Monday, October 21, 2013

LadyM Confections at Marina Square Dining Edition

I'm secretly thinking that Singaporean might just love their desserts as much as Chilli Crab and Chicken Rice.
With the wide variety of Dessert places opening in Singapore, It hard to resist stepping into one of them and feast our eyes on the beautifully made desserts which tantalize our taste buds. So I headed down to LadyM's to try out their much raved about Mille Crepe Cake and many other.

By the looks of this cake already tells you how much work is taken to create the cubes and placing them together with the cream and covered with chocolate ganache. Moist cakes in two different chocolatey flavour, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, While having their difference, they blend together well and it's a joy for all to taste.

Do not be intimidated by the thick layer of cream on this strawberry short cake, the layers of alternating Strawberries and cake will make up for the cream on top. Strawberries are not exactly the sweetest but not to the extend of being too sour for my liking. Soft Spongy layer of cake is infused with strawberry flavour which made me fall in love with the whole cake although the layer of cream could be lessen.

This Seemingly Normal Mango Tart is more than meets the eye. A Layer of passionfruit custard as base, topped with freshly sliced & diced mangos on a fragrant yet crumbly Tart Base. This is definitely my favourite slice of dessert that night. Just the right amount of sweet and Sour and the smooth custard just makes this dessert a "Black Horse" among all the others .

And the star of LadyM, The Mille Crepe. Each piece of crepe is paper thin & Carefully layered with even amount of cream, VIOLA, The recent craze in the dessert world is born. Although seemingly simple presentation, this crepe cake is sweeping every lady off their feet because of the fragrant crepe layers that is coated with sinful yet enjoyable cream inbetween, keeping the crepe moist at the same time, every mouthful is a delight as the cake slowly melts on the tongue. As I'm typing this I am already missing it..

Be sure to arrive before 8pm if you wish to see a full array of desserts on display as the queue can start to build up after that and the popular desserts might be sold out. I like how LadyM's dining space is clean and clear. Somehow it makes their desserts stand out even more. Its like there is a little splash of colour on each customer's table, making the place more beautiful. 

LadyM Confections
Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

With Love, M

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