Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Who do you deem as a Hero? Superman, Batman, Captain America?

We do not have to Keep looking up into the sky to spot for a flying man, or go to some dark corner in a street to look for someone standing there in the dark, waiting for a Signal. We have Heroes Around Us Everyday! From the Toilet Cleaning Lady to the Hawker who open his shop till the wee hours so that you have food to eat when you are hungry in the middle of the night. They are our Real Singapore Heroes !

So you ask What is this Real Singapore Hero Thing what I'm talking about? Well, Held in conjunction with the launch of the new Red Bull 25% Less Sugar, Red Bull Singapore is extending an invitation to all Singaporeans to nominate individuals who have performed “heroic” acts in their daily lives to make life on our little red dot a little better for everyone. :) Like I've explained Earlier, We will not have clean toilets to go if there is no toilet cleaning lady, or we would not have food to eat if not for the Vendors who operate till late at night so that we can fill up our empty stomach. Recognizing their efforts now?

Visit to nominate them now!

Here's How to!

Upload Either a 150 Word Story with a Picture of the Hero or a Short Video of the heroic acts the nominee does for people :)

So What's In for you if you nominate a Hero? 

3 winning video entries will each receive:
1x Samsung Galaxy S4 or $888 cash

3 winning text entries will each receive:
1x iPad Mini or $488 cash


Lucky Draw Contest
(29 July 2013 – 30 September 2013)

Participants are required to purchase at least 1 can of Red Bull 25% Less Sugar (other Red Bull variants do not qualify) to enter the Lucky Draw. 

1st Prize: $1000 Travel Voucher 
2nd Prize: $800 Travel Voucher 
6 XConsolation Prizes: $200 Sport Equipment Voucher each

1. Participant will need a receipt to prove the purchase of any can of Red Bull 25% Less Sugar cans. 
2. Every receipt counts as one (1) Lucky Draw entry, regardless of number of cans purchased. 
3. Participant will be required to register for authentication purposes. 
4. Upload a picture of the receipt as an entry. The Organiser has the right to request for a new picture, or disqualify the entry, if the entry is found illegible, fake, or duplicated. 
5. Participant can submit as many entries as they like.

Pull & Redeem Contest
Pull & Redeem is a promotional redemption contest run in selected shopping malls for consumers to exchange their various ("X") numbers of pull rings found on the Red Bull 25% Less Sugar can, the consumer is able to redeem any of the instant premium items of varying values(look at the picture below).

1. Participant collects X number of silver rings imprinted with '24/7' from Red Bull Less Sugar cans. 
2. Redemption period is from 1 October 2013 to 31 October 2013. 

After all my Ramblings, Do you have somebody in mind that fits this "Hero" title already? Or have you spotted someone in your neighbourhood who fits this title? Do not let their efforts go to waste! Nominate them in the  Red Bull ‘Real Singapore Heroes’ microsite ( through video or text submissions from 1 Aug to 30 Sep.

Start Nominating them now!

With Love, M