Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year day 3! :)

3rd Day of Chinese New Year! & I'm on leave! hahaha! *shhhhhh*
I went to my Ah Ma House to pray my Ah Gong, *I miss you ah gong* ):

Wore casual that day, Collared Tee and shorts, with simple makeup :)

My not so small size de little cousin.

My elder cousin :)

The FEAST ! *yums yums*

And new year must have, YU SHENG, HUAT AH! :)

Then everyone just relaxed and chit chat then I took some pictures :P

Then My SUPER CUTE Nephew came! He is very clever because he always will look into the camera one! Hahahaha !

*My Child* lol.

*trying to act like xmm taking pictures #fail*

Then Its Mahjong time at home! hahaha! But I lost money ): *sobsobsobsobsob*

Thats all for my 3 days of chinese new year celebrations. 1 More exciting post coming up for my temple de opening & ang pow time soon! Stay tune! <3


Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year Day 2!

Chinese New Year Day 2 ! Hoho ! 

Goofy Picture of myself to start the post! LOL!

Well, so Day 2 was "Casual" style ^o^

Went Visiting of one of Aunt and my daddy's friend. & I saw this Nissan GTR ! Hoho .

After that, we went for Dim Sum at dad friend's shop at Geylang Lorong 17 :)

Make Up Of The Day : No Diff from Day 1, LOL.

Aldaynez said that my eyes like want to pop out already, so she took this picture of me.
Really look like want to pop-up le meh ?

Then comes the Yummy Food!

This is the Red Bean and Banana bites.

The Chicken Leg ("Fong Zhao" *cantonese*)

Pork Ribs :)

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun! Very Fresh Prawns~

After that went home and mum said she's going to cook Dinner ! YAY !!
You wont understand my excitement for homecooked food if you have a housewife mummy at home, RAWR!

My Fave Steamfish!

Fresh Steam BIG Prawns!

Hahahaha! Thats all for Day 2 ! Not exactly a very exciting CNY but its the Family, Friends & Bonding time thats important okay! Oh Oh, AND FOOD ! ^o^

P.S: Any Idea of what you guys want for a Valentines Giveaway ? ^o^


Thursday, January 26, 2012


Happy Chinese New Year Everybody ! :)

Shall not talk so much on my blog, later become too naggy.

Yusheng, MUST HAVE every year!


MOST AWESOME CHOCOLATE YET! Buy For Me Somebody ? *wink wink*

Then Its Gambling time ! ^o^ This is the only time I won so far this new year.

Then its the 1st day of Chinese New Year! HUAT AH ! 

Make Up Of The Day :) 

Double Eye Lids !! <3
*I need bigger lens*

Mahjong Time , Pink Mahjong  ^o^ 


After that I cannot tahan my Qi Pao Already! Changed into my Romper!
& I got bored, so Spam take pictures since my cousins have not arrive at my ah ma house. 

After that went to daddy friend's house :) 

Super Cute Baby <3 

Yummy Homecooked BAK KUT TEH ! Hoho ! >:) 

Thats All For Day 1 my dearies ~
Stay tune for my 2nd and 3rd day post coming up real soon !


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Giveaway Results! ^o^

Giveaway Results!!!

First Up, I would like to thank all of you who have helped me spread around and took part in my Giveaway :)
I promise a better Giveaway soon ! Do keep checking back at my blog! ^o^
Holding a Giveaway is FUN! 

Well, I am here to announce the 7 Lucky Winners of my Giveaway!
Im sorry I couldn't satisfy all of your wishes but at least someone gets something! :)

The Winners:

Playbricks Earpiece: Stephanie Leong
Because only 1 person who wanted this:)

Teddybear Cookie: Royz Bushy Bushy @RoyzJunZhong
Because only 1 person wanted this :)

Red USB Cable: Ruthanne Lynn @thyyqueen

Brown Girl Note Book: Celine Leong

Now to go on to the 3 prizes that nobody choose, but I'm giving them out anyway ^^

Black USB Cable: Simon Fong @SimonGoneWild

Korean Decorative Stickers: Lynn Phua

Nail Polish: Rosaline Arelle L @BLUESHHIT

For the last 3 prizes I have chosen them using the fruit machine since there were 3 gifts that were not being chosen by anybody but I choose to give them out anyway! I got Proof Okay!

Please Send me an Email: latest by friday to claim your prize so that I can send your items to you. ^o^
p.s: For the guy who won the teddybear, you can opt for a meet-up to collect the bear. :)

Congratulations to all the winners stated above and remember to keep checking back for more attractive Giveaways~ <3


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hahahahaha! So I went in to Malaysia on Sunday to get my Nails Fixed for CNY!
I love Gelish but it hurts abit when removing them. 
I went in early in the morning! Left house at 9 to go Bugis to take the SG-Johore Express to woodland checkpoint and after that to Malaysia! Reached JB Sentral and was hungry so we went for KFC!

Their tables even have table mats~ how nice.

See Their Cute Box!

Tadaaaaaaaa ! My a.m Platter, consist of scrambled eggs, Hashbrown, Bun with Melted Cheese and a piece of Chicken! Yummy & Filling!

Then we went to take cab to KSL City to get our nails done and look at the handle of the door, SPOIL already wtf, I wonder who is so violent. O_O

Then we reached KSL City & it was very CNY-ish!

Look, a wishing tree! (Xu Yuan Shu)

Their Dragon Beared Candy, cute anot? Different from the ones in SG which are Longer in shape.

*Randomly Insert Picture of myself*

After getting my nails done, I went to Shilin to buy Nom Noms, XXL Chicken Chop & Pork Floss Egg Crepe ^o^ 

&You can get this very cute Ang Pow from shilin with every RM18 spent! ^o^

& I found this shop selling lots of posters and Kpop stuffs! I bought a Super Junior Poster at only RM12 ! Cheap anot? *ELF*

Then I also bought these Ezlink card sticker cards for G and myself. *BlackJack*

& Introducing the YUMMY SNACK I FOUND!
All their flavours are super heavenly and more suited for us Asian taste buds ^o^
I bought their cheese flavoured ones, Country Cheddar and Creamy Parmesan!

BAM ! Another picture of me! No make up except my contact lens. (Sorry for lousy quality)

TADAAAAAAAAAAAA ! My Nails For CNY! I actually wanted something different But because the shop was so packed, I decided to just go on with this simple one. Shall do a more complicated one next time ^o^

& Aldayez's Toe Nail Art, I swear the girl who drew this for her very professional. Took her less than 5 mins for both toes. WOW O_O

Another Super Cute Ang Pow from a Bak Kwa Shop where I bought a special bak kwa from, Almond Bak kwa ! Very nice & the bak kwa from this shop very tender as well, no need to stress out teeth biting on those hard ones during CNY anymore! Yay!

Look! Almond Bak Kwa!

& its from this shop named Hong Qiao In Malaysia, Very Tender Bak Kwa!!

All this talking about CNY is making me very excited & I still have some stuffs I have not buy for CNY! *Rush Rush* OMG ! CNY FASTER COME! So will my long holidays and the end of my internship!

& Have you joined my Giveaway ? Its ending tomorrow, 18 January 2012 at 12 NOON!