Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Giveaway Time!

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ! Its the time of the year where Im giving away things to all my lovely readers again ! 
This time I have 3 sets of items for giveaway! Hope somebody wins something !! :)

Set1 ! The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Goodie Bag!

Set 2! Mary Chia, Casio & Wave house vouchers with 2 Cute little coin pouches!

Set 3! Pink Star Mix Style Headphones!

This Giveaway is limited to Singaporeans only this time ! So sorry ! ><

How To Participate?

3 Simple Steps!

1. Own a Twitter Account and Follow me at @Michhysaurous

2. Tweet which set you want with the hash tag #MLSYGA ! e.g "I want to win @Michhysaurous Giveaway Set 2 ! #MLSYGA"

3. Wait for the end of the Giveaway and check back if you win! :)

Giveaway Ends August 15th 2012 8pm!

Good Luck To All of you !! ^o^

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marina Bay Sands In The Night !

Walking around Marina Bay Sands with the fear of my shoe giving way AGAIN.
Thats all im Gonna Say!

Yummy & Affordable Korean Food ! B2 of MBS!

Water Show and The sea of RED at the floating Platform.

Favourite Brand. <3

Random Snapshots Around.

Singaporen is Singaporeans. DURIANS FTW!

Magnificent Looking MBS.

Thats All! Bye ~~
Sorry for the Laziness of the captioning of the photos. Too tired from work ><


Monday, July 23, 2012

Rush Rush Saturday! :D

My Apologies for the outdated post! But not very outdated also one la ~ :)

So Last Weekend, I went to attend a heritage Talk at The Art House, which was also the old Parliment House ! Super cool place for a talk ! The Old Court Room !

Time for some Refreshments before heading to another talk !

Take a look at the place ! So Pretty and Classy !

Awkward Picture of me during the talk !

Something I found interesting :)

There were special seats with names on them ! How Cool !

After that, I rushed down to see @MirandaMikaela 's performance for the Singapore Street Festival !

Look at the crowd !

I couldnt Stop snapping pictures because she was AWESOME ! hahaha, anyway here's a video for you to enjoy her singing ! Byeeeeeeeeeeee !