Tuesday, September 22, 2020

One Hour Florist - Surprise Preserved Flower Dome

Flower Gifting has been a long time tradition for lovers, families and even friends.With technology advancement as well as, we now have an option of gifting an "Everlasting" gift, Preserved Flowers. 

In the recent years, Preserved Flowers has been really popular in the market, mainly with Roses. They look like something that came out of Beauty and the Beast where the precious flower is encased in a glass dome for others to witness it's beauty.

One Hour Florist offers their Surprise Preserved Flower Dome in a unique way where you have to indicate the following points and the florist will surprise your recipient with a specially crafted flower dome for the occasion. 

You just have to indicate the age range, your relationship with the recipient as well as what is the occasion. It's that simple, you don't even need to choose what colour combination or flowers to match, it will all be done for you by the florist. You just have to wait for your recipient to receive the flowers and you yourself will be surprised too!

I am very pleased with the 1 hour delivery timing as well, it makes it really convenient if we need to make any last minute gifting, sometimes we just get so overwhelmed with other things. When my Surprise Preserved Flower Dome arrived at my door step, I was sooooo excited to see what combination will I receive.

When I took it out of the box, my first reaction was "Oh My God it still looks fresh!" Pardon my innocence but I was pleasantly surprised and very excited to receive my first ever preserved flower dome and just thinking that it will last for a very long time makes me happy that I am able to see something so beautiful everyday.

The Combination of the Lavender and Pastel Yellow Rose made it so pleasing to the eye. I now place it on my work desk and I just feel so happy to see it everyday. I sincerely recommend everyone to gift a preserved flower dome to your loved ones (Friends/Families) and I'm sure they will love it too! Don't listen to your mum or girlfriend if they say flowers are waste money, these preserved flower dome are going to be there for a very very long time!

Thank you One Hour Florist for sending me this Surprise Preserved Flower Dome, I love it and purple happens to be my favourite colour! This is going to be my next gift idea for my friends and family!

One Hour Florist
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Thursday, September 17, 2020

One Hour Cake Delivery in Singapore - Cake Delivery Singapore

 I was pleasantly surprised when I received a 9.5" Premium Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake from Cake Delivery Singapore on the first week of September. It was a surprise for my birthday and I absolutely love a good chocolate cake.

The cake was huge and it was too much for my family of 4 to finish, hence I shared the love with my neighbours and I received really pleasant feedback from them. The cake was aromatic and the chocolate was not cloying sweet which made it really enjoyable. The Chocolate Sponge layers were soft and fluffy and went really well with the chocolate ganache.

I went on their website for a quick look and I saw that they have a wide variety of cakes available for customers to choose from. From Chocolate Cake, Durian Cakes to even Macarons and Muffins. A wide range of options for you to choose from, can just order from them for any occasion!

They offer free delivery with minimum $80 spent for delivery slots between 9am - 10pm, otherwise it will be a flat fee of $8 if the minimum spend is not met. If you are looking to surprise your friend at their door at 12 midnight, Cake Delivery Singapore offers midnight delivery at $25 for deliveries between 10pm - 6am! 6AM ley, you can even order the cake last minute if you forgot to buy cake for your wife birthday, hahaha! Joking!

Cake Delivery Singapore
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Thursday, August 13, 2020

First experience with a D.I.Y Terrarium from Mason Home Decor

For somebody who does not have the green finger, I have never explored the world of greenery or anything related to it. However, when I was sent the Mason Home Decor - D.I.Y Terrarium Kit, I was really eager to see what I could create with it.

The kit came with the following items:
1 Big Glass Jar. 1 Small Glass Jar, 1 packet of soil, 1 packet of decoration rocks, 2 different packets of decoration pebbles, 1 packet of crane decoration, 1 set of tools and 4 plants. Everything well well packed easy to identify.

To be very honest, I had no clue on how should I start on my own terrarium or how should I design it. I just went with the flow by placing some pebbles at the bottom, then adding the soil and then depot-ting the succulents one by one slowly. 

The highlight of my terrarium is my Minion toy which added a pop of colour and a fun element to the whole design. Looking at the completed terrarium made me feel accomplished and proud of myself. what do you think of my terrarium?
I've also received a small Jar and I made another design with the cactus, but ultimately I switched it out to a succulent as it was poking the clumsy me. Surprisingly I love how the little pebbles looked in the jar, somehow it's really calming to see them on my desk.

I did a short video on my terrarium experience, you can check out the video below or on my Youtube Channel here.

Mason Home Decor
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With Love, M