Monday, December 30, 2013

{SPS} Mygenlife Drinks - Detox & Bustful

Today I'm going to introduce to you girls something that is convenient but does improvement to our body! :)

Mygenlife Drinks, With 5 Different types of drinks to cater to different needs, I'm sure there will be something for you! :)
The 5 different types are: Slimming, Detox, Whitening, Bustful & Beauty Collagen 12,000mg.

I got the honors to try out the Detox & Bustful Ones! They have beautiful colours that I love already!
Blue - Detox, Pink - Bustful.

They come in a box of 6 glass bottles.
Slow infrequent bowel movements may cause fatigue, bloat and overall sluggish feeling.
Detox Nectar drink stimulates cleanings by eliminating waste matter that sticks to the wall of the colon over the years. It also helps to maximize assimilation of essential vitamins and minerals in your body system.

Main ingredients:
Aloe Vera Gel SD 100x (patent) helps to maintain an optimal state of health. It levels the Ph, reduces stomach acidity and promotes gastro-intestinal bacteria balance.

Multi-Vegetable Enzyme essential in breaking down the food we consume and aids digestion

Multi-Berry Extract is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps to support your immune system and protect against free radicals damages.

Vitamin C & E. Vitamin C helps your body produce enough collagen to maintain the tissues of your digestive tract while Vitamin E helps to prevent oxidative stress and aids in the digestive system.

Dosage: 1 Bottle a Day.

If you are nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before consuming this product. Keep Out of reach of children and store in cool & Dry place. 

Bustful Nectar drink is a safe and natural drink-type supplement to nourish breast tissues. It also firms up and tones your bust. **

Main Ingredients:
Collagen Peptide (patent) renders elasticity to the breast, nouishes the lifgaments to boost the bust line

Pueraria Mirifica is a great source of classical phytoestrogens that supports development of your bust.

Green papaya juice has a rare enzyme that supports and simulates breast glands which is beneficial to your bust line.

Wild Yam (dioscoreae Rhizoma) Containts phytonutrients that supports the stimulation of breast growth. In addidion, It is beneficial to women's Reproductive health.

**Results May Vary

Dosage: 1 Bottle a Day.

If you are nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before consuming this product. Keep Out of reach of children and store in cool & Dry place.

Where to buy Mygenlife Drinks ? 
They are available at Guardian and on! Each box of 6 bottles is retailing at $49.90 Each! 

You want to win 1 box for yourself? I'm giving away the Bustful pack for you ladies to try! Woohoo! Just complete the steps required in the rafflecopter below and I will pick the winner on 8 January and will send it out before I fly off to Bangkok on the 11th ! :)

Good Luck and Happy 2014! :) a Rafflecopter giveaway

With Love, M

Friday, December 27, 2013

{SPS} ITOH Collagen Powder

Who want's Beautiful and Boing Boing Skin for the New Year? :) I know I do!! With So Many Collagen infused products in the market, Which one do I choose? :)

Thank you for the invite from which allowed me to try out ITOH Collagen Powder!

Star Points:
1. Color-less, Tasteless, Non-Sugar, Non-fat Collagen Powder

2.Contain 3000mg of Collagen per sachets, that can be dissolve to any drink or soup. Can be taken throughout the day. Low Molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen, to capture all the beneļ¬ts that collagen contributes.

Where is ITOH Collagen Powder Extracted From?
Extracted From Healthy Pig Skin and Cartilage, which are tested by Japan SPF Standard. Besides thatm Fat & Geletin are removed through High Purification Technology, therefore ITOH Collagen is Safe to consume and Taste-less.

Why Do We Need To Consume Collagen?
Our Collagen Level will start to drop once we Hit Age 25! OMG! I still have 4 Years!!

How Do I consume ITOH Collagen Powder?
ITOH Collagen Powder can be mixed into any hot Soup or Drinks like your Daily Coffee or Tea or Even Juice! It is highly Soluble and you wont feel any difference in your drink regardless of texture or flavour.

So How many packets of Collagen Powder Can I take and When Can I take it to get maximum result?
Recommended Serving is 1-3 Sachets per day and ITOH Collagen Powder is certified by FAO & WHO which makes it safe for everyone to consume, Except Vegetarian. And to get Maximum results, It is advised to consume on an Empty Stomach or before you sleep. :)

How long after start on ITOH Collagen Powder that I can see results?
As ITOH Collagen is formulated through high purification, It can be easily asborbed into the body system, hence result is usually visible after 1-2 weeks of consumtion, But it also vary on individual.

Where Can I Buy ITOH Collagen and how much is it?
ITOH Collagen is available at Guardian and Retailing at $49.90/Box! :)

So Lets Start Eating Collagen and Get our Boing Boing Skin in 2014!
With Love, M

Thursday, December 26, 2013

[F.T] Mischiefous - Gelato in your Neighbourhood

I would love it If The Ice Cream Man could be here whenever I need him to satisfy my Craving for Ice Cream. I would love to have a Ice cream shop around my neighbourhood but, the nearest I have is a Macdonalds.. So I envy you guys who stay at Tampines Block 801!

Blk 801, #01-261
Tampines Avenue 4
Singapore (520801)

With Many Flavours for you to choose from, And some are really special for example: "Blue Stuff", Who the heck knows what goes inside that one? It might turn you into a smurf or Avatar? Joking!

Price Ranges from $3.40 for a Single Scoop to $15 for a Pint, depending on your needs and Favourites. Their Ice Creams are categorized into 3 different types, Standard Flavour, Classic Flavour and Premium Flavour!

Patrons can let your artistic flare go wild at Mischiefous, the Beautiful Board allows you to draw to leave your mark here! Look at the many different artistic drawings! It somehow makes me feel like I'm home with this part of the shop..

Waffle with Ice Cream, Price Tag is below $10 and I must say they serve up quite a good waffle, a little heavier on the egg flavour but it's good. Pictured is the Dragonfruit Ice Cream and the "blue stuff" ice cream. 

Belgian Waffle - $3.00 for Plain, Ice Cream charged seperately

Mischiefous serves up pretty decent Coffee as well, although no latte art to look forward to, It's worth a try!

Affogato - Thick Coffee Poured over a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, Delicious!
Affogato - $3.80

Or you can just come and have a cup of Ice Cream and just Relax the day away.. :)

With Love, M

How was My 2013?

As the year is coming to an End, Many Thoughts are flowing through my mind and I wish to thank so many people for their help and understanding this year and I am also grateful for all the love that everyone have showered on me in 2013, My Readers, My Friends, My Sponsors, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Highlights of my year:


My First Recipe on the Blog:



I got "Cheated" for the first time of my money due to my obsession:

I attended a Talkshow recording for the first Time in my life and I got to meet many Stars and awesome people: /


I made A Huge Decision which I am Glad I finally did:


I went to See the Panda's with thanks to Openrice SG:


I Got Invited to my Favourite Secondary School Hang Out Place for a Tasting:

Nothing Happening on my blog in June because I was too busy with my religious stuff which I find it hard to explain to everyone, I will explain it to you guys soon.. When I find the chance. :)

LOL Toggle Recording for Season 2! Congratulations!!

I went for my favourite Instant Food Brand, CP, Blogger's Party:


I did a guide on how to buy things from taobao using a agent(

And I got Up close with a French Model.. Oooohh..


I Turned 21 YEARS OLD! :) (but my birthday chalet blog post is serverly overdue..)

I participated in a Campaign and I won something for myself for the first time. :)

I went for my first foot reflexology in Singapore at Feet Haven:


I found a beautiful place to have some good seafood and to chill out with friends!

I went for another Food trail, this time in Tampines 1!

The Christmas Mood was already setting in In November with LollyTalk!

Went on the Naval Ship RSS Endurance for the first time in my life and I must say I am Impressed!

I've been busy hunting for presents and planning parties that I hardly had time to blog! REALLY PAISEH!

I had a sparkling Christmas with the Intercontinental Hotel Groups!

And I wanna Thank Morganfield's Singapore for giving me a Chance to host my own small Christmas Party with their Festive Christmas Platter!


All in all, My 2013 has been a Wonderful one and I could not have enjoyed it if without everyone who appeared in my life, With many First Times and Too many exciting memories that I will never forget. And also, I have witness the vulnerability of life with the few natural disasters that Happened and My most sincere condolence to their family.

I wish Everyone to have a great 2014 ahead and Start Buying all the Chinese New Year Clothes and Prepare to Gamble During the Chinese New Year to win some Extra Pocket Money! And I also wish myself to advance further in my career and also in my blogging world and I will say this again, I want to slim down! Hahahahaha! Let's see if I can do this in 2014 alright? :)

What's Huge that is coming up in 2014 for me is:

Bangkok Trip on 11-15 January!
Laneway Festival on 25th January!
2NE1 Concert on 4th April!

I can't wait for these exciting things to happen! Do you have things to look forward to in 2014? :) Share them with me! Hahaha, I would love to hear about it!

With Love, M

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eggs & Berries - Changi City Point

Tucked away in a Corner in Changi City Point, Which is also a hidden gem in the east despite it's convinient location beside the Expo Mrt. Changi City Point has a few worth trying places and Today I am going to share with you Eggs & Berries which landed here in January 2012. 

Eggs & Berries
5 Changi Business Park Central
#01-27/38 Changi City Point

Egg Benedict, I was Craving badly for Brunch Menu, therefore this had to come on top of my list.. But I did not want 2 Poached Eggs as I wasn't too hungry, lol, So I got this Egg Benedict, Single Poached Egg! Delicious with the Fresh Salad and The Fragrant Rosti and deliciously Poached Eggs and Crispy Bacon!

Take Another Look at It, Just Look At It!

Some Truffle Fries Loving at Eggs & Berries :) Enough to curb the Crave but I've Definitely Had better!

If you are around Expo Or Changi Business Park area, you can visit Eggs & Berries yea! :)

With Love, M

Friday, December 20, 2013

[F.T] Christmas with the Intercontinental Hotel Group

Christmas is just round the corner! Have you decided on where to head to for christmas night for a lovely night with your loved ones? :) I was invited to attend A Sparkling Christmas with the Intercontinental Hotels Group namely Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Holiday Inn Atrium, Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre amd Intercontinental Singapore to have a first taste on what they have to offer this festive season! And I must say I'm quite surprised by the menu!

Tandoor from Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre served up an Indian X Christmas menu that was interestingly attractive. This Christmas Mince Pie a la Indiana is a crusty tart filled with dried fruit pudding and topped with a huge star is available on their Festive Gourmet Menu ($58) from 28 November to 1 January!

Tandoori Turkey & Roast Turkey($88++ Each) were baked with aromatic Indian spices for the wonderful flavour, definitely a different take on turkey this year!

Man Fu Yuan from Intercontinental Singapore has chose to Embrace the chinese in us (if you are a chinese) this festive season by serving up their Winter Solstice Festive Menu. Heartwarming dishes like the Claypot Rice ($12++ per pax) which allows diners to customize their own claypot rice with the many toppings available, for example: salted fish, Chicken, preserved duck etc.

If your elders do not like turkey, have a switch and try this Stew Duck with Yam! Tender pieces of duck meat and the melt in your mouth Yam pieces are sure to please them! 

The Nonya Assam Chilli Turkey by Chef Eric Neo of Intercontinental Singapore was my favourite that night! Surprisingly tender and flavourful turkey which taste a little like our Curry chicken. Yums!

For a Seafood Lover, I could not resist having seconds at the Holiday Inn Atrium The Melting Pot Cafe's Booth that night. Their Pan-seared Scallop on Fennel with a hint of Pernod Cream was refreshing and Huge! Yes, the plus sized scallops was topped with crispy rice krispies which added an additional punch to it!

And Of course, Which Christmas Party could do without a Log Cake? Festive Sweets are available as well, do check out what the Intercontinental Hotels Group have to offer!

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport's White Forest Log Cake ($62) is as good as it sounds! Velvety Smooth White Chocolate Mousse, filled with dark Cherries and Vanilla Beans, mmmm.. Sounds good enough for me to dive in!

Are things sweetening up this christmas for you? Personally I can't wait for christmas to come!
Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

With Love, M

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

{SPS} Biore Facial Cleansing Sheets - New & Improved!

Introducing the New Biore Facial Cleansing Sheets with 20% MORE Cleansing Oil with Thanks to Samplestore! Register at Samplestore and start Grabbing samples that you have been dying to try!

What's Better now?
  • Speedier Removal of Make-Up
  • Gentle To Skin - 50% less wiping on eyelashes, delicate eye area and face
  • Moist Feeling on Skin after Usage - New Hydrating Beauty Essence to leave skin moist and soft with no stickiness
20% More Cleansing Oil = Less Effort to remove make up = Easy to use = Can faster sleep! :D

New Packaging!
New air tight container to keep cleansing sheets moist for a longer period of time

Here's My Face with Make-up! I got put BB Cream, Fake Eyelashes, Eyeshadow, Waterproof eyeliner, lipstick & Lip gloss!

With the New Formula, It is said to be able to remove make up more efficiently which will result in lesser tugging on the delicate skin. :) Lets Do It! 

Just after 2ND Wipe, My Fake Eyelash can drop out already!! And My lash glue is those super lasting one! And by the 2nd wipe my eyeliner is almost all gone too!

After 4 Wipes my Make up is almost all gone! Look at my eyebrows! Hahahaha!

After 5 Wiipes, My Huge half of my face is clean and cleared of makeup! YAY! And I only used 1 side of the biore cleansing sheet, Which means I still have the other side to use to clean the other half of my face! Save Money also! Biore Cleansing Sheets are thick enough for me to use both sides of it!

I know I look weird in the photo above, So I would suggest you dont look at it anymore! :)

Where to buy this awesome product?
Available at all major pharmacies, Super/Hypermarkets!
Regular Tub - $17.90
Refill Pack - $15.60
Handy Pack(10s) - $3.90

With Love, M