Friday, January 6, 2012

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PEOPLE! Miss Me Not? Hahahahs, I guess the answer is NOT! :P

Well, Its a Brand New Year and we are NOT going to dieeeeee ! <3

So, I went for out with G on the 31st before going for the countdown party at my aunt's house. :)

My Make Up of the day, Simpleeeeeeeeeeee :)

& I Winked Quite Nicely :P

So G and me decided to go for Ajisen Ramen at Dhoby Ghaut Because I wanted to go to Daiso to grab some stuffs :)

This is G's Volcano Ramen

We ordered the set meal, so this was one of our side dishes, California Maki :)
The other Side dish was Fried Prawns But I forgot to take a picture of it, Hahahas, too hungry! ^-^

And my Spicy Char Siew Ramen, & I added Alot Of Fried Garlic again ! <3

Then we went to Daiso to grab some randoms stuffs, Will post them up on another post :)
& also the gifts G bought for me from China, Macau! ^~^

Then we went to meet my aunt at Raffles City Shopping Center together with Aldaynez and her boyfriend.

We went to Marks & Spencer to get some yummy snacks then we went to Sushi Tei to collect the party platter that my aunt ordered. Then we went back to Dhoby Ghaut to get pizza hut. LOL.

Yummy Chocolated Coated Marshmellow with Cocoa biscuit base <3

THEN IT WAS 2012 ! *Luckily I havent die*
So the next day I went to my Little Brother's House for Dinner, Homecooked Prawn Noodles! AWESOME! (Y) 

Chocolates that I found in the mini bar fridge because I was too hungry and the food wasn't ready ):

& Then I went Home, Wanted to Iron my Chiffon Top for my day out with G the next day, BUT , #FML...

Then It was day out with G! <3
We went to take neoprints! & I love how cute my boyf is, doing all the silly poses with me :)

And we camwhore abit in the machine while waiting for the photo to print out :)

Then we went to eat at Just Acia! *Hungry*

Forced Him to take a picture with the decoration, LOL.

So after that I went home for dinner, And I tied up my hair because it was cui already. ):

Then we took a photo together and i delibrately made my eyes smaller to match hers :P

&&&&&& Here's the pretty colours of the different envelops of the letters that i have sent out to the lovely ladies <3