Sunday, July 22, 2012



Haha, Here's a pitcure of me to start off this post to show you how happy I am to be able to attend the Singapore Blog Awards organized by Omy.SG !

Now, the event was held at the Singapore Flyer , Singapore Food Trail! I love the Singapore Food Trail!

Then I met Miranda ! She is dressed up as Poison Ivy ! 

Then, there was also BATMAN! Literally "The Dark Knight Rises" 

Cat Women !

& This Super Cool Guy Who dressed up as a character in Green Lantern ? :/

Poison Ivy Being Interviewed by the Emcees That Day ! 

Then its Poison Ivy, a.k.a Vegetarian Version of Lady Gaga Meat Dress, Performance Time ! 

After that! Its Awards Time !! 

Special Awards First !

Our Minister of Education Was there to give a speech !

Then its up to the 10 Main Awards!

Then BEST DRESSED Competition !

Then Its Camwhore Time ! 
With the cute Kiyomi Lim ! 

The Good Guy Uncle Teh Peng ! 

Regine, Poison Ivy & Tebisha ! 

Me with the "Always Elegant" Poison Ivy! 

& a Picture with the winner of the best dressed competition ! Mr Joker ! 

After the event, we were all given a Omy Goodie Bag and a ticket to ride the flyer each !! YAY-ness ! 

Thats the end ! Once again Congratulations to all the Winners ! Hahaha, Im So happy to be able to attend the SBA2012 even if I just joined Omy for less than 3 months !! I love attending Omy Events because I get to meet/make alot of friends ! I love Omy !

p.s I'll be doing a Giveaway Soon so please check back soon !!