Friday, December 6, 2013

{SPS} Tenjo Jewellery X Michhysaurous

I'm mildly addicted to buy accessories, Maybe more than just mildly addicted.. I love to buy Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces.. I do not buy earrings unless they are magnetic ones, because I have not pierced my ear. ): But you get the point, I love buying accessories! And of course, Like many of the girls out there, I would LOVE it if my accessory was the only one in the world, Like it belongs to Me and Only Me!

At Tenjo Jewellery, They believe that every piece of jewellery should be very personalized. That is why they only carry 1 piece for each design. You will most likely never come across another person wearing the exact same piece of jewellery as you, They make you feel special..

With Proper Invoicing, You will be ensured that Tenjo Jewellery do not scam and is reliable!
I was sponsored this beautiful bracelet named Enchanted Fairytale, OH I love the name of it! I find that accessories that have a name to it is more attractive to me, haha! And by names, I mean like "Enchanted Fairytale", "Goth Princess" this kind, Not like "Gold Studded Black Leather Bracelet" this kind hor! 

The ordering process was relatively simple with little effort on my side. I just had to fill up a form on their facebook page and the owner/designer of Tenjo Jewellery will specially design a piece of unique jewellery for you based on your choices! Simple right? Of course you can also browse through their various exquisite designs before considering to make a purchase, Order forms are available on their Facebook page and also on their Website!

Customization usually takes about 14-30 working days depending on stock availability. You can browse through the various designs available on their Facebook Page or their Website. There are some ready made designs for couples as well! What a unique gift for your other half right? A Customized Bracelet designed just for the 2 of you, How sweet! Customization requires a Deposit of $20 Deposit which Will Be Offset at Checkout. To check out what are the options available for customization, Take a look here!
Close up of my Charm Bracelet - Enchanted Fairytail.


Tenjo Jewellery Offers FREE Registered Postage for all of their Orders to ensure that your Accessory arrive at your doorstep unharmed. :) And at Tenjo Jewellery, they make sure all their products are packed nicely in a drawstring bag and placed carefully into a Egg-Shaped Metal Tin to make customers feel like they are received a Gift, rather than just a feeling of "Oh my accessory come already" Kind of feeling. And this packaging is suitable for gifting as well! No need for extra charges for Gift Wrapping! :)

So do Check out Tenjo Jewellery for all the unique and one of a kind accessory to glam-up your outfit!
Order forms are up on their Facebook Page as well as their website! :)

Facebook: Tenjo Jewellery

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