Sunday, July 14, 2019

Ginza Lion 120th Anniversary Set

Hello Hello! I'm back to share a new great deal to you.

Ginza Lion is celebrating their 120th Anniversary and they have launched an Anniversary menu. I gothe chance to try the Roast Beef Set which is suitable for 2 pax to share. The set cost $50 and it consist of 3 items, Seafood Salad, Ginza Lion Signature Roast Beef and Spaghetti Napolitan.

I mean, just look at that Seafood Salad. I am not angry at the generous amount of seafood on this salad. Especially coming from someone who does not like any intake of vegetables. Haha! It consist of Mussels, Squid, Clams, Salmon and Prawns. resting on a thin bed of lettuce, tossed in a savory sauce which was a little too salty for my liking. It got a little heavy after afew bites. However after squeezing some lemon juice over it, it made it really refreshing.

The highlight of the meal was definitely the Roast Beef Set with Fries. Ginza Lion uses High Quality Angus Beef from US grilled by far-infrared grill. The results? A Tender pink looking piece yet perfectly cooked. It's a pretty big piece and it is definitely suitable to share as there is still 1 more dish after this! The thick cut fries came with a Mentaiko Dip and it was delightful as well.

The last dish of the day is this Spaghetti Napolitan. It is served on a hot plate, resting on a bed of fluffy egg. The Tomato Based Pasta is very flavourful, definitely suitable for sharing with your young kids who love a good tomato base pasta. At some point it taste like a tomato ketchup pasta, maybe because it is Japanese Style? I really liked the juicy mushrooms and the sliced Sausages. It added different textures to the whole dish. And you Must Must try the fluffy egg at the bottom with the tomato sauce, it's so good. 

After the above dishes, me and my dining partner were stuffed!! 

Now, I got a good Lobang for you, yes you reading this now.
You get to enjoy a complimentary Ice Cream with any Anniversary Menu Ordered. 
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Thank you to J Passport for inviting me to try this special 120th Anniversary Menu from Ginza Lion.

With Love, M

Monday, April 22, 2019

Taobao Recommendations - Plus Size Clothing Part 1

Hello Everyone!

I am slowly crawling back to update this space and I thought why not share with everyone my favourite thing to do - Shopping. Haha! Yes, I have been shopping on Taobao since 2009/2010 and sometimes I am able to get items which are selling in retail shops at much higher price! So I am going to curate a list of the items that I have purchased from Taobao and is worth buying. I will divide them into 3 category: Clothing, Shoes & Bag and Other random things. Here we are going to talk about clothing first!

In my opinion, plus size clothing are pretty costly in Singapore and I am a cheapo, I can't bear to spend too much money on clothes either, my most expensive piece is like $30+ max? Hahaha. Sooooooooooo, I had to find an alternative to get pretty clothes for my size with an affordable price tag. So here's a list of the bought and approved items that I would like to share with all of you.

Just for reference, I am a 2XL now, Chest Measurement is 110cm around, about a UK16/18.

Black Hello Kitty Cotton Tee - 1 for 58RMB (about SGD$11.66)

When i first saw this Tee, I told myself I had to get it, but the price point made me think thrice before I could not resist myself anymore. Haha. The quality of the cotton tee is average. the colour does not run and the kitty print does not get wrinkly after wash and spin dry. Some of the printed tees out there gets really wrinkly after 1 wash, this one does not.

Girl Power Cotton Tee - 29.60RMB (about SGD$6.00) Comes in 4 colours, Black, White, Grey and Pink. Super love the quality of this tee also! Wash so many times still good and no little balls on the cloth ah.

Peek-a-boo Sesame Street Cotton Tee - 1 for 29.90RMB (about SGD$6.00)
This tee is super cute, the price is great for the quality you receive and best of all it has plus size! Skinny girls can get this in the larger size to wear like an oversized tee just like the model.

Cookie Monster The Scream Tee - 1 for 39.00RMB (about SGD$7.85)
This design is super cute!

Chiffon Shorts - 1 for 29.80RMB (about SGD$6.00)
This pair of shorts is really comfortable and it has a rubberized waist and 2 pockets! The downside of this shorts is that it sticks to your leg when you sweat due to the material la. Other than that, it is really pretty. They have sizes from S to 5XL, but Taobao sizing runs small, so this design I buy the 5XL. Haha.

Plus Size Office Pants - 1 for 39.00RMB (about SGD$7.85)
They have sizing from S to 6XL, I wear 5XL for this item.

Cotton Padded Camisole - 1 for 26.80RMB (about SGD$5.40)
I wear size XL for this design and I saw this similar cotton padded camisole at Uniqlo selling for $29.90!! Haha. I have afew of these and they are really comfortable to wear, no need to wear a bra under a camisole anymore, hehe.

Seamless Bralette/Sports Bra - 2 for 49RMB (about SGD$10.00)
The sizing runs from S to XL, I can wear the XL size. Many colours to choose from and they have 2 types, singlet type or strap type. Super comfy!!

Wireless Bra - 1 for 29.80RMB (about SGD$6.00)
They have 1 + 1 bundle set going for 39.80RMB (about SGD$8) and 1 + 1 Set Bundle that consist of Bra & Panty going for 49.80RMB (about SGD$10) Super worth it ley! $4 for 1 bra or $5 per set!!
This one has sizes from 70A to 90C, and best part is that it comes with an extender just in case you need it.

Highwaist Cotton Panty - 6 pieces for 39.90RMB (about SGD$8.10)
This range is specially for plus size, from L size up till 4XL can wear. The cotton material is very comfortable and the colour does not run!

Seamless Panty - 8 for 39.80RMB (about SGD$8.00)
These panties are the best! Super soft and comfortable! Sizing range from S to XXXL.
Seamless Tube Bralette - 28RMB each(about SGD$5.50).
The material is breathable and comfortable, comes in White, Black & Nude.

Lace Bralette - 39.90RMB (about SGD$8.10). This bralette is super comfortable and super chio! Comes in 4 colours: White, Black, Navy and Wine. This bralette is designed for Plus Size only! Yay.

Back Hook Cotton Tube Bralette - 24.90RMB(about SGD$5.05)
This tube bralette comes with back hook so you do not have to pull a muscle trying to put it on. Haha!

Metallic Home Shorts - 18.50RMB (about SGD$3.74 each). This design I wear 5XL size hor. Sometimes the cutting and size labels for their items very OFF one. Need to see the measurements most accurate!

Plus Size Chiffon Top - 45RMB (about $9.10 each). I have 2 of this top in Salmon Pink and Black Floral. They are very comfortable and the sizing recommendation is pretty accurate!

That's all I have for now, I still have so many but some of the shops already closed down (wtf).
I hope you have benefited from this list and score some great deals as well. If you have more questions or you don't know where to start to buy from Taobao, feel free to reach me at and I will be glad to help you!

With Love, M

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Leasany - Singapore Online Travel Rental Platform

During my recent trip to Korea, I wanted to do a nice travel vlog to remember the moments there. I was racking my brain thinking if I want to bring along my DSLR so that I can get really good quality footage, but I found an interesting website - Leasany, an one-stop travel rental platform. They offer travel rental service that allows consumers to rent items for their trips instead of a 1 time purchase and leaving the items there to collect dust.

I was excited as I went through their website. They had plenty of items to choose from; Go Pros, Inflatable Floats, Tents, etc. I have always wanted to try a GoPro before buying it and I was glad that I could rent it from Leasany! I rented a GoPro Hero 7 Black and it comes with the necessary accessories and additional batteries for your long day out when you travel!

I am still editing the videos for my trip but here are some of the sneaks and photos for you to see the amazing quality of the GoPro Hero 7 Black:

Kakao Friends Shop in Gangnam

Portrait Photo

Scenic View Photos:

Everland Magical Tree

Carousel in Everland

Gyeongbukgong - GwangHwaMun in our Hanbok

Random Underground subway shopping area

 Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken

Dak Galbi before our trip to Nami Island

Random Shot in Nami Island

I love it that I can capture the whole scene behind me without having to stretch my arm till it hurts. I once got a wide angle lens clip on but the images turns out blurry or some parts of the photo can see the rim of the clip on, so angry!

Also, I got to stay connected in Korea with AirSim. It is a Travel SIM Card that allows you to use it in different countries with just 1 card. No more buying multiple sim cards at various airports. AirSim is available in many countries and it is much more convenient this way!

Thanks for reading till the end, here is your Promo Code to enjoy 20% Off Rental Services on Leasany, limited to 1 code per person. Coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. Quote "Michhysaurous" when you make your equipment rental today!
Promo Code valid till 8 May 2019.

Click here to rent a GoPro Hero 7 Black for your travel plans today!

Till Then, With Love M