Monday, February 4, 2013

{SPS} PixaRoll - Print Pictures as Easy as 1,2,3.

Hey you Instagram Addict, Photo taking Freak or Whoever that loves taking pictures using your phone??
How many of you still love to print out those photos to keep it as a memory keepsake But find it the hassle to go down to the photo printing shop to print them?

 I have a Solution!

Let Me Introduce PixaRoll to you!
*Keep Reading for something Special*

So What is PixaRoll?
PixaRoll is a Mobile application that is available on the IPhone and Android Platform phones.
Basically its a Application where you can Directly print photos from your Phone Anywhere you are!
How Convenient Right? Regardless it to be your Camera taken Photos, or Instagram photos, or Pictures you transferred from your other cameras into your phone, They can all be printed through PixaRoll! ♥

Step 1: Pick your photos!
Step 2: Check the Quantity you want to print!

Step 3: Enter Your Address.
* You can enter your friend's address in as well and tick on the addressees that you want to send the selected pictures to. :)

So How Much Does PixaRoll Charge Me For This Service?
Prices listed below does not include postage fee :)

And If you want to send a picture to your family member or friends or even Boyfriend in other countries listed below, You are in luck! PixaRoll Ships Overseas to these places! ^^
*This is a picture on their facebook in view of teh Christmas season before*

Sounds Exciting Already? I loved it when I first got to know about PixaRoll.
I ordered my first prints immediately after I saw their facebook page and downloaded the app.
Within 3 Days, I got my Prints already! Efficient Service! *Thumbs Up!*

Here are some of the Prints.
PixaRoll now only print 4R Sized Photos But They Will take into consideration for other sizes in the future :)
Notice that the pictures are of the same quality that I printed from the Photo Printing Shops in the Heartland or Shopping Malls and the Best Part is that I don't have to adjust my picture to Fit the Paper, 
PixaRoll does it for me! So Less Work on my side!

Just to show you guys the quality of the pictures printed.
The pictures printed will be depended on the quality and resolution of your photo. 
Of course you cant expect a picture taken with a Iphone Front Camera to look as good as a picture taken using a semi-pro or DSLR Camera right ? :)

So Are You Itching to start printing your own pictures now?
Go Download PixaRoll on your phone now!!
Type in "PIXAROLLM" When you check out to enjoy 15% OFF!
Offer is valid until 28 February 2013! 
So Just Nice Can Print Photos for Valentine's Day or to print Chinese New Year Pictures also can!

Do Check Out PixaRoll's Facebook for any latest Updates and Offers Available! ^^

Happy Printing!