Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year Day 2!

Chinese New Year Day 2 ! Hoho ! 

Goofy Picture of myself to start the post! LOL!

Well, so Day 2 was "Casual" style ^o^

Went Visiting of one of Aunt and my daddy's friend. & I saw this Nissan GTR ! Hoho .

After that, we went for Dim Sum at dad friend's shop at Geylang Lorong 17 :)

Make Up Of The Day : No Diff from Day 1, LOL.

Aldaynez said that my eyes like want to pop out already, so she took this picture of me.
Really look like want to pop-up le meh ?

Then comes the Yummy Food!

This is the Red Bean and Banana bites.

The Chicken Leg ("Fong Zhao" *cantonese*)

Pork Ribs :)

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun! Very Fresh Prawns~

After that went home and mum said she's going to cook Dinner ! YAY !!
You wont understand my excitement for homecooked food if you have a housewife mummy at home, RAWR!

My Fave Steamfish!

Fresh Steam BIG Prawns!

Hahahaha! Thats all for Day 2 ! Not exactly a very exciting CNY but its the Family, Friends & Bonding time thats important okay! Oh Oh, AND FOOD ! ^o^

P.S: Any Idea of what you guys want for a Valentines Giveaway ? ^o^