Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{SPS} Feet Haven @ 136 East Coast Road

Located across the road on the side of I12 Katong, Feet Haven Foot Reflexology definately lives up to it's name in providing the best pampering Session for your tired legs.

(I am really sorry for the lousy quality photos, My Camera decided to go Kuku that day.. Sorry..)

Feet Haven Foot Reflexology
136 East Coast Road #01-01
Singapore 428821
Tel: 6344 7311

With Professionals being knowledgeable about what they are doing, you are ensured that you (or your feet) are in good hands. Different parts of the feet have many different veins that link up to the other parts of the body. Foot Reflexologist at Feet Haven can pin point out your problem areas just by pressing the different points on your legs! That's something I don't experience at other Foot Massage places.

First we started with a soak in the tub of warm water. The water temperature was just nice! 
After a soak about 5-10minutes, My Reflexologist came and started working on my leg.
(this sounds really weird)

The Reflexologist did asked me how much strength can he use on my leg, I feel that this is a really nice gesture as I have very Low tolerance on pain and I feel ticklish easily. But the strength he used was just nice for me to enjoy the massage ans also to feel the difference after him massaging and before. He also warned me of potential "More Pain" area as he said that those area are indicating that my shoulders are very tense and hence he will apply more strength for me to feel more relax and not so tense. He said "This is called the No Pain No Gain Literally".

My Reflexologist is very kind and patient and humourous, making my 1 Hour Session Enjoyable and Relaxing. I really felt the difference before and after the massage and the condition lasted afew days after the massage which i feel was really good. I would recommend everyone to get a Foot Reflexology Massage at least Once a Month or Once a Week also can. It really helps in the blood circulation and overall body wellness.

Here are the Charges for Feet Haven's and I feel that Its quite reasonable la! Like $38 for 45Mins Foot Massage and 15Mins Back Massage, therefore you can get a all round massage experience. Try it yourself today! Head over to Feet Haven's Facebook Page to check out more!

With Love, M