Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hey Beautiful and Handsome, You might all have guessed from the title of this post that yes, My blog is officially 2 years old now, Today, 27th October 2013.
But I did not start blogging just 2 years ago. I started my first blog when I was 15, 2007, which was like 6 years ago. With a simple purpose of my blog being my personal online diary, but a more public one as compared to a handwritten book. I closed it after something happen and Did not open another blog until 2 years ago, But this time, I wanted to share more, more information with readers, places I have been to, or products I have been using. And also I've realize that I love to share my stories and experiences with the pictures I took. They were not fantastic AT FIRST, I knew I had to improve. From reading online tutorials on how to take better pictures(YES I GOOGLED), to browsing the more famous blogs in the blogsphere to get more inspirations and idea on how to take better quality pictures.

Then I realized I have to look at least presentable on my blog so that people will not be turned off when they see my pictures on my blog. But I was not born a beauty, I started learning MakeUp, With the simplest Eyeliner and I thought I did quite a good job back then, Or so I thought. As I look back to my pictures now, I could not resist laughing at myself and how i drew my make up in the past. (Yes I know, You are Urging to Click on my Archives now, Go ahead, Go ahead..)

I know I have not exactly Slim Down in my 2 years, but I did not Gain Massive Kilos either(THANK GOD!) I have realized that I love Eating, as much as Baking, and also Photography But I wasn't confident enough to just blog about food considering the fact that there are FAR MORE Talents out there, I decided to Blog about anything and everything that Happens around me, Love, Family, Food.

But I realize I could do more, I could attend events and meet more bloggers and make new friends! I signed up for some Blogger Community and Started Attending events, and as I go along, more event invites from Companies or Friends I've Made. I love going to events because you get to meet many different people and from there you also get to know how to deal with people and also the different types of Company's PRs. I'm not saying they are all bad neither are they all Superb. I have gotten invites more on food than anything else, But I do not want to restrict myself on just food post alone because I have too many things I wanna share with you guys!! ^o^

So talking about sharing, I would like to let you guys share the love and happiness with me as EATSHOPPLAY turns 2 Today! I have some goodies up for grabs and also some coupon code for everyone to enjoy in this joyous moment.

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I bought some things to giveaway to you guys as well and I hope these things will make you happier and to prepare you for the upcoming Season of Giving - Christmas!! :) ACCEPT ALL THE GIFTS!

ESP 3: STUDY IN PINK (1 Winner):
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With Love, M

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Since I have been staying in Pasir Ris since the day I was born, I am not unfamiliar to my neighbouring estates like Tampines estate. I would love to visit Tampines when ever I can ever since there are 3 malls now located conveniently near the MRT Station. My particular favourite has to be Tampines 1, because it has more shopping and dining options for me to choose from. 

STOP 1: LENAS - #03-K1/K2 (6783 6338)
LENAS. the hip and eponymous American Italian restaurant named after its passionate founder is the current place to be at with their vast menu, trendy decor, bustling atmosphere and daily promotions. Catering to everyone with their massive menu selections and affordable prices, it is a fantastic place to hold family gatherings.
Ice Mint Lemon Tea - $5.00 (Without Ice Cream)
LENAS serves up a wide variety of food, from Salad to Pasta to Pizza and there are also japanese style dishes such as tonkatsu with rice and more!
Their Salad is generous with their cheese and greens. With the dressing on the side, you can choose to pour it over your salad or not.
Black Pepper Smoked Duck Salad - $10.90

Their Grilled Chicken Salad is one of the best I've had. The Tender pieces of chicken on the fresh and crispy bed of greens made it such a delight to enjoy. The Chicken was marinated to perfection, not too salty and not too bland even with the dressing over it.
Grilled Chicken Salad - $10.90

Their Bruchetta is worth a try, although they do not serve up what you see below (mixed bruchetta) , each and every flavour is unique on their own, Mushroom lovers please go for the smoked duck and mushroom one! But I personally love the Parma Ham one! :)
Mix Bruchetta (not available on the menu for the mix but available in Individual flavours)

Mix Seafood Spagetti - $15.90

This dish, Seemingly looking like a Japanese Katsudon but the rice separated, is the 1 dish I would go back to LENAS for! Tender pieces of Breaded Dory Fish covered in a delicious Egg Sauce and kept warm with a small fire accompanied with the Fragrant Garlic Rice, it almost felt like I'm eating a Katsudon!
Dory Fish in Egg Sauce - $15.80

Desserts are something not to be missed in my dining experience If my stomach space allows. LENAS's Ice Cream Parfait looks beautiful and taste as good as it looks too! Topped with Marshmallows and Fruits, bottom covered with Cornflakes and a little bit of Chocolate Sauce, delightful.
Remember to try their Breaded banana brownie hot pan with Vanilla Ice Cream as well. It was wiped out quicker than anyone could imagine.
Mix Berry Sundae - $8.80

STOP 2: MOF @ Izakaya/ Ama Soy - #04-15 (6784 5156)
MOF@My Izakaya brings mass culture Japanese cuisine to greater heights with an aim to create a healthy, wholesome and charming dining experience. Emphasizing on no added MSG, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings. Offerings includes a wide range of authentic Japanese Desserts, Sushi, Tempura to Japanese-influenced Hotstone Rice. 

Premium Matcha Powder Blended with Softserve and Milk, result? A Rich and Creamy Matcha Latte, but the matcha flavour is not strong, which I personally prefer and not too sweet.
Ice Matcha Latte - $5.50
Tofu Avocado Salad (L) - $10.00
Fresh Cuts of Yellow Fin. Tuna, Salmon, Scallops and more! The pictured portion (Large) is enough for 2-3 person to share but if you would like to devour it yourself, be our guest! :)
Sashimi Moriawase (L) - S$36.80

Served piping hot, drizzle with the special MOF Sauce to bring up the flavour meter! I love hotstone rice dishes because there will be charred pieces sticking to the bottom which are fragrant and crispy. And MOF Did a good job on their Hotstone Rice, with the generous amount of seaweed strips and unagi.
Unagi Hotstone Rice - $19.80

Seafood Cold Ramen -$13.80

With a Fantastic name like this Dragon Roll, It's hard not to think about it as a real treat to the diner. Crispy Fried Prawn that is fat and juicy, wrapped with sushi rice and topped with Avocado and Mango to bring out the fresh taste of the prawn. I could easily finish it off myself.
Mango & Avocado Dragon Roll - 14.80

SoftServe with Green Tea, Red bean and Fried Japanese Sweet Potato. Hot and Cold Pleasure all in one. The Red Beans Blew me away, it was cooked to perfect tenderness and the Fried Japanese Sweet Potato was so fluffy and fragrant! Paired with the soft serve that is drizzled with green tea, its a perfect combination!
Matcha Imo - $6.80

It was my first try at AmaSoy and I must say It was delicious. It's not like those normal traditional beancurd, but it is also not like the popular choice "Lao Ban" which i do not fancy. AmaSoy is smooth and the consistency of the pudding beancurd is just nice. The flavours do not taste artificial at all and most importantly is, IT CONTAINS COLLAGEN AND OMEGA 3!! Talk about beneficial food! :)
Caramel, Original, Matcha Ama Soy Beancurd

STOP 3: Fish & Co. - #04-11 (6260 0183)
At Fish & Co., fun people have been serving fun people great seafood and fun memories in a pan. Enjoy the freshest ocean catch, like our new Seafood Galore!, cooked in natural ingredients and wholesome, global flavours. You don't have to dive deep for the freshest catch or fun memories – just level 4 at Tampines One Fish & Co.
Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Arctic Fish - $19.95

Fish & Co.'s impression to me is a place with affordable seafood, suitable for large group gatherings. Although their seafood may not be the freshest (from what I experience that day on the tasting), their service is commendable.
Seafood Bouillabaise

Fiery Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza

Seafood Platter filled to the brim with tons of seafood on a bed of fragrant paella rice. The supreme platter consist of king prawns with ebiko roe, scallops with homemade tomato sauce, prawn fritter, fried calamari, white fish and blue mussels, served with paella rice and chips, It's so good, it's A feast for the king!
Supreme Platter 

STOP 4: JPot- Hotpot Singapore Style - #03-16 (6532 3536)
JPOT honour the tradition of hotpot dining here with seven, exquisite Singapore-style hotpot soup bases. These broths take on a wide range of flavours - from mild to spicy, and are enjoyed in individual pots that makes for a unique yet hygienic way to enjoy your hotpot. 
Edamme - Complementary

Wide Range of Meat, Vegetables and Noodles to choose from their extensive menu. A wide Variety of soup base is available for diners to choose from and single pots are available for the cleanliness concious people.
Table Full of Fresh Ingredients and the 2 flavour pot.

Unique Homemade  Meatball

Unique Fish Paste Noodles that I strongly Recommend to try! And you can D.I.Y to have a go at creating the longest noodle that you can squeeze out from the packaging. The Fish noodles are springy and not too salty, full of flavour as well.
Fish Noodles

Are you raving to head over to tampines 1 now to have a go at any one of the restaurants? You Should!!
And this is only PART ONE of my Food Trail Journey, I have a few more stops to go in PART TWO!
HANG ON! And The Next Post Will be a Very Exciting Post!! So Keep a Look Out! Subscribe to me via Email and also Like my Facebook Page for the latest Updates! ^o^

With Love, M


Are you ready for the B-E-S-T ? 


Okay, So I went for 2NE1's New Evolution Concert in Singapore on December 1st!
It was a night that I'll Never forget in my life. Its the First KPOP Group concert that I attended, I didn't even go for Super Junior's Super Show. LOL. Okay Anyway. I SUPER DUPER REGETTED THAT I DID NOT BRING MY OLYMPUS CAMERA, Instead I brought along a lousy digital camera and I only managed to Snap these lousy pictures and some videos which blogger doesn't let me upload, IDK why.
But I have seen so much HD fan taken pictures of the girls so just search in google and they all will pop out! WOOTS! Time for Pictures ! :D


My Beautiful Queen Dancing on these platforms. OMG.

Then They came down and THEY ARE SO NEAR TO THE MOSH PIT!

Then I gave up on my camera and just enjoyed the Concert, And Then I took it out at different timings during the concert so my pictures are not in order. LOL.  

Pretty Angels in Trench Dresses singing Lonely !

Then this is the 1st Encore that we had and it was crazy! 

This is After the 2nd Encore which we SG Blackjacks collaborated with the Band in credits to the Fandoms for contacting the Band and making it possible. :')

Which Concert has huge Puffy Slides! HOW COOL IS THIS?

And my dear CL, Im thinking that she was going to cry so she faster run into backstage ! :P


For More Awesome Pictures! Please visit the following websites!

Blackjack Forever.

Monday, October 21, 2013

LadyM Confections at Marina Square Dining Edition

I'm secretly thinking that Singaporean might just love their desserts as much as Chilli Crab and Chicken Rice.
With the wide variety of Dessert places opening in Singapore, It hard to resist stepping into one of them and feast our eyes on the beautifully made desserts which tantalize our taste buds. So I headed down to LadyM's to try out their much raved about Mille Crepe Cake and many other.

By the looks of this cake already tells you how much work is taken to create the cubes and placing them together with the cream and covered with chocolate ganache. Moist cakes in two different chocolatey flavour, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, While having their difference, they blend together well and it's a joy for all to taste.

Do not be intimidated by the thick layer of cream on this strawberry short cake, the layers of alternating Strawberries and cake will make up for the cream on top. Strawberries are not exactly the sweetest but not to the extend of being too sour for my liking. Soft Spongy layer of cake is infused with strawberry flavour which made me fall in love with the whole cake although the layer of cream could be lessen.

This Seemingly Normal Mango Tart is more than meets the eye. A Layer of passionfruit custard as base, topped with freshly sliced & diced mangos on a fragrant yet crumbly Tart Base. This is definitely my favourite slice of dessert that night. Just the right amount of sweet and Sour and the smooth custard just makes this dessert a "Black Horse" among all the others .

And the star of LadyM, The Mille Crepe. Each piece of crepe is paper thin & Carefully layered with even amount of cream, VIOLA, The recent craze in the dessert world is born. Although seemingly simple presentation, this crepe cake is sweeping every lady off their feet because of the fragrant crepe layers that is coated with sinful yet enjoyable cream inbetween, keeping the crepe moist at the same time, every mouthful is a delight as the cake slowly melts on the tongue. As I'm typing this I am already missing it..

Be sure to arrive before 8pm if you wish to see a full array of desserts on display as the queue can start to build up after that and the popular desserts might be sold out. I like how LadyM's dining space is clean and clear. Somehow it makes their desserts stand out even more. Its like there is a little splash of colour on each customer's table, making the place more beautiful. 

LadyM Confections
Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

With Love, M