Monday, September 2, 2013

[F.T] Mooncake Times with Xin Cuisine - Holiday Inn Atrium

It's the time of the year to stuff ourselves silly with the many different types of Mooncakes.
I was invited by Openrice to Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel for a Mooncake Tasting.

Plates and Plates of Finger food were laid out for us to enjoy.

Holiday Inn Atrium has specially brought in Red and White Wine to pair up with their Mooncake Selection.
I find it quite a trend now to pair wine with desserts or even asian cuisine. :)

We had the Riondo Prosecco Spago (Left) and Riondo Castelforte Prosecco Extra Dry (Right)
I prefer the Riondo Castelforte Prosecco, White with gold reflections. Fine and persistent perlage. Fruity, slightly aromatic. Fresh, with harmonic and aromatic aftertaste. It is well paired with Xin Cuisine's Mini Custard Mooncake. More about that later.

Cute Satchel Looking Boxes is available when you purchase mooncakes with Xin Cuisine.

Well, Just me with my Mooncake and Prosecco .

Traditional Baked Skin Mooncakes are still my favourite after all these years, although I must Shoutout that Xin Cuisine's Snowskin Mooncakes are not to be missed! With Flavours like Soursop with chocolate crunch, mango passionfruit, Black sesame with peanut or Green Tea with Whisky. These are some of the few creative creations available.

And we were treated to a special made to order Mooncake, The Classic YAM MOONCAKE WITH YOLK! Super Love it! Warm and Full of Yam Flavour, with the flaky skin, this is one of the better Yam mooncakes I have had for some time!:)

So, What's your favourite Mooncake? Are you tempted to try out Xin Cuisine's Mooncakes as well? :)
Just head over to Xin Cuisine and Quote "openrice" to enjoy 30% Discount on all mooncake purchases.
Happy Shopping and EAT ALL THE MOONCAKES! ^o^

With Love, M