Saturday, June 17, 2017

Favourite Drug Store Brand Liquid Lip Singapore

I'm finally had the time to sit down and swatch these babies for you guys. I love these Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream. I first found them at a Watson's Roadshow and I'm since opened to the world of liquid lip. Although these do not have the best formula, they are definitely kiss proof. They are a little on the dry side and dry a little sticky but that's all that you have to complaint about. And with the Watson sales going on almost every other day, you are sure to get them at less than original price!

Take a look at my collection.

Swatches here on my lighter skin tone (below) and a darker skin tone (top) courtesy of my sister's hand.

Do you have your favourite drug store Liquid Lipstick to share with me? Or what are your highly recommend liquid lipstick brand and shade? 
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With Love, M

Friday, June 9, 2017

Batam Trip in NOV 2016 at Turi Beach Resort

Snaps of my Batam Trip last November.

I miss my Galaxy Hair Colour. #artistryhairprofessional

With Love, M

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads

I got introduced to Padeve SG from The Sample Store's Shopper's Paradise event. When I first heard what the lady explained to me, I was like "HUH?", because Padeve is the first local brand that introduces Herbal Sanitary Pads, YES, HERBAL! *I bet your reaction is also "HUH"*

Why herbal? Padeve uses premium quality materials to ensure your comfort all day long. Paired with their unique blend of herbal ingredients that gives off a mild herbal smell to kerb the unpleasant odour. 

Padeve have 4 different products to cater to your everyday needs.

1. Padeve Ultra Liners (18cm)
2. Ultra Day Sanitary Pad (24cm)
3. Ultra Night Sanitary Pad (29cm)
4. All Night (33cm)

I love the packaging of Padeve's Sanitary pads because they come in a peel off tab that is so much more convenient than ripping the packaging apart like other brands that I've bought before. I think that this packaging is much more sanitary too, it keeps the pads and liners fresher?

I have tried their ultra liners and i really smelled it and i could detect a faint herbal smell that is nothing unpleasant at all. The surface of the liner was really smooth and the material used felt really comfortable throughout the day. I also feel that it helps to keep the odour level down.

Head over to Padeve website to get your FREE Sample and also follow their Facebook for their latest update.

With Love, M