Monday, February 13, 2017

Banana Tree Cafe

Valentines is near and what a better day to treat yourself or your loved ones something sweet. Cotton Candy Latte or a Flower Pot Dessert sound creative enough? Check out Banana Tree Cafe located in Tanjong Pagar!

The beautiful cozy design of the cafe makes you want to stay in here forever. With a glass panel that allows natural lighting in makes it perfect for food photogaphy or even selfies and wefies! Look at those cute little pots waiting to be filled up and delivered to you.

To cut the heat, we ordered the Green Apple Non-Alcaholic Mojito ($7.50). Super refreshing and not too sweet at all, a very natural sweetness which is really enjoyable.

Highlight of the day - Flower Pot Pudding($6.50) and Iced Som Som Latte ($7.00)

Also something amazing here at Banana Tree Cafe is their Pot Bingsoo ($12.50) which includes a scoop of ice cream and deliciously soft red beans. Would recommend you to share it with a few friends after a dinner, a great dessert to chill out with while engaging in real life conversations rather than looking at our phones.

I would love to visit Banana Tree Cafe again. And they do take reservations with Quandoo! So do make your reservations early! :)

26 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089133
Tel: 6221 5020
Operation Hours: 12Noon - 10pm (Mon - Sat) , 12Noon - 7pm (Sun)

With Love, M

Friday, February 10, 2017

CHEERS with Caffe B and many more on the latest CHEERS App

Cheers! The most common phrase that we hear every time we raise our glass in an joyous occasion with friends over some alcohol. It is such a positive words which makes it a joy to hear. But you know what's better? It is to have 1 for 1 drinks when you're out with friends to raise the happiness bar. We all know the Entertainer App has tons of 1 for 1 dining deals, but did you know about the newest baby - Cheers App ? You'll be glad you landed on my page.

The Cheers App is the alcoholic's version of the Entertainer App. The Cheers app offers tons of 1 for 1 deals like 1 for 1 bottle of house wine, 2 for 2 glasses of cocktails, or 1 for 1 glasses of house beverage. I'm sure there is something for everyone. I was invited for a experience at Caffe B for their wonderful range of cocktails. 

We started with the Yuzu Mojito ($19), which was paired with the Appetizers. The light and refreshing Yuzu taste neutralised the high sodium content of the Italian cold cuts. Yet however, it complimented really well with the scallop Carpaccio to bring out the sweetness of the scallops. Yums!

Caffe B not only does really great cocktails, their mains are worth your visit as well! We had the 2nd cocktail - Ume Gin ($19) paired with a Spagetti Carbonara and also Risotto Singapore. I love the Risotto for it's wonderful flavour, it might be too gelat if you consume it all at once, hence the Ume Gin comes in to cleanse the palete.

Sake Cucumber Cocktail ($18) with Pernod King Prawns. The Fresh and crunchy king prawns were a joy to me. The sake cucumber cocktails was a rather bland cocktail, which was neither too sweet, or too sour, a very mild taste.

My favourite of the night, Berrytini ($16), the sweetest of them all too. When paired with the Wagyu al Porto, Queen Magarita Pizza as well as the I am crazy in Singapore pizza. Yes, that's the exact name of the pizza. With crazy loads of topping on this one, it is the one pizza to try at least once in your life!

Last but not least, a dessert cocktail. The Espresso Martini ($18) uses the... yes.. you've guess it, Kahlua, the coffee flavoured liqueur to bring out the whole composition. And what better dessert to pair this with non other than the Tiramisu. Fun Fact: Caffe B's Tiramisu is crispy yet addictive. What do I mean? Come try it for yourself!

Do note that some photos of the food you see here are in tasting portion, please do not worry. Another great deal is that Caffe B is also on the Entertainer App! Which means you get to get 1 for 1 deals for the delicious food here too! Double Cheers!

Thank you to Caffe B, The Entertainer and Alvinology for the invite to a wonderful experience.
Thank you to the crew at Caffe B for your impeccable service. 

Please note that the Cheers App is only applicable for the branch at Marina Bay Sands. Great ambience and great deals for a wonderful time.

Caffe B
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-15 & 01-83

On the Cheers App:
- 1 for 1 bottle of house wine
- 1 for 1 house beverage
- 2 for 2 cocktails

On the Entertainer App:
- 3 x 1 for 1 main course (Entertainer)

Download the Cheers app here!

With Love, M

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Back to Basic.. Or Not?

Once upon a time, there was a girl who transformed her hair from black, to brown, to red, to lighter brown and then blue and then purple. Finally, her hair turned white and she fell in love with the grayish hair colour. But that aged look was getting alot of attention for her at work and the outside world.

Hence, she decided that she would revive to her young self again, yet, she did not like the idea of being a goody good girl again. Therefore, her hairstylist - Elein Chong from Artistry Hair Professional came to the rescue!

A Fresh new cut and a new colour. It looks almost totally black at first but Elein assured that it would fade into something really beautiful. This colour is great for people who need to cover up their grey hair colour after you receive feedback from mangement. Yet, this is not the final colour that it will drop off too. 

Here's the girl rocking the brand new colour on CNY. everyone had praises for her new hair colour. And many also commented that her hair looked really healthy now. YAY! All Thanks to Elein from Artistry Hair Professional.

A side part fringe brings out a different look for the girl and she is loving her versatile haircut.

Do Quote "Michelle" when you book your services with Elein at Artistry Hair Professional to enjoy up to 30% OFF your visit!

Cheers to healthier hair in 2017 and may everyone be blessed with Good Health and Happiness.

With Love, M

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Don't Tell MaMa Where we going

Recently we found a place well hidden along Tanjong Pagar Road. Don't Tell MAMA is a Korean-Mexican fusion bar which serves really good cocktails and bar bites. 

Pssst... The Shop Manager is Korean!

We were treated to 3 Soju Cocktails - Passion Fruit Sojurita, Lychee Sojurita and Strawberry Sojurita. A whole bottle of Soju is used here, so please drink with caution my friends.

Add some fun to the night with these cute flashy lightbulb drinks. Choose from Non Alcoholic Soda or juices or Alcoholic cocktails.

Nacho Omelette - Beneath a pile of greens and Nacho chips lies a potato omelette which was thick amd juicy. Eat the nacho chips first tho, since it will turn soggy pretty quick.

One of the favourites that night was the Bulgoggi Quesadilla ($12). Perfectly marinate beed wrapped in a crispy shell. We did not even touch the sauces at the side, we loved it the way it is.

Looking extremely great for halloween parties, the Prawn Burrito ($8) is covered with tomato suace and cheese. Upon dissecting, you will realize the good insides. Haha.

Kimchi Fries ($18) & Onion Bomb ($12) My personal favourite that night are these 2 dishes. My first experience with Onion Bomb and i fell in love. Why did I not try this earlier! Great dishes to go with the drinks at DTMM.

For the adventurous, Fried Gizzards is here! Topped with fried garlic to enhance the aroma of the dish, do you like to eat gizzards?

Spicy Lollipop ($8) These are nothing like the real lollipops but they are just as good. These Drumlets are stipped of the meat and combined at the head to achieve this cute appearance. Topped with a sweet & spicy sauce, making it really delicious.

Fried chicken Wings in Korean Soy Sauce is available for order from their sister company, Chicken Up, which is just beside DTMM! Juicy and addictive, I couldn't stop at one.

I'll definitely be back for more good vibes and great food & drinks.

Check out Don't Tell MAMA facebook page for updates on their latest promotion.

For any event enquiries, please write to


52 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088473(beside chicken up)
Operation Hours: 5pm - 12mn
Tel: 6221 2007

With Love, M