Thursday, February 9, 2017

Back to Basic.. Or Not?

Once upon a time, there was a girl who transformed her hair from black, to brown, to red, to lighter brown and then blue and then purple. Finally, her hair turned white and she fell in love with the grayish hair colour. But that aged look was getting alot of attention for her at work and the outside world.

Hence, she decided that she would revive to her young self again, yet, she did not like the idea of being a goody good girl again. Therefore, her hairstylist - Elein Chong from Artistry Hair Professional came to the rescue!

A Fresh new cut and a new colour. It looks almost totally black at first but Elein assured that it would fade into something really beautiful. This colour is great for people who need to cover up their grey hair colour after you receive feedback from mangement. Yet, this is not the final colour that it will drop off too. 

Here's the girl rocking the brand new colour on CNY. everyone had praises for her new hair colour. And many also commented that her hair looked really healthy now. YAY! All Thanks to Elein from Artistry Hair Professional.

A side part fringe brings out a different look for the girl and she is loving her versatile haircut.

Do Quote "Michelle" when you book your services with Elein at Artistry Hair Professional to enjoy up to 30% OFF your visit!

Cheers to healthier hair in 2017 and may everyone be blessed with Good Health and Happiness.

With Love, M

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