Monday, September 30, 2013

Kiseki Japanese Buffet at The Central, Somerset

Having heard so much about Kiseki Buffet, I finally had the chance to try it out when my ex-colleagues arranged my farewell Dinner there! Thank you dearies! ♥

Kiseki is hard to miss with its brightly lighted signboard and the Signature Sumo right below it.
I didn't have time to snap a picture with it and I was brought in with the rest of them.

On the way in, my eyes would not stop scanning around. Counters & counters of Salads, Sashimi, Cooked Food, Grilled Food and

Sushi that refills on its own almost immediately!

Hot Steamy Yummy Oden and Chawanmushi

What I had: These are just a few of the plates I took! Im spoilt for choices! 

Then comes Desserts.. My Favourite Part of the Buffet.

I would say Kiseki Is Definitely Worth the price to visit again with the wide variety, but the MOST WORTHY Price would be their Weekday Lunch! Similar Spread at a Much Cheaper Price! :)

Note: I went on a Friday Evening! :)

With Love, M

RamenPlay @ 313 Somerset

HEY HEY ! IM Here to update this little space of mine again ! ^o^

Visited RamenPlay at 313 Somerset !

This is the must try Ramen that I will recommend to everyone !!

They have rice menus too!

Gyoza $9.90 - Crispy on the outside, Juicy and Tender on the inside. Dip it in the sauce for a different taste.

Brown Rice with Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream - Its more fragrant as compared to the White Rice one.

White Rice with Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream

If you are looking for affordable and delicious Ramen, Hate queuing, Don't want to eat Ajisen again, Why not try out RamenPlay! They have so many outlets islandwide!

With Love, M

Thursday, September 26, 2013

[F.T] Seafood International Exciting Culinary Special 30 Course Set Dinner

Seafood International has been a Singapore Iconic Tourist MUST Visit Place for the past 30 years. To commemorate their 30th Anniversary, Seafood International has introduced a 30-Course Set Dinner featuring 30 fabulous celebratory dishes with free flow wines, beers, desserts and more to mark the occasion.

Seafood International
902 East Coast Parkway, Block A #01-01
Big Splash, Singapore 449874

Since the opening in 1983, the neon-lit “Lobster” logo lighting facing the East Coast Parkway functions as a “lighthouse” for all seafood lovers in search of live, highly quality seafood. Thirty years later, the restaurant has gradually transformed to become not just a seafood restaurant, but also an exciting and trusted destination for many. Rather than just celebrating 30 years of achievements, the restaurant look forward to more “tasty” years ahead with their patrons. YAY to more delicious Seafood!

During this promotional Season, Patrons get to enjoy their award winning and signatures dishes such as Thai Curry Crab, Chilli Crab, Tom Yum Broth, Stir Fried White Stone Clam Mirin, Wok Fried Pacific Clam with Bell Pepper in XO Chilli Sauce, Steamed Live Sea Scallop with French Black Garlic Sauce and more.
 = Must Try Item!

Freshly Shucked Oysters with Green Chilli Marmalade

Poached Tiger Prawn & Gong Gong On Ice with Spicy Cocktail Sauce

The Wonderful spread showcased is also complemented with free flow wines (De Bortoli, Angove, Alta Vista, Santa Rita), Tiger Beer, juices and soft drinks. And the waiters will Refill your drinks by the Table! No need for you to walk around!! Service is GOOD!

Peppery but not too spicy, Flavourful with all the different peppers and seafood, this is a tasty chowder that I believe its not commonly found in Singapore.
Green Chilli Seafood Chowder

Cute presentation of the drunken chicken made me more eager to try it out. Topped with the special sauce that complemented the tender piece of chicken, Not much of the "Drunken" feeling though.
Drunken Chicken Marinated with Shaoxin and Mirin

Tea Smoked Egg topped with Bonito Flakes, Runny Egg Yolk is a plus point for me for any egg dishes and the bonito flakes added a different level of mouthfeel and flavour to this simple dish.
Shanghainese Tea Smoked Egg with Bonito Flake Topping

Cute little Shooter Glasses added the fun to a simple Appetizer. Fresh Sweet mangos paired with a savory Crab meat Salad topped with Half a Cherry Tomato served on Ice, It almost seems like its a dessert.
Shooter of Mango and Crab Meat Salad

★ Crispy fried baby sotong coated with the sweet and slightly Sticky sauce, making it a great beer pairing snack, I could not stop popping them into my mouth.
Crispy-fried Baby Squid

Fresh Prawns fried to a crisp but the moisture was retained in the Prawn Flesh, Coated with the Aromatic Oat & Egg Floss.
Wok Fried Live Prawn with Butter, Crispy Oat & Egg Floss

★ I absolute Love My Fishes, Be it Deep Fried or Steamed or Raw. This Deep Fried Marble Goby is Crispy on the outside and Tender on the inside, with the aromatic Onion Soya Sauce to top it off, I could finish it on my own if I was allowed to!
Deep Fried Marble Goby with Spring Onion Soya Sauce

Every Singaporean's Favourite Dish, The Chilli Crab. We can almost call it our Iconic Dish that All our tourist MUST TRY when they Visit. International Seafood's Version had a more Peppery kind of Spicy Taste as compared to some other that has the chilli kind of Spicy Taste. Please tell me you understand what I'm saying. But Nonetheless, The Crab was fresh and sweet, accompanied with the deep fried Mantou to dip into the sauce. Its Finger Licking Good.
Singapore's Famous Chilli Crab

Garlic Bread & Fried Mantou

Thai style Curry, Lacking in the oomph that Curry should have, this was neither spicy or exciting to my taste bud. But the sauce did go well with the Garlic Bread Slices. Kids will love it.
Thai Curry Crab

A Culinary Mixture of Different Mushrooms accompanied with a Basket of Deep Fried Yam Strips, I did not really taste the Yam although there were occasional hint of Yam Taste.
Smiling Thai

★ Flavourful Soup Broth with Ingredients Overflowing. This Tom Yum soup is not to be missed. Fresh Seafood and Mushrooms and Chilli made up this wonderful broth, But it is not Sour enough for my liking. 
Seafood International Tom Yum Broth

Surprisingly Tender Chicken which is marinated with just the right amount of seasoning, the Sesame Topping added to the aroma for the chicken.
Canton Roasted Silken Chicken with Sesame Topping

★ Ooh La La,  Soft Shell Crab with Any Floss on top is the best pairing I could find for it. The Crab is still crispy after a long time after all the photographing by all the bloggers. Plus point! :)
Crisp-fried Soft Shell Crab with Curry Flavoured Chicken Floss Topping

Stir Fried White Stone Clam with Mirin

Wok Fried Butter Fish in Pandan Coconut sauce

XO Chilli Sauce wasn't too fragrant and Pasta was not done al dante, But Its passable and super good if you are craving for Carbs!
XO Chilli Seafood Macaroni

Table Full of Dishes, Too many to list out to you, You will have to try it out yourself!

With Many Delectable Dishes, you will be spoilt for choices! We had the honor to try out every single item on the menu, For a Table of 10, It was still too much although we cut down the portion to half.

 International Seafood also serves up A series of dessert specialties including signature homemade Thai Kueh Kueh, Taco Shooter, Red Ruby Shooter and more at the dessert station. Please HELP yourself to it as much as you can! Recommended ones will be the Red Ruby Shooter and the Herbal Jelly and the Matcha Dao Huay Shooter!

The 30 Course Set Dinner is a perfect way to unwind after a hectic day. With prices like this, it is definitely worth it, with Free Flow of Juices, Soft Drinks, Wine or Tiger Beer and a Wide Spread of Desserts for you to end your meal on a sweet note.

Do Note that this promotion is valid till 31st October 2013! So hurry make your appointment now!
I hope you will enjoy your experience there just as much as I did.

Check them out:

With Love, M