Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vanity Trove X Cosmopolitan

On this Episode of Beauty with Michhy, you get to see TWICE the amount of Beauty Products from the Monthly Vanity Trove Boxes. LOL! This month, there is a special Cosmopolitian Cosmo Beauty Authority Box! They are all Winners of the Cosmo Beauty Grand Prix 2013!! Even I can't wait to discover what's inside.

To be VERY HONEST, I was really shock to see how explosive the box was, Every space available in the box was filled with samples ranging from 3ml bottles to Full sized products. Just Look at It!

Products from Shiseido, The Face Shop, Garnier, Laneige, b.Liv, Aptiva and more, I sure feel that I am spoilt for choices on which one to start sampling first. For my personal preference, I love to start off with the easiest, Make Up Products or Facial Mask! :)

I have always loved Vanity Trove for their lovely efforts on their packaging and also the generosity of their products. Allowing us consumers to be able to try out the many different brands available in the market before we actually purchase them. I love the idea of sampling. :P

Product to Introduce: I tried on the Laneige BB Cushion Sample Size and I must say the feeling of it on my skin is not sticky, Coverage is average but the sample is enough for more than 2 full face applications! I bring it out with me and I find really convinient! Haha. It makes me wanna get the full sized product already! 

Here's What you will get in a normal Vanity Trove Now, VT does not customize the box for you, YOU can customize it yourself! Simply fill up a beauty survey so that the VT team can know more about you and your needs before filtering the samples that are most suitable for you and your skin. And Look! I got the BB Cushion from Laneige in my own box too! YAY!

I love to try on different types of mask that I feel is beneficial to me, for example Moisturizing mask, or Pore Tightening or Stress Reliving Mask. Haha, Best is those Collagen mask or "make your face less puffy mask".

I love trying on fragrances because I hardly go to shops to test out the SUPER WIDE RANGE of perfumes available, like at Sephora or SASA. So I love those samples which allows me to try on the scent before considering whether to purchase it or not.

Make Up Products and Hair Products are also available at Vanity Trove, sometimes I squeal at the cute packaging of the samples because they look so small and almost vulnerable to my touch, fearing that I would break it sooner or later. But The Samples usually are good for at least 1 try (for Masks) - 5-8 Trys (Make-up, Skin Care, Hair Care). So I feel that $25 a month is definitely worth it and since you can customize it yourself now, I strongly suggest you ladies to go subscribe to it now! www.vanitytrove.com 

With Love, M