Friday, February 10, 2017

CHEERS with Caffe B and many more on the latest CHEERS App

Cheers! The most common phrase that we hear every time we raise our glass in an joyous occasion with friends over some alcohol. It is such a positive words which makes it a joy to hear. But you know what's better? It is to have 1 for 1 drinks when you're out with friends to raise the happiness bar. We all know the Entertainer App has tons of 1 for 1 dining deals, but did you know about the newest baby - Cheers App ? You'll be glad you landed on my page.

The Cheers App is the alcoholic's version of the Entertainer App. The Cheers app offers tons of 1 for 1 deals like 1 for 1 bottle of house wine, 2 for 2 glasses of cocktails, or 1 for 1 glasses of house beverage. I'm sure there is something for everyone. I was invited for a experience at Caffe B for their wonderful range of cocktails. 

We started with the Yuzu Mojito ($19), which was paired with the Appetizers. The light and refreshing Yuzu taste neutralised the high sodium content of the Italian cold cuts. Yet however, it complimented really well with the scallop Carpaccio to bring out the sweetness of the scallops. Yums!

Caffe B not only does really great cocktails, their mains are worth your visit as well! We had the 2nd cocktail - Ume Gin ($19) paired with a Spagetti Carbonara and also Risotto Singapore. I love the Risotto for it's wonderful flavour, it might be too gelat if you consume it all at once, hence the Ume Gin comes in to cleanse the palete.

Sake Cucumber Cocktail ($18) with Pernod King Prawns. The Fresh and crunchy king prawns were a joy to me. The sake cucumber cocktails was a rather bland cocktail, which was neither too sweet, or too sour, a very mild taste.

My favourite of the night, Berrytini ($16), the sweetest of them all too. When paired with the Wagyu al Porto, Queen Magarita Pizza as well as the I am crazy in Singapore pizza. Yes, that's the exact name of the pizza. With crazy loads of topping on this one, it is the one pizza to try at least once in your life!

Last but not least, a dessert cocktail. The Espresso Martini ($18) uses the... yes.. you've guess it, Kahlua, the coffee flavoured liqueur to bring out the whole composition. And what better dessert to pair this with non other than the Tiramisu. Fun Fact: Caffe B's Tiramisu is crispy yet addictive. What do I mean? Come try it for yourself!

Do note that some photos of the food you see here are in tasting portion, please do not worry. Another great deal is that Caffe B is also on the Entertainer App! Which means you get to get 1 for 1 deals for the delicious food here too! Double Cheers!

Thank you to Caffe B, The Entertainer and Alvinology for the invite to a wonderful experience.
Thank you to the crew at Caffe B for your impeccable service. 

Please note that the Cheers App is only applicable for the branch at Marina Bay Sands. Great ambience and great deals for a wonderful time.

Caffe B
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-15 & 01-83

On the Cheers App:
- 1 for 1 bottle of house wine
- 1 for 1 house beverage
- 2 for 2 cocktails

On the Entertainer App:
- 3 x 1 for 1 main course (Entertainer)

Download the Cheers app here!

With Love, M

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