Saturday, February 2, 2013

Charity Event by Tzu Chi Foundation Singapore

I went to a Charity Event Last Sunday to get some items from their flea.
All the money spent is sponsored by my mum's boss, therefore it Feels SUPER GREAT to be able to SHOP & Do Charity Together! ^^

A Great Day to do charity.. 
*No make up for this post as I look like a aunty*

Here is the Flea Place. Its Located beside Pasir Ris MRT! ^^

Look at the crowd! :OOOOOOO

Take a look at some of the things that they are selling there! :)

They sold many different food items there as well, But they are all Vegetarian as this is a Buddist Foundation Event. So I tried their Sushi, 1 Roll for $8. Haha.

Balloon Sculpturing prices starting from $4 each!

Now take a look at what I bought!

Snacks & Nuts. There was suppose to be seaweed too, Where did it go? *burp*

Cute little Bags to bring to the NTUC! haha! $5 Each!

Weaved '&' Bag. $2 ONLY !!!
Wanted to grab more but sold out. wth..

Balloon Sculpture of the Chinese Wotd 'Spring' $6 for this one!

So thats all ladies and Gentlemen! Haha.
Have you ever done any charity work or any thing to help some organization in fund raising events? ^^

**I am not a Buddist, But I respect all religion.
***I did not go to this event just to shop for stuffs, I went to experience the atmosphere and the people.