Wednesday, February 21, 2018

BIODERMA 2-in-1 moisturising anti-UV mist (Eau de soin SPF 30)

Hello Beauty Babies. Today I'm here to share with you a product that will bring you convenience in protecting your skin form the harmful sun rays. We all wanna be a Sunshine Girl but GIRL~ you need to take care of your skin if not you will be in the high risk group of Freckles and dark pigmentations. I certainly don't want that.

It is a spray on and they are using this superfine spray pump specially selected to product an almost imperceptible mist, which deposits just the right amount of product on your skin, like a thin veil, you do not need to spread it out at all. It has a non sticky finish which makes it really comfortable. It is in an air-free pump bottle equipped with a gas-free atmospheric spray to protect the environment.

Bioderma added Cellular Bioprotection™, which protects cellular DNA that helps to prevent damage to skin immune system and preserves antioxidant reserve. The product is formulated using highly purified water and enriched with hydrating molecules Powered by Aquagenium™ patent, to help repair skin barrier, retain moisture and restore skin’s water circulation. 

 It is a creation of a 2-in-1 hydrating mist which combines sunscreen and anti-oxidant complex into a deeply hydrating water-based formula. COOL Or WHAT! This is especially great for ladies with dehydrated, dry skin. It is also safe for ladies with combination skin like me.

I usually use it as the last step of morning skincare routine or to use as a hydrating Moisturising mist my skin after lunch. You can use it after you are done with your make-up and it can help protect skin from harmful UV rays as it contains SPF 30. A great UV Mist which acts as your first line of defense for suncare.

How to use:

Step 1: Shake Well
Step 2: Spray 20cm away from face
Step 3: Spray 4 times peruse
Step 4: Leave to dry, no need to spread!

In the month of March, it is exclusive to Watsons at $16.90 (save further 15%) before it rolls out islandwide on 1 April. You can purchase it at Watsons' eStore here. It will be available island wide from 1 April 2018 at major Watsons, and Guardian stores, Unity, Robinsons, Welcia-BHG, Lazada Official Store and Zalora Official Store. It will retail at $19.90 each. Don't miss the chance to try such a amazing product!

Thank you for reading, stay beautiful.

With Love, M