Monday, August 22, 2016

A taste of the sweet life from Okinawa

I went to visit South & North Okinawa Gelato Pop Up Store at Raffles Exchange the other day!
Why the Pop Up store? Because they have only just arrived in Singapore and they don't have a physical store yet!! How many of you guys got to try their gelato?? Hands Up!

South & North Okinawa Gelato is healthier as it contains less fat as compared to Ice cream because Ice Cream uses heavy cream but gelato uses milk!
Most of South & North Gelato contain 5% or less fat content, so that you can enjoy without the guilt!

What makes South & North unique is that they only use Hokkaido & Yamakawa milk. You know all things Japanese is good right? Haha. They have really authentic Japanese flavours, no quirky flavours like peanut butter or milo etc. Why? It is because they only use what they can get in Okinawa to create their Gelato, Super Japanese la!

And they insist on using traditional Confectionery method which is in line with Okinawa's tradition.
They will visit different farmers and producers to ensure that they get the finest ingredients to be used to create their gelato. No artificial essence is used to enhance the flavours, its all natural.

To Show Off abit, South & North Gelato is THE CHOICE GELATO in Tokyo Disneyland!! 
If you've been to Tokyo Disneyland, you might have tasted South & North Gelato!! They are also Voted the BEST Gelato in Okinawa, Japan.

I tried 8 Flavours of Gelato that day and I will list them according to my favourite first!

1. Salted milk : Made using Nuchi masu salt. Seawater is drawn off the coast of Miyagi Island. This sea salt contain high in minerals and it can accentuated the creaminess of the milk flavor.
This flavour is soooooo unique!! I like the richness of the milk but also the saltish kick now and then. Haha. Super interesting flavour!

 2. Black Tea : Made in Kunigami Village. A unique Okinawa tea leaves from Inzatsu Assam variety offer an full aroma character.
This flavour has a really strong tea aroma in every mouthful. Shiok!

3. Shikuwasa sorbert : made in ogimi village. The tangy sweetness of the green fruit is surprising refreshing and fruity.
This is almost like a lemon lime sorbet, but it is not. Sweet and tangy flavour.

4. Meyer Lemon yogurt : Meyer Lemon is a natural hybrid of lemon and orange. We made this into a unique yogurt as a suitable alternative after heavy dinner.
This one's a yogurt, but this meyer lemon is so unique, the flavour that is extracted is really special too. Could not tell what it was until they told me it was a hybrid of Lemon & Orange!

5. Brown Sugar : made in Tarama Village. This gelato offer a sweetness with a complex, mineral-rich finish.
Natural Sweetness from a Village in Okinawa, very satisfying sweet flavour from Japan.

6. Purple sweet potato : From Yomitan villange and Miyako island. The purple sweet potato is made into velvety paste before blending into the gelato. The overall taste combined a mild sweetness and intense potato “punch”.
Sweet Potato lovers, please look here! This Purple Sweet Potato Flavour will kick you off your feet with it's intense sweet potato flavour, you might even think that you are eating a cold creamy sweet potato and not a gelato!

7. Matcha : Using tea leaves from Shizouka Prefecture, this gelato has intense yet slightly bitter after-taste. Great for matcha lover who is looking for the real matcha “punch”.
Matcha addicts, THIS ONE YOU DIE DIE MUST TRY! It's almost like they just mixed some intense matcha powder with some water and milk. The matcha powder is so strong, it's stronger than most of the matcha tea i drink. lol.

8. Okinawa Tofu : Made in Nanho city. Okinawan tofu, being extremely high in protein, is often referred to as “longevity food”. The overall gelao is gently rich with Okinawa soya beans.
Tofu is made from soya beans right? At first mouthful, really taste like cold frozen tofu. 2nd mouthful, I could taste the soya beans taste. Haha. 

Super love how all their flavours are so REAL, it's because they only use REAL ingredients to make their gelato, and no artificial flavours added one!

Currently they do not have any physical scoop shops yet.
They are open for Wholesale & Franchise!
You can contact them via email ( or Call (+65 9239 6043)

You can follow them on Instagram (@okinawagelato) to know their latest update and whereabouts!

If you have a favourite cafe or you know friends who are interested to start up their own business, why not contact them to start sharing the love for the best Gelato in Okinawa.


With Love, M

Monday, August 15, 2016

Slide the City for the Rainbow in Singapore 2016

Hey Hey Hey! Summer Time is Here! And what better way to counter the heat than to Get Wet! Yes! I want to share with you an event where you can have a fun time PLUS do charity at the same time!!

Slide The City is coming to our sunny shores this November in TOWN! What is Slide the City you ask me. Do you remember when you were young, you've probably played on a water slide in a water park, so Slide the City is the UPGRADED VERSION! Come Join in the Coolest Summer Party Ever!

So how much to enjoy the thrill of sliding in Town?

Slide the City is an event where everyone can take part in charity while having fun! Part of the proceeds from their every event will be contributed to a local charity. Since Slide the City is held in so many places around the world, they have left footprints in places like Hong Kong, Lancaster,UK and now in SINGAPORE! 

The Official Beneficiary of this event in Singapore is Club Rainbow! Club Rainbow is a non-profit organisation which serves more than 700 chronically ill children, ranging from 0–21 years old in Singapore. Some of the illnesses our children suffer from include neurological disorders, blood disorders, heart diseases and rare genetic disorders. Many of them require frequent hospital visits for treatment, complicated therapy and long term medication.

So Please feel free to jio as many friends as possible to join in the fun and also get to do Charity as well! Well, it's not Everyday that you get to Slide on your bellies like a penguin in the heart of Singapore, right? Make sure to bring your weapons designed for fun to spray, splash and get soaked! 

Date: 25th to 27th November 2016
Venue: The Float at Marina Bay
Time: 8am to 10pm Daily

Register here and See you there!

With Love, M

Friday, August 5, 2016

Have you heard, There's a Food Festival at 313@Somserset!

Hello Hello!

It's the weekends! And what a better time to relax and enjoy good times with delicious food!
313@Somerset is having a Food Festival from now till the 21st of August 2016!

What about this Food Festival?
You can get up to 50% OFF food offers with the participating tenants and enjoy more while paying less!! Time to JIO all your friends are crush out!

WAH SO GOOD DEAL! How to get?
Simply Download the Tring 313 App on App Store or Google Play store.

Even better news for first time customer who download the app, because you will get a FREE Welcome Surprise deal from either Candy Empire, Chocolate Origin or llao llao! Shiok anot! These deals are while stock last, so fastest fingers first!

What deals can I get on the Tring 313 App?
There are awesome participating tenants like HAI DI LAO, MARCHE, ISEE ISEE, DUKE BAKERY and MORE! You have to download it yourself to find out all!

They are also holding a Best Foodies Forever! Instagram Contest.
All you have to do is do what a foodie do best. Snap your food adventures and share it on instagram, Follow @313somerset and tag your photos with #313Foodie to be one of the 8 Winners in the draw for $100 313@Somerset Vouchers!

So, start downloading the app now and enjoy your meal at a discount! 
Save your money but eat to your fullest!

With Love, M

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Homemade Tamago experience at Barashi-Tei

New Japanese Store is opened in Dhoby Ghaut area!
Founder and Chef, Mr Wang Zhen Feng is proud to present Barashi-Tei, his new Japanese restaurant which serves only dishes made with freshest ingredients from Japan. With an able team in the kitchen and a head chef with more than 30 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, this is one Japanese restaurant to take note of.

We started off the Japanese Food Night with an Avocado Salmon Salad($13.80). Creamy goodness from the Avocado gave this salad a pretty interesting texture on my palette.

Sashimi Salad ($13.80)

My favourite Maki of the night is the Spicy Salmon Maki($12.80). Super Shiok with crispy Tempura Prawn and Torched Salmon!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE POST - Homemade Yaki Tamago ($5)
Don't judge it by it's appearance, this the the best $5 you'll ever spend on!
The homemade Tamago Yaki retains the natural eggy yellow, not those overly Yellow type you see outside. and the burnt bits rolled in together makes each piece unique on it's own!

This beautiful little Garden is the Rice Paper Ebi Maki($10.80) from Barashi-Tei. A really good option for the carbs consious friends.

Between the Chirashi Don ($23.00) and the Bara Chirashi Don($13.80), I prefer the latter cos easier to dig in! Haha. All chopped up for my convenience to just dig in after a photo taking session. Hehe. However, I must say that the Chirashi Don have really thick slices of fishes. Worth it la for $23!

I super super love this Kurama Ebi ($7.80). The generous sprinkle of the golden brown fried garlic added so much flavour and texture to this. I can finish it on my own omg! The Wasabi Ebi ($7.80) did not impress, maybe due to the lack of the wasabi kick.

Very shocking dish to be served at a Japanese Restaurant. The Sirloin Steak with Foie Gras ($19.80) was not impressive.

Oyster loving friends, rejoice! Barashi Tei is bringing the grilled oyster to a whole new level, by wrapping them with BACON! Yes ! Charred and oily goodness, the Oyster Bacon Kushi ($3.80) is a delightful snack to go with your Japanese Beer!

Gindara Nabe ($24)

End the day with Japanese Flavoured Ice Cream is at $5 each. Flavours range from Matcha to Black Sesame and Yuzu and more! Check out their dessert menu la! 

Overall I had a great time at Barashi Tei.
Please visit them to try out the TAMAGO and the Kurama Prawn and the Spicy Salmon Maki!

266 Middle Road
Singapore 188991
Tel: 6837 0506

Operating Hours:
1100 - 1500, 1800 - 0400
(Yes, they are open till 4 AM!!!)

With Love, M