Monday, February 25, 2013

Marutama Ramen Liang Court

Marutama Ramen - Liang Court
My Rating : 3/5 (You will know why in a bit)
 Take a look at the visuals first..

Marutama Ramen with no extra Toppings.

Pan Fried Gyoza

This is my first time heading over to a Marutama Ramen Shop in Singapore and I must say I am Disappointed with the Service provided the moment I Stepped in on a Friday Evening. The staffs were chatting together and almost not see us walking in.
After we were seated, we choose to sit side by side on a table that serves 4, But in the end we were told to sit face to face as their restaurant has limited space and  they would need the other seat for another 2 people to sit face to face. So my boyfriend was a little pissed already.

Then the lady who sat us down cam to take our order, she could not speak properly I guess, I could not understand some of the words that was coming out of her mouth so I just ordered a normal Marutama ramen without any ADDITIONAL Toppings.
Why did i CAPS the "additional" Word because after my ramen arrive, then I realised that I could have added more Char Siew and Lava Egg to my Ramen. Well blame it on me for not doing my research before hand.. 

Now about the Ramen. The Noodles were not as springy as compared to Ramen Play but the SOUP WAS SUPERB ! I love the Soup and i almost finished the last drop! >< I would say its one of the best soup i have drank since I started eating Ramens.. The Char Siew was so Tender and it complemented the Soup Broth so well that I TOTALLY Regretted not ordering more! 

Overall Rating:
Food: 4.5/5
Service 2.5/5
Price 4/5
You be the judge :)

So after that traumatizing experience, me and the boyf went to look for a dessert place to satisfy our cravings for Sweet Stuffs and we were near paragon, therefore we headed to Bakerzin!

Strawberry Shortcake

Black Forest

Service and taste was great! Nothing to Critisize about. :)

*inserts mandatory selfie taken*

ByeBye! ^o^