Monday, October 8, 2018

Little Flower Hut - A little thought that counts

Flowers mean different things to many people. Sending flowers could mean appreciation or congratulations to your family, friends or loved one. They could also be used to express condolences or an apology as well. I regardless of your intentions, flowers would be one of the best gifts for any occasion or gender. Who said flowers were only meant for females.

I do understand that flower prices are a little steep but there are still some Singapore Florist that offer affordable Same Day Delivery with good quality and pretty flowers. Little Flower Hut offers really affordable flowers and floral arrangements too. I really think that sending a flower arrangement is more practical than sending a bouquet as the arranged flowers are easier to store and display.

I received this beautiful flower arrangement that consisted of Baby's Breathe, Orchid and a Cactus. I really like how the overall look of the flowers. It is not too girly and not too boring with the usual roses. And I would like to thank specially thank Little Flower Hut for accepting my request for the special flower arrangement to gift it to a special friend for a special occasion.

You are also given the option for them to include your desired message to be printed on their very lovely gift card. Finding a cheap and reliable florist in Singapore is not easy but Little Flower Hut aims to bring the most affordable and widest range of flowers for their customers. Offering same day deliveries to ensure that you have someone to back you up incase you forgot your anniversary or a special someone's birthday.  

Little Flower Hut not only does Flower deliveries, they also do Table Arrangements, Baby Hampers, Fruit Baskets, Chocolate Deliveries as well. It is your one stop online solution for all your personal or corporate needs. Better bookmark them first: 

Thank you for reading, See you next time.

With Love, Michhysaurous

Saturday, July 14, 2018


If you talk about Japanese Curry, most of us would think of the thick brown curry sauce. However, I just got to know recently that there is actually a Japanese White Curry! Tengawa is the first restaurant to bring in the special Hokkaido White Curry for all foodies in Singapore! I was so excited to try!

They offer Free Flow Marinated Cabbage as a starter. They have a variety of sauces for you, Tonkatsu sauce, homemade chilli sauce, chilli powder too! It's recommended that you try the katsu with the katsu sauce also, not just with the white curry.

I love their handmade signs, it really adds a personal touch to the whole dining experience.

1. Volcano White Curry Ramen Set ($16.80) / Ala-Carte $13.80 - The set consist of 1 Ramen, 1 Truffle Chawanmushi and 1 bowl of clam soup(refillable). The white curry is mixed with bonito broth, topped with iberico pork slices, onsen egg, onions, seaweed and korean spices. The truffle chawanmushi is to die for too!

OMG I tell you, I love the soup base, it has a slight sweetness to it which made it really palatable. And of course it is called the Volcano Ramen hence you see the pile of Korean spice chilli sitting on top of the Iberico Pork Belly Slices. Mix it up to get that spicy kick! Please adjust it to your own tolerance level ok?

2. Iberiko Loin Katsu with Rice Set - ($19.80), Ala-Carte ($16.80), Iberiko pork is also know as Spain Black Pork, famous for it's true pork taste with 1-2 cm of fats surrounding its red meat. The katsu has a nice bite and the coated breadcrumbs were not too oily. Each set comes with truffle chawanmushi and clam soup which is refillable! I love it because it is light and clear. I could not stop drinking it and it is AMAZING!

 The white curry tastes different from the usual brown curry as it has a slight sweet taste to it and it goes really well with the iberico pork katsu which was deliciously fried to a golden brown. Dip it with the mildly spicy white curry for a wonderful match. Alternatively, you may choose to pair it with the tonkatsu sauce that is available on the table too!

Overall I would totally recommend you to try the first and only White Curry Restaurant in Singapore!
Rating: 8/10 

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry
Millenia Walk, #02-16A 
Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
Tel: +65 6265 1314

Thank you J Passport for the invite!

With Love, M

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Start of Something New

Good Evening lovelies! Just a short post to update you guys about my life.

I left my job of 3 years as a customer service role and I am ever grateful for all the experience that I've got from handling different types of customers. I have met really nice ones but have also met some who are just so terrible that they left a nightmare. 

I am moving on to a new job, a new place with new experiences. I will meet new colleagues as well as learn many new things. It is something that I've always wanted to learn and I am really glad to be presented with this opportunity.

I am looking forward to tomorrow with an open heart, wishing myself all the best!

With Love, M