanted to wear alot of bands on my hands but I just  dont know how to match them on my hands, but Naomi matches them well. I should learn from her! <3

&& I really hope to meet her in real life soon, She's so pretty in pictures, confirm more pretty in real life! <3

p.s: "KOP" pictures of her from her blog, :x