Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Cajun King - Your Cutlery is your Hands Concept

Located Just Beside the Famous Wimbly Lu Cafe, The Cajun King did not catch my eye at first when I headed over to Wimbly Lu for desserts, But as I exited, I could not help but peep through its glass doors to see what was this shop about. Naming themselves The Cajun King, should they be really good with their Cajun Dishes like the more common Cajun Chicken and Cajun Fries, But I was wrong. They serve up pretty well Seafood in A Bag, Yes, you did not read it wrongly, It's SEAFOOD IN A BAG.

I like the feeling of the interior, Cosy warm lights and wooden tables gives me a feeling that I have stepped into a Seafood Shack located near the coastal sides. I always had a bias to Chalkboard Menus, or Chalkboard art although half the time I try really hard to decipher what's written on them. lol.

It was a Full House and I got the Table Top / Bar Top seat, near to the kitchen. Each Customer is given a plastic bib with their Logo printed on it, to prevent all the juices from the fresh seafood from getting on to our clothes. And "weapons" like wooden hammers would be provided to customers who are having Crabs.

Simple Menu which has both sides to it. Me and my companions decided on the TCK Combo - $65
 and it included a Cajun Fries and we chose Green Lip Mussels, with Butter Garlic Sauce. 

The Cajun Fries were flavourful on its own and the dip was surprisingly refreshing to my taste bud as it had a citrusy taste to it which I really enjoy.

Hightlight of the table, The TCK COMBO that of course came in not 1 but 2 thick Plastic Bag, holding all the yummy seafood, sausages and Corn and the aromatic Butter Garlic swept me off my feet the moment it landed on my table. We were given a huge piece of Wax paper to line our table, so just in case we wanted to pour out the contents of the bag on the table and feast, we could.

Each piece of seafood was a delight and I finished off most of the prawns as my companions finished off the corn and Mussels. I took a bite of the corn and it was really sweet, and fully infused with the garlic butter sauce which left me regretting why I did not like corn from the beginning of time in my life. lol.

I would definitely recommend The Cajun King to everyone who loves Seafood and would love to dine in a cosy environment where everyone can enjoy good seafood and have a little beer, and maybe hop over next door for some really good waffle with maple syrup to end up the dinner with a sweet touch.

With Love, M