Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hey Beautiful and Handsome, You might all have guessed from the title of this post that yes, My blog is officially 2 years old now, Today, 27th October 2013.
But I did not start blogging just 2 years ago. I started my first blog when I was 15, 2007, which was like 6 years ago. With a simple purpose of my blog being my personal online diary, but a more public one as compared to a handwritten book. I closed it after something happen and Did not open another blog until 2 years ago, But this time, I wanted to share more, more information with readers, places I have been to, or products I have been using. And also I've realize that I love to share my stories and experiences with the pictures I took. They were not fantastic AT FIRST, I knew I had to improve. From reading online tutorials on how to take better pictures(YES I GOOGLED), to browsing the more famous blogs in the blogsphere to get more inspirations and idea on how to take better quality pictures.

Then I realized I have to look at least presentable on my blog so that people will not be turned off when they see my pictures on my blog. But I was not born a beauty, I started learning MakeUp, With the simplest Eyeliner and I thought I did quite a good job back then, Or so I thought. As I look back to my pictures now, I could not resist laughing at myself and how i drew my make up in the past. (Yes I know, You are Urging to Click on my Archives now, Go ahead, Go ahead..)

I know I have not exactly Slim Down in my 2 years, but I did not Gain Massive Kilos either(THANK GOD!) I have realized that I love Eating, as much as Baking, and also Photography But I wasn't confident enough to just blog about food considering the fact that there are FAR MORE Talents out there, I decided to Blog about anything and everything that Happens around me, Love, Family, Food.

But I realize I could do more, I could attend events and meet more bloggers and make new friends! I signed up for some Blogger Community and Started Attending events, and as I go along, more event invites from Companies or Friends I've Made. I love going to events because you get to meet many different people and from there you also get to know how to deal with people and also the different types of Company's PRs. I'm not saying they are all bad neither are they all Superb. I have gotten invites more on food than anything else, But I do not want to restrict myself on just food post alone because I have too many things I wanna share with you guys!! ^o^

So talking about sharing, I would like to let you guys share the love and happiness with me as EATSHOPPLAY turns 2 Today! I have some goodies up for grabs and also some coupon code for everyone to enjoy in this joyous moment.

ESP 1. Postalgia -
The Kind Postalgia team has came up with a Coupon code just for EAT.SHOP.PLAY readers!
Anyone and Everyone can get 3 FREE SQUARE PRINTS when you key in "ESP2YA" when you check out on Postalgia's App on iPhone. Their Square prints are really beautiful and you can do so much with these cute little square fragments of your life. Go creative! Code valid until 10 November 2013!

p.s. , for ios7 users, please email for your orders and remember to quote #ESP2YA in your email to enjoy the 3 free square prints ! :)

ESP 2. MADJACK Cafe (10 Winners) -
If you have read about my review about MADJACK Cafe, you would know that they serve up delicious Australian dishes and also local flavour infused dishes! And they are Generous to EATSHOPPLAY's Readers to Give Away 10 X $10 Vouchers to 10 Different Winners!

I bought some things to giveaway to you guys as well and I hope these things will make you happier and to prepare you for the upcoming Season of Giving - Christmas!! :) ACCEPT ALL THE GIFTS!

ESP 3: STUDY IN PINK (1 Winner):
A Simple set consisting of a Hello Kitty Letter Writing set, a cute pink pencil case, a Notebook and 3 Coloured marker pens for you to do your notes. This is to encourage all students to study harder! :D There is also a surprise notebook included which i did not take a picture of but the colour is super pretty!

i) Voucher from Qasr Grille & Mezze Bar to Enjoy 1 for 1 Main Course with a Selection of Seafood and Meat Mains. Complimentary Welcome Wine OR Beer on first Visit and be blown away with the delicious Middle Eastern Cuisine.

ii) Voucher from Ben & Jerry's - 50% off your 2nd Regular Ice Cream Euphoria!

ESP 5: FASHION FORWARD (Plus Sized Clothes - 1 Winner):
I have gathered a bag of clothes (1 pullover, 1 crop top, 1 polkadot collared top and 1 golden spike hairband) that is suitable for girls with the body size of UK10-14 because that is what I have been buying and I want to share the loots with girls my size too! Not that I'm looking down on those slimmer or chubbier than me, but I feel that girls my size have lesser choices on cheaper clothes in Singapore? :D

ALSO! Plusylicious is giving all EATSHOPPLAY readers 8% off total bill when you quote "8IGHT" Upon Checkout! Ladies who are of Sizes UK10 and above, do head over to their website to check out the beautiful clothes available for our sizes too!

ESP 6: BEAUTY BAZAAR (1 Winner):
A box full of beauty products for you to try and enjoy, inclusive of Masks to BB Creams to Facial Cleansers to Lipsticks and Makeup Removers! I might include more stuffs inside! I love giving surprises! :D


For ESP 1, Feel free to use them and spread them to your family members and friends to enjoy the coupon code for the whole month of November!

For ESP 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, There are a few simple steps for you guys to win a Gift Set of your choice!
Step 1: Like Michhysaurous on Facebook
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Step 3: Leave a comment on this blog post with the following format:

Chosen Code (eg. ESP 5):

You can also write something NICE like "Happy 2nd Birthday to you!" kind of thing la, if you don't want to also nevermind. :)
This Giveaway Ends on 27 November 2013 and Winners will be notified by Email! So make sure you type your most frequently checked Email so that you won't miss out any email from me! :)

With Love, M