Tuesday, October 25, 2016

CHA THAI on Telok Ayer Street

With Singaporeans visiting Thailand so often, it is hard to resist that thai food craving everytime. But other than visiting Golden Mile, where else do you go for your thai food craving?

I got invited to the new Cha Thai located at Telok Ayer, just outside Telok Ayer Mrt, Exit B!
At Cha Thai, you can often see its Founder, Permsiri Sirijindapan, also affectionately known as Leah, rolling up her sleeves and working her wok magic in the kitchen, whipping up Thai cuisine from the central region we all love. Leah speaks fondly of their family legacy of recipes passed down from one generation to another, and she picked up this heritage of food from her grandmother. Using and adapting the recipes now at Cha Thai, Leah certainly makes Cha Thai quite a newfound treasure and dining pleasure.

“The quality of Cha Thai’s food is the result of premium quality ingredients, along with traditional (not authentic) recipes cooked with modern techniques, to bring out another dimension in the taste of Thai, so our customers experience the best of Fine Thai Food”, Leah Said

Lets get started on some drinks shall we.
Here we have a Coconut Smoothie. I love the look of it, really pure and comforting and cooling on a hot day! We also had the Thai Green Tea smoothie, very strong Tea taste despite it being blended with Ice. Hehe.

The Purple drink is not Ribena ok, it is the Butterfly Pea Tea, which is a sourish but refreshing drink! Try it! Hehe. Smoothies goes at $4.50 each, Cold drinks at $2.90 each and Hot drinks at $2.50 each!

At Cha Thai, there is one thing you will definitely notice - the portions are so large you should always come with friends. It is in the Thai’s tradition and culture to gather, and therefore, their food always comes in portions large enough for sharing. Food always tastes the best in good company.  We started with the Creamy Crab Roll($15). It is served with deep dried spring roll sticks served with crab cream sauce made of finger roots herbs, and the fragrance of the crab cream sauce tastes like Thai laksa in a creamy state, Very addictive!!

Then came the Crispy Prawn Cake ($15). Some may think why so pricey, but at Cha Thai, quality is not compromised. Tiger Prawns are used in each of their dishes. This Prawn cake is very juicy with a good bounce. Me Like Me Like!

Besides the large serving portions, Leah insists on great quality ingredients. Most of Cha Thai’s seafood is sourced locally from our own kelongs for freshness but its signature Tiger Prawns are sourced from Thailand as it is not as easy to get such large fresh tiger prawns here. 
My Favourite of the night is this Lemongrass Prawn Salad ($28). Bits of mince pork stir fried together with lemongrass, shallots, kaffir lime, coconut cream and roasted chilli paste. I could down 3 bowls of rice with this dish! They have a pomelo salad version too! Very refreshing twist!

At Cha Thai, it's ok to be different. In Singapore, Curry to us must be spicy or have abit of kick. However, the Signature Tiger Prawn "Panang" Curry ($28) was nothing like we imagined. It was sweet and creamy. With Huge prawns & Lychees for you to chomp on. A very unique taste!

Vegetarian friends! Cha Thai serves up vegetarian options too! Like this Dumpling in Tom Yum Soup ($25), it is not very spicy but the dumplings have soaked up the flavour. I couldn't believe that it is a vegetarian dish!

Though I am a real fan of Pad Thai ($22), the one at Cha Thai did not wow me. It is a little on the dry side but I love the noodles!

Some dishes to go with fragrant white rice perhaps? Here we have the Saute Kai Lan with Roast Pork ($16)! Deliciously healthy & sinful!

Here we have Garlic Chicken with Bird's Chilli ($18). Please don't think that the green little chilli padi looking thing is harmless. It is Harmful.. if you can't take the spiciness. Haha, everyone should try!! :P

Which thai food joint sous vide their meat? Cha Thai does! They sous vide their meat to achieve tenderness in every bite! You can enjoy it here with the Simmer Pork ($22). Sous vide Pork Knuckle with Kai Lan, I prefer this dish to the one above, the Kai Lan with Roast Pork.

I love Claypot Glass Noodles! And since Cha Thai uses Tiger Prawns, I was so excited to try it!
The huge claypot was served and the huge prawns came in to sight, I cannot see any glass noodles at all! Haha. Cha Thai has Tiger Prawn Glass Noodles Claypot ($55) and Premium Giant Tiger Prawns Glass Noodle Claypot ($159) and also Baked Giant Crab Glass Noodle Claypot ($159) for you to choose from! The Premium Giant Tiger Prawns are about 35-40cm each!!

After feasting on the above, I was already in food heaven. But then came these beautiful desserts. Here we see the famous Red Ruby ($8) and Cha Thai's Green Ruby - Emerald Jade ($8). Personally I find no difference in taste, just colour! Haha!

Here is a sweet potato treat - Summer Potato ($8). I like this one drizzled with coconut. Aromatic and yummy!

There are also(Bottom Left - Right) Melon Sago ($8) and Sweet Corn Herbal Jelly($8) . Both also very refreshing and shiok la! Up to your individual preference!

Charcoal Kaya Toast ($8) - Adapted from Cha Thai’s signature toast, Charcoal kaya toast is even fluffier and softer, paired with kaya dip or Thai Tea Dip. Crowd favourite and also my favourite.  Everyone please order ok!!

Mountain Milo / “Milo Phu Kho Fai” ($8) - It's like our Milo Dinosaur! Haha. It is shaved Ice with signature toasts and milo crunch within, drizzled with milo sauce, sprinkled with milo powder. Milo Fan rejoice!

Fresh Berries Toast ($8) - Fresh berries toast ‘bed’ with toast cubes within, topped with berries and drizzled with homemade sauce. This is the one to go for if you want something less guilty but still delicious and photo worthy, because the colours all so nice!

If you are looking for an enjoyable fine Thai meal of high quality, Cha Thai is certainly the right place for you. Cha Thai is just located outisde Telok Ayer MRT Exit B! You come out of Exit B right, you turn your head left, you will see Cha Thai opposite you liao! Haha. Super good location!

80 Telok Ayer Street #01-01 
Singapore 048466 
Tel: 6636 3696

Cheers! With Love, M

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

EHA Skincare - New Hydrating Serum for the sensitive you

Haha. And I'm here to share it with you!

EHA's motto is "Look Good, Feel Great" and it has roots in the stirring desires we may have to get in touch with the vitality of youth. Even though aging may be upon you, the power to slow down the process lies firmly within your hand with the help of EHA Products and Services. 

EHA recently launched their latest product, the Hydra Serum with is made of Concnetrated Hyaluronic acid to allow a fuller plumper skin with intense hydration.

I got some products home to try and here's a short write up!

1. EHA Hydra pH Cleansing Gel 150ml - It helps to protect the skin's natural lipid barrier by maintaing the skin's pH at a healthy 5.5. It also effectively softens and whitens skin while preventing the build up of dirt, keratin, sebum and environmental toxins.
2. EHA Soothing Lotion 150ml - Maintaing the skin's pH balance while providing skin with deep hydration, especially for those with dry sensitive skin.

3. EHA Hydra Serum 30ml - This new baby consist of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid which causes the high viscosity but yet lightweight like water! Suitable for people with sensitive skin.

4. EHA Moisturizing Gel 50ml - A deeply hydrating but lightweight gel-lotion moisturiser to protect and norish skin.
5. EHA Sunsheild 24Hr 30ml - It blocks out UV-A and UV-B rays by 99%, for a period of 24 hours, with just 1 application. It is lightly tinted, therefore it is perfect for a lazy weekend.

I have since switched to EHA Skincare with thanks to the $200 Voucher I won at the launch event! Time to work the magic on my skin and reveal a more beautiful me!

Check out EHA Clinic and theit range of products and services at http://www.ehaclinic.sg/

Thank you EHA Skincare for the invite and I look forward to an exciting journey together to better skin!

With Love, M

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink

People always say: Beauty should come from within.
It's true! With a healthy body system, you will look good and feel great!
How to look beautiful and stay young and radiant? We need to nourish our body with the required nutrients to help us preserve our youthfulness.

So recently I am introduced to the AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink which helps with Anti-Aging, it hydrates and brightens our skin from within. How does this product do it?

Benefits of AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink:
- Light Sparkling drink with suitable sweetness
-Rejuvenate damaged skin cells
- reduce wrinkles and fine lines
-Restore skin firmness & elasticity
-brighten skin
- tighten pores
- lock in moisture

The AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is the 1st All-In-One Orchid Stem Cell Beauty Drink in Singapore. It has clinically tested ingredients, and you will be able to see results in 7 Days (e.g. face more hydrated, more radiance etc..) It also helps to repairs and rejuvenate damaged skin cells for nutrients retention (esp. collagen, very important for that bouncy skin!) 

Why Stemcell Beauty Drink and not Collagen Beauty Drink?
It is because, in order for our skin to be able to absorb the nutrients, we need to ensure that our skin cells are healthy for absorption.

Will my skin cells still grow as I age?
Did you know that once we reach adulthood, most of our cells stop growing except our skin cells! The average cycle of cell production is 28days, the old ones die off and are replaced by new ones. BUT! This process will slow down with age, *nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo* So that's why we need to nourish our skin cells with the right nutrients for them to continue growing healthily and absorbing all the oral beauty supplements and skincare that we take.

How much collagen I must absorb everyday?
Our body need an average of about 2000mg to 5000mg of collagen everyday, anything more than that is considered as waste to our body as we are unable to absorb.

How to prevent skin cells from weakening?
Skincare also plays a part to help in our skin cells growth and absorption. We must protect our skin from the harmful UV-A & UV-B rays because sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging as it damages our skin cells.

AVALON™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink  is enhanced with Litchi Seed Extract, Premium French Marine Collagen and a combination of Fruit Extracts, where taken together helps to repair and rejuvenate our skin cells, retain skin’s moisture, brighten skin tone, tighten pores, improve skin firmness and reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, resolving 6 major skin problems with just one product! 

And unlike most beauty drink in the market that has a thick texture and strong flavour, AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink is made with Sparkling Water that not only adds a refreshing twist to conventional beauty but in fact sparkling water actually helps to boost nutrients absorption & promotes skin metabolism! 

Just consume 1 bottle every night before bedtime and in 7 days you can feel your skin being more supple and hydrated, and in 28 days (Our skin renews itself every 28 days) you can see your skin tone brightens up looking more radiant, pores appears to be tighter, wrinkles and fine lines will also look lighter now that your skin is more supple. 

AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink contains multiple skin beneficial ingredients in a bottle to give you ONE fuss-free beauty solution for your skin. Each ingredient is an excellent skin reviver on its own, and when combined together it makes the results exceptional!

Want to try the AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink?
Watch out for The Sample Store's Facebook page as there will be a Giveaway for you to win a box of 10! Don't say I good deal never share hor. Haha.

Avalon Beauty Stemcell Beauty Drink is retailing at $69.90 for a box of 10!
Available at Watson, Unity Pharmacy, Yue Hwa and even www.hibeau.com .

Quote :TSS-20OFF at checkout to enjoy 20% OFF! 

Stay Beautiful!

With Love, M