Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Steamboat King - Enjoy your personal hotpot at home today!

With COVID-19 not leaving us anytime soon, it's making us stay home more and feeling lazier to leave home too. We wish that we can dine at home more and not step out because there are just so many people out there in the shopping malls! I would personally prefer if I can enjoy the yummy food available in the malls but in the comfort of my home, haha.

You can feel how delighted I was when Steamboat Kind approached me for a collaboration. They specialize in Hotpot and best thing was that their set comes with the Hot Pot for you to cook, no need to prepare your own pot! How convenient!

I had the 3-4 pax Bundle($89.00) which consisted of  Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Homemade fish paste, Sausages & Egg Tofu, Rice & Noodles, Fruits, Drink and 2 Soup bases.

I had the option to add on the Hokkaido Snow Pork Shabu Shabu at $4.90 which was a great idea!

Thinly sliced and just the right amount of fat on each slice is perfect for Shabu Shabu, dipping it in the Steamboat King Homemade Sauce is amazing!

All ingredients were properly packed, clean and ready to eat. It really saves us much hassle and we could dig in quicker!

There were 3 different types of homemade sauce and they even gave us Goji Berries to add into the collagen soup!

My personal favorite is the Mala Soup and I would recommend it to everyone! It’s not very Spicy but there is enough spice to give you the kick but it will not burn your tongue down 😂

Thank you Steamboat King and Best in Singapore for this opportunity to try out this amazing experience at home.

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Steamboat King

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Acaibowl.sg - Get your Acai craving Fix at home within an hour.

I am a glutton and I love snacks and desserts, haha. I was really happy when Acaibowl and Best in Singapore approached me for a collaboration because I love having Acai after understanding the benefits of it. 

Acaibowl is said to be the first and only acai delivery specialist in Singapore where they provide 1 hour delivery service for your acai bowl orders! Their Açaí base is so much more than just açaí. They created a special base using multiple purple superfoods which provides the nutrition level of their açaí bowls.

I got myself the Signature Acai Bowl($15.60) and the Fruity Delight Bowl($14.80) in Large size. They were delivered frozen to me which made me think that they might be prepared before hand instead of  made to order. However that did not compromise the freshness of the fruits.

The Fruity Delight Bowl consist of Acai with Mango, Kiwi, Blueberry, Raisins, Almonds and Coconut flakes. My mum loved this combination and she finished it all off!

The Signature Acai Bowl consist of Acai with Granola, Banana Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Raisin, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Flake, Cranberry, Chia Seed. I enjoyed this signature bowl and it was so packed with fruits that I felt that i have achieved my quota of fruits for the day, haha!

You will have an option to add on drizzles and additional fruits with your order. I ordered Honey, Nutella and Peanut Butter but I personally love the combination of Honey drizzle with my Acai Bowl.

Thank you Acai Bowl and Best in Singapore for this opportunity for  my family to enjoy these harder to find fruits in the comfort of our home! Do place your orders now and enjoy a fruit party with your family today.

Acai Bowl

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Fruits Delivery Singapore - Enjoy the convenience of premium fruits at your doorstep

As I embark on a healthier life journey, I am exploring more fruits to be included in my diet to eat as a snack instead of grabbing a bag of potato chips. I was really delighted when I received this box of fruits from fruitsdelivery.sg. The fruits came cold which meant that they were delivered in the most optimum condition without compromising the quality.

Fruits Delivery Singapore offers same-day delivery over a 2-hour timeslot of your choice. They have 8 storage and packing units strategically located across the island, ensuring that you will receive your order on time. In a rare event when they are late, they will provide you instantly with a $10 discount coupon for your next purchase with no questions asked. You can place your order with so much assurance.

What first caught my eye was the huge China Juicy peach; 2 for $5.90 and the Japan Orin Apple; 2 for $7.90 which my family was really excited to try. The peach was palm sized which is really attractive and worth the price. The Japan Orin Apple is a product of the Aomori Apple Research Station in Japan and are the result of a cross between golden delicious and indo apple varieties. Orin Sweet apples are the third-most produced apple in Japan.

The Ecuador Yellow Dragonfruit; 1 for $8.90 is said to be the most expensive type of Dragonfruit available in the market but it is almost always sweet, never sour. I was so excited to try it because I've moved on from the normal white ones and always trying my luck with the Red Dragonfruit to be sweeter, haha. I was not disappointed as each mouthful of the Yellow Dragonfruit brought an aromatic sweetness which did not taste artifical. Worth the occasional indulgence.

My mum requested for these beautiful USA Rose Apple; 3 for $6.00 and Dad requested for the Taiwan Manwen Mango; 1 for $6.90. Haha. the Rose apples were huge too! They were crunchy and slightly sweet, my family love crunchy apples better. Also, please raise your hands if you eat Mango like this too! I have been eating Mango like this since I can remember and I feel that it is much enjoyable to eat them like that as well. Haha. The Manwen Mango is slightly sourish and not that sweet and aromatic.

I love that Fruit Delivery Singapore has a wide range of premium fruits for customers to choose from and I really really wanted to try the Red Heart Kiwi; 4 for $9.00 for a long time but was unable to get them from NTUC. I was eagerly waiting for them to be ripe to dive into them. First impression: It's so pretty with the red center haha, plus points for beautiful looking already. Taste wise it did not taste any different from normal kiwi other than that it was less sourish and did you know that Red Heart kiwi contain twice as much Vitamin C as compared to regular green kiwi? Now you know!

Thank you Fruits Delivery and Best in Singapore for this opportunity for  my family to enjoy these harder to find fruits in the comfort of our home! Do place your orders now and enjoy a fruit party with your family today.

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Fruits Delivery Singapore

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*Products displayed in this post is sponsored but the photos and reviews are based on the author's personal review*