Friday, December 27, 2013

{SPS} ITOH Collagen Powder

Who want's Beautiful and Boing Boing Skin for the New Year? :) I know I do!! With So Many Collagen infused products in the market, Which one do I choose? :)

Thank you for the invite from which allowed me to try out ITOH Collagen Powder!

Star Points:
1. Color-less, Tasteless, Non-Sugar, Non-fat Collagen Powder

2.Contain 3000mg of Collagen per sachets, that can be dissolve to any drink or soup. Can be taken throughout the day. Low Molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen, to capture all the beneļ¬ts that collagen contributes.

Where is ITOH Collagen Powder Extracted From?
Extracted From Healthy Pig Skin and Cartilage, which are tested by Japan SPF Standard. Besides thatm Fat & Geletin are removed through High Purification Technology, therefore ITOH Collagen is Safe to consume and Taste-less.

Why Do We Need To Consume Collagen?
Our Collagen Level will start to drop once we Hit Age 25! OMG! I still have 4 Years!!

How Do I consume ITOH Collagen Powder?
ITOH Collagen Powder can be mixed into any hot Soup or Drinks like your Daily Coffee or Tea or Even Juice! It is highly Soluble and you wont feel any difference in your drink regardless of texture or flavour.

So How many packets of Collagen Powder Can I take and When Can I take it to get maximum result?
Recommended Serving is 1-3 Sachets per day and ITOH Collagen Powder is certified by FAO & WHO which makes it safe for everyone to consume, Except Vegetarian. And to get Maximum results, It is advised to consume on an Empty Stomach or before you sleep. :)

How long after start on ITOH Collagen Powder that I can see results?
As ITOH Collagen is formulated through high purification, It can be easily asborbed into the body system, hence result is usually visible after 1-2 weeks of consumtion, But it also vary on individual.

Where Can I Buy ITOH Collagen and how much is it?
ITOH Collagen is available at Guardian and Retailing at $49.90/Box! :)

So Lets Start Eating Collagen and Get our Boing Boing Skin in 2014!
With Love, M