Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Black Box

Hello Hello!

Have you heard of the new Unisex Box for Men & Women ?
It's The Black Box! Have all your curiosity Satisfied!

Lets take a look at the goodies inside! ^^

Vouchers included too! Yay!

From SunBlock, Body Wash, Tongkat Ali Drink and Healthy Snack Bar.
There is confirm something for everyone! ^^

And Vouchers to be used at many many places like Zalora, 7-11 or sanrio shop!

Haha, Visit Now! :D

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Understanding some things in life

Have you ever feel like you could almost touch the clouds?
Have you ever sat down and just stare at the sky and watch the clouds change?
Well, I guess if you stayed in a house which is higher than 20 floors, 
you could actually reach the Sky, If you reach high enough.

I went to visit a 23 Storey High PentHouse Located at East Coast Area.
I wonder how people manage to own houses here. But the surrounding is definitely quiet and peaceful.
(Well except if there are Expensive Luxury Cars Going Around all the time, Then its different.)

Visuals Ahead..

-awkward smile with teeth-

-No Filter/Edits-

-You Can See My foot-

-Expensive Alcahol-
The bottle cap itself cost afew hundred. :O

It must be a luxury to stay in places like this and its a matter of how your life was previously.
I believe in reincarnation, so please do good in this life so that you can enjoy the luxuries in your next life and just continue the cycle. I believe that if you do good things to people, even if they do not repay you in anyway or appreciate your kind doings, you yourself will feel great helping people isint it? :)

I realize there are little kindness going around in our generation. As well as the trust between people is getting very low. My parents told me that in their times, They did not have to lock their doors at night even when they whole family is asleep. I think that this shows how much trust they have for each other although they may not be blood related. Its the way you treat people and how people treat you back, Its a Cycle. ^^

Hope you get what I'm trying to say.
Conclusion: Be kind to others and others will be kind to you too! ♥


Monday, February 25, 2013

Marutama Ramen Liang Court

Marutama Ramen - Liang Court
My Rating : 3/5 (You will know why in a bit)
 Take a look at the visuals first..

Marutama Ramen with no extra Toppings.

Pan Fried Gyoza

This is my first time heading over to a Marutama Ramen Shop in Singapore and I must say I am Disappointed with the Service provided the moment I Stepped in on a Friday Evening. The staffs were chatting together and almost not see us walking in.
After we were seated, we choose to sit side by side on a table that serves 4, But in the end we were told to sit face to face as their restaurant has limited space and  they would need the other seat for another 2 people to sit face to face. So my boyfriend was a little pissed already.

Then the lady who sat us down cam to take our order, she could not speak properly I guess, I could not understand some of the words that was coming out of her mouth so I just ordered a normal Marutama ramen without any ADDITIONAL Toppings.
Why did i CAPS the "additional" Word because after my ramen arrive, then I realised that I could have added more Char Siew and Lava Egg to my Ramen. Well blame it on me for not doing my research before hand.. 

Now about the Ramen. The Noodles were not as springy as compared to Ramen Play but the SOUP WAS SUPERB ! I love the Soup and i almost finished the last drop! >< I would say its one of the best soup i have drank since I started eating Ramens.. The Char Siew was so Tender and it complemented the Soup Broth so well that I TOTALLY Regretted not ordering more! 

Overall Rating:
Food: 4.5/5
Service 2.5/5
Price 4/5
You be the judge :)

So after that traumatizing experience, me and the boyf went to look for a dessert place to satisfy our cravings for Sweet Stuffs and we were near paragon, therefore we headed to Bakerzin!

Strawberry Shortcake

Black Forest

Service and taste was great! Nothing to Critisize about. :)

*inserts mandatory selfie taken*

ByeBye! ^o^


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chinese New Year Day 1

Gong Xi Fatt Cai ! Haha, Its Almost the End of our Lunar New Year.
So here's a Short update of my First day of my Chinese New Year 2013 ! ^o^

Food Food Food & More Food! New Year Goodies! Omnomnomn.

Then it was time to get the gambling going~ ^O^

Then Mandatory Camwhore Sessions..

Picture of myself with my new Dollywink No.1 Lashes and Hello Kitty Brown Lens ^O^

Ahahaha, I had a really short day 1 because of some accidents that happen, NOT CAR CRASH KIND OF ACCIDENT HOR ! :X So I went home after visiting the first house.. ><
And at night, people came over to my house to visit and gamble some more~ 
That's all for my CNY Day 1, Kinda Boring right? How did you spend your day 1 of CNY?


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[F.T] Chengdu Restaurant - More than just Si Chuan..

Hey You Spicy Lovers Out There! 
Im here to introduce a affordable Place for you to get your spicy cravings a test ! :)
If you have heard about the Famous Sichuan Restaurant in Outram, this is their Branch Restaurant which serves the same Good Dishes and lesser crowd! 

Chengdu Restaurant
133 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207554
Tel: 62911555

Don't Know Where is 133 Tyrwhitt Road, it is located near Lavender MRT, 5-10 Mins walk.
But of course if you drive it would be better! ^^ Just along the way of Jalan Besar Stadium!

Now let's get to the pictures!

The Menu has 2 Sides!! Too Many Yummy Food already! ^^

Drinks Available are Fresh Coconut, Soft Drinks or my Aleo Vera Drink! 
Pulps of Aleo Vera refreshes my Taste Buds! But If I were to Recommend, I prefer the Fresh Coconut!

[Cold dish] 
Chicken Feet with Chilli - $5.80

Chicken Feet Lovers MUST Try This Spicy Flavourful Chicken Leg!
The little bits of the Chilli Padi and the other spicy peppers sure make this dish a delightful one to tingle your taste buds and prepare for the following dishes.
Although I personally do not fancy eating Chicken Feet, I got a bite out of 1 and it sure taste great! ^O^


Fish Fillet in Hot Chilli Oil
Small $16.80
Big - $36.80

This is a Famous Dish that is popular in Si Chuan, China.
1 Word to Describe this dish would be FRESH! Yes, The Fish is Super Fresh despite bathing inside the Hot Chilli Oil Bathtub, lol. Although this may look VERY VERY VERY Spicy, it is actually not that Spicy if you just eat the Chunks of Fish. YES, I said CHUNKS because the fish slices are Quite Thick and Each Mouthful is Such a Great Experience in the mouth. LOL. Best Thing, NO BONES! *YAY*

And Not Only is there Fishes in this dish, there is also Beancurd Skin, Vermicelli and Huge Korean Beansprouts! YES, Big Fat Juicy Korean Bean Sprouts used in Bibimbaps! ^^
If you are afraid of the dish being too Spicy, Do Not be shy to tell the waiteress/waiter to lower down the level of spiciness of this dish so that you can enjoy it as much as i do! :)
Pic Credit Tiffany Yong


Chicken With Chilli - $14.80

This is 1 dish that may get you gulping down glasses of water if your spiciness tolerance is as lousy as me.
The Crispy fried Chicken Bits is stir fried with the unlimited amount of dried Chilli and some aromatic leaves and peanuts to add that extra crunch and flavor, giving this dish a wonderful presentation with the Reds and Greens. But do not be fooled if you though this was just another fried Chicken Dish. Take the 1st piece and slowly savour it, if the spiciness doesn't kill you YET, Go ahead and try to eat as much of this dish as possible without drinking a sip of water and see how high your tolerance is! ^^
A Great Game Idea for friends hanging out together :)


So Why did I put in the title that this Chengdu Restaurant is More than Just Si Chuan?
Why are they Different from there Main Branch in Outram?
Because they serve localised dishes which are more suitable for our taste buds. Specially created for us customers who not only want to try Si Chuan dishes. Talk about Variety! *Thumbs Up*

Nonya Style Fish 

Do not belittle this dish and think that it is just another "Assam Tasting" Fish.
The thick Slices of fish were fried just nicely and are all evenly coated with the special Nonya Sauce.
Each Bite of the fish leaves a sourish spicy aftertaste which makes you crave for it even more!
Definitely more suitable for a lousy spicy eater like me! ^^


Marmite Chicken

Was Super surprised when this dish was served. The aroma of the sauce which coated the chicken evenly made me grab my chopsticks almost immediately! haha. The sweet coating on this chicken has no similarity to sweet and sour pork ribs at all. The chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside despite being coated with the sauce. Definitely love this dish most that day! ^^ I even took the last piece of the chicken! :P


Red Bean Paste Pancake - $7.80

What's a complete meal without desserts right?
This warm Red Bean Pancake was not too sweet and with the crispy pastry skin, it ended the meal with a sweet touch of warmth. It's hard to find this dessert in other chinese restaurants I have been to. :) 


And here's a little something for my readers which will excite you to head down to try out their dishes!

Flash this Discount Coupon at the 133 Tyrwhitt Road Branch to enjoy 10% off your total bill!!
Pic Credit Tiffany Yong

I want to thank Streetdirectory, Boss of Chengdu Restaurant and Tiffany Yong for providing me with a chance to experience Si Chuan Food which i have never imagined myself eating it!

Do check out Tiffany's Post here.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Haul from Sasa & Uni Qlo

Hey Everyone! Hows Your Chinese New Year Visiting So Far?
Most of  you confirm start work and start school already right!? lol. Me Too. -.-
 So Anyway, here's a small update on what I bought at SASA that day with my Mummy and my Sist.

b.liv Mask Pack!
This packaging i think is from christmas one. LOL.
Anyway quite worth it cos inside got 5 mask at below $20!
Why worth it? Because b.liv's masks are good right? :O

*Value Pack* Sally Hansen Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover.

Ultra Moisturizing Hand Mask from SKINLITE.
I have discover the useful-ness of hand masks! All please go buy some and use to have smooth hands. lol.
Or Buy for your Mama also can, since she always do housework right? Pamper yi xia la! ^^

My mama bought this PUPA Diva's Kit Which include a Mascara and a Pencil Eyeliner.
AND GOT FREE Pouch! haha. *Free Gifts*

I bought 2 Perfumes this year because I could not decide on which one to get. lol.
Both Smell Super Nice one! I have smelled over 20 perfumes that  day and I finally filter down to these 2. LOL, If not I would have bought many more! haha! I love Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume because the floral scent is not too strong and it's not as strong as my existing Chanel No. 5. The YSL Baby Doll is a sweeter scent but no too sweet like syrup like that also. Hahaha! And Since there was Discount, I bought Both! ^^

So the lady who served us gave us free samples! I was just looking at the Ferragamo's Incanto Perfume Then She Passed Me The Sample!!! OMG ! She can read my mind. LOLOL!

I also went to Uni Qlo to satisfy my Hello Kitty Craving Again. Lol.
At First I never go in Uni Qlo 1, but becos i saw their jeans on offer so i went in to try, BUT THEN, I saw the cutesy female section and I Spotted Many Many Cute Tops with Hello Kitty, My Melody, 
Little Twin Star Prints, HOW TO RESIST? Hahahaha! So I went to Grab 2 pieces to try and finally decided on these 2. The one on he left was love at first sight. LOLOL! The one on the right was a decision made last minute because i couldn't decide if i wanna pay $24.90 for it, But I guess Hello Kitty Helped Me Decide already! lol. So $49.80 for both CUTESY WOOTSY Tops! ♥

And When I Reached home and wash up and blah blah blah, My sist passed me my Belated Christmas Present! YAY !!! Its a Cat Ear Beanie! WOOHOO! Hahaha, I know this picture does not show anything except my rebonded hair and a beanie looking thing, LOLOL. But Im sure I will Take more pictures with it soon! Stay Tune!

Hows Your Chinese New Year Thus Far? :)
Confirm got alot of ang pows already right ?
Confirm Got Gamble Abit Right ?
Don't say never gamble la, Unless you are like below 13 years old. LOL.
But My Niece who is 8 this year also gamble and win money already. Hahaha!
Jiayou !! 9 More Days to Gamble and go Visiting to Collect More Ang Pows!! ♥-♥