Thursday, January 12, 2012


If I were to receive $100 Jipaban Voucher.......

I would Spend it on all the awesome things I can buy with at Jipaban la!

First, Chinese New Year Coming! So must buy CNY clothes right?

Bondage Cut Out Dress, $27
 Take a look at this Bright Red Bondage Cut Out Dress, A little bit of sexiness doesn't kill. & how can you go wrong with the colour Red on CNY! ^o^

Coral Dipped Back Flare Dress $26 , White Satine Romper $27

Here's something more casual but yet presentable, the Coral Dipped Back Flare Dress or White Satine Romper would be very comfortable if I'm going new year visiting with my friends!

Got Pretty clothes, must match with pretty accessories right?
Jipaban also have lots of pretty accessories!

Star Cut Out Cuff $5

Bangles & Pearls Bracelet(Pink) $6.90

Red Sparkling Lip Ring $5.90

The Red Sparkling Lip Ring is my favourite among this 3 items becos its going to be Bling Bling under the sunlight! & the Bright Red Colour, very attention seeking!

And The Most Important Thing That I must have with pretty clothes & pretty Accessories is.............. SHOES ! How to go out without any shoes! ^o^

For myself, I love Heels, because they make me taller! :P
This Bandage Platform Heels caught my eye the moment I browsed the Shoe section at Jipaban!

Bandage Platform Heels (Beige) $24.50

Well, I cant be wearing heels all the time, my legs will get sore, so I spotted this leopard bow Pumps, Love the little details like the leopard prints at the tip of the shoe. ^o^

Leopard Bow Pumps(Red) $25.90

If I want to buy all of the items listed here, $100 is not enough for me because Jipaban has too many awesome things!

I would choose the coral dipped back flare dress, all 3 accessories and both shoes, and its adds up to under $100 ! OMG! So Excited ! Shall Go Place My Order Now!!

I'm checking out for my CNY attire and more!