Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[F.T] Chengdu Restaurant - More than just Si Chuan..

Hey You Spicy Lovers Out There! 
Im here to introduce a affordable Place for you to get your spicy cravings a test ! :)
If you have heard about the Famous Sichuan Restaurant in Outram, this is their Branch Restaurant which serves the same Good Dishes and lesser crowd! 

Chengdu Restaurant
133 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207554
Tel: 62911555

Don't Know Where is 133 Tyrwhitt Road, it is located near Lavender MRT, 5-10 Mins walk.
But of course if you drive it would be better! ^^ Just along the way of Jalan Besar Stadium!

Now let's get to the pictures!

The Menu has 2 Sides!! Too Many Yummy Food already! ^^

Drinks Available are Fresh Coconut, Soft Drinks or my Aleo Vera Drink! 
Pulps of Aleo Vera refreshes my Taste Buds! But If I were to Recommend, I prefer the Fresh Coconut!

[Cold dish] 
Chicken Feet with Chilli - $5.80

Chicken Feet Lovers MUST Try This Spicy Flavourful Chicken Leg!
The little bits of the Chilli Padi and the other spicy peppers sure make this dish a delightful one to tingle your taste buds and prepare for the following dishes.
Although I personally do not fancy eating Chicken Feet, I got a bite out of 1 and it sure taste great! ^O^


Fish Fillet in Hot Chilli Oil
Small $16.80
Big - $36.80

This is a Famous Dish that is popular in Si Chuan, China.
1 Word to Describe this dish would be FRESH! Yes, The Fish is Super Fresh despite bathing inside the Hot Chilli Oil Bathtub, lol. Although this may look VERY VERY VERY Spicy, it is actually not that Spicy if you just eat the Chunks of Fish. YES, I said CHUNKS because the fish slices are Quite Thick and Each Mouthful is Such a Great Experience in the mouth. LOL. Best Thing, NO BONES! *YAY*

And Not Only is there Fishes in this dish, there is also Beancurd Skin, Vermicelli and Huge Korean Beansprouts! YES, Big Fat Juicy Korean Bean Sprouts used in Bibimbaps! ^^
If you are afraid of the dish being too Spicy, Do Not be shy to tell the waiteress/waiter to lower down the level of spiciness of this dish so that you can enjoy it as much as i do! :)
Pic Credit Tiffany Yong


Chicken With Chilli - $14.80

This is 1 dish that may get you gulping down glasses of water if your spiciness tolerance is as lousy as me.
The Crispy fried Chicken Bits is stir fried with the unlimited amount of dried Chilli and some aromatic leaves and peanuts to add that extra crunch and flavor, giving this dish a wonderful presentation with the Reds and Greens. But do not be fooled if you though this was just another fried Chicken Dish. Take the 1st piece and slowly savour it, if the spiciness doesn't kill you YET, Go ahead and try to eat as much of this dish as possible without drinking a sip of water and see how high your tolerance is! ^^
A Great Game Idea for friends hanging out together :)


So Why did I put in the title that this Chengdu Restaurant is More than Just Si Chuan?
Why are they Different from there Main Branch in Outram?
Because they serve localised dishes which are more suitable for our taste buds. Specially created for us customers who not only want to try Si Chuan dishes. Talk about Variety! *Thumbs Up*

Nonya Style Fish 

Do not belittle this dish and think that it is just another "Assam Tasting" Fish.
The thick Slices of fish were fried just nicely and are all evenly coated with the special Nonya Sauce.
Each Bite of the fish leaves a sourish spicy aftertaste which makes you crave for it even more!
Definitely more suitable for a lousy spicy eater like me! ^^


Marmite Chicken

Was Super surprised when this dish was served. The aroma of the sauce which coated the chicken evenly made me grab my chopsticks almost immediately! haha. The sweet coating on this chicken has no similarity to sweet and sour pork ribs at all. The chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside despite being coated with the sauce. Definitely love this dish most that day! ^^ I even took the last piece of the chicken! :P


Red Bean Paste Pancake - $7.80

What's a complete meal without desserts right?
This warm Red Bean Pancake was not too sweet and with the crispy pastry skin, it ended the meal with a sweet touch of warmth. It's hard to find this dessert in other chinese restaurants I have been to. :) 


And here's a little something for my readers which will excite you to head down to try out their dishes!

Flash this Discount Coupon at the 133 Tyrwhitt Road Branch to enjoy 10% off your total bill!!
Pic Credit Tiffany Yong

I want to thank Streetdirectory, Boss of Chengdu Restaurant and Tiffany Yong for providing me with a chance to experience Si Chuan Food which i have never imagined myself eating it!

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