Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year day 3! :)

3rd Day of Chinese New Year! & I'm on leave! hahaha! *shhhhhh*
I went to my Ah Ma House to pray my Ah Gong, *I miss you ah gong* ):

Wore casual that day, Collared Tee and shorts, with simple makeup :)

My not so small size de little cousin.

My elder cousin :)

The FEAST ! *yums yums*

And new year must have, YU SHENG, HUAT AH! :)

Then everyone just relaxed and chit chat then I took some pictures :P

Then My SUPER CUTE Nephew came! He is very clever because he always will look into the camera one! Hahahaha !

*My Child* lol.

*trying to act like xmm taking pictures #fail*

Then Its Mahjong time at home! hahaha! But I lost money ): *sobsobsobsobsob*

Thats all for my 3 days of chinese new year celebrations. 1 More exciting post coming up for my temple de opening & ang pow time soon! Stay tune! <3