Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[F.T] Merry Christmas with Morganfield's Singapore 2013

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Ding Dong Ding Dong.. Christmas is NEAR!! Have you got your christmas plans planned out already? Have you decided where to eat your christmas dinner? Or a place to just gather and chill? I have a good place to introduce especially if you have a huge group with a lot of hungry men.. :D

Morganfield's Singapore is the only place that I have been too to satisfy my cravings for pork ribs and I have not tried others, which I think I won't be going around hunting for better ones already, Morganfield's has a place in my heart now. Awwww. Although it's location at The Star Vista Mall, just beside Buona Vista MRT is considered quite a journey for someone staying in the East, I would seriously consider heading down again just to eat em Ribs! You will know why if You have tried. If not, You should go and Try, I'm serious!

First Up, Festive Drinks, I love all special Cocktails or Mocktails. Love how some seemingly impossible combinations can appear during special occasions and surprisingly taste good! :)

This Red & White drink is a fruity mix of lemon, watermelon and cranberry juice. Garnished with cold cold almost like frozen blackberries. Take a sip first, then take a bite of the blackberry then take a sip of the drink again. It will be different! :)
Red Christmas Cooler - $8.90++

This Sunny Winter Season Drink is made up of a refreshing mix of white wine, peach puree, diced green apples and oranges. ALCAHOLIC HOR! It is refreshing with a little kick of the alcahol. Personally I would recommend this to anyone who feels that having a little alcahol on dinner time. :) Refreshing and it cleanse your palate from the rich sticky bones ribs that you are having!
White Christmas Sangria - $12.90++

For the Beer Lovers, To those who prefers Beer over cocktails, Morganfield's has something for you! A smooth mix of American craft stout beer and Kronenbourg Blanc in a 1-litre frosty mug guaranteed to quench Santa’s thirst! Pictured is a Singapore Ten Dollar Note beside the Huge Mug, Just to give you a idea on how big the Mug is. We Only tried a few sips and could not down it further, Too full from the platter that you will feast your eyes on soon!
Santa's Big Mug - $21.90++

Sauteed Mushrooms with Parmesan

Highlight of the Post: Morgan's Christmas Platter for 4 - $149.90++

Special Sausages (6 Different Sausages)
Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones (Half Slab)
Christmas Thyme Sticky Bones (Half Slab)
Honey Baked Ham Slices
Turkey Drumsticks (2 Pieces)
Sides (Roast Pumpkin, Roast Potatoes, Corn Bread, Broccoli)

Available as a Christmas Party Takeaway or Delivery!
Top up $10 for a Festive Dessert Platter with every order of a Morgan's Christmas Platter!

This Huge Platter can Serve up to 4 Men or 6 Women please! But of course, if 4 girls with a big appetite can attack this platter at all means. :) Tender Half Ribs that are coated with 2 different sauces:
1. Christmas Cranberry - Sweet and fragrant fruity Sauce that complemented the savoury Ribs well and it is nothing like the sweetness you get in BBQ Hickory Sauce, please do not mistaken. (My Personal Pick!)
2. Christmas Thyme - Infused with aromatic thyme, this festive savoury sweet BBQ sauce is definitely going to make your Christmas a heartwarming one! Slightly less sweet but the special aroma of thyme lingers on the ribs as you devour it.

And If you do not want this platter but still want to try the Christmas Special Ribs, They are offered at - Half Slab $28.90 ++/ Full Slab $42.90++ . I'm so going back to Morganfield's Soon to get my ribs cravings satisfied! 
Morgan's Christmas Platter for 4 - $149.90++

Takeaway options available as well if you would like to enjoy these goodies in the comfort of your home, Or maybe you just paiseh to eat the ribs wildly in the restaurant and getting sauce all over your face. (Joking :P)
Terms & Conditions
• Delivery & collection starts from 11 Nov and ends on 30 Dec 2013
• Orders must be made 5 days in advance
• An additional $25 is chargeable for delivery per location
• Order can be made via phone (6694-3635) or email (

Picture as a reference on how big the platter is. (model:

Festive Dessert Platter - Consisting of Brownies, Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, Christmas Pudding and Bread & Butter Pudding. Warm and Cold, just like what we experience in Winter, Cold on the outside but warm and toasty inside. ^^ Sweet Treats to sweeten up anyone's day and it's sure to bring a smile!

Christmas Eve/Day Set Dinner Menu - $39.90++ per pax
Promotion Period: 24 & 25 Dec 2013
Have an ‘Oinkingly’ Merry Christmas Set Dinner. You can customise your own Christmas set menus from a selection of starters and mains at $39.90++ per pax.

Choice of Starters
• Special Festive Soup
• Special Festive Salad
• Caesar Salad
• Mushroom Soup

Choice of Mains
• Half Slab Sticky Bones
• Pork Ribeye
• Grilled Salmon
• Seafood Basket
• Tequila Chicken
• Herb Roasted Chicken

Santa’s Dessert

From Now Until 30th December, you get to enjoy the Morganfield's Christmas Menu that is sure to make you have a different look at Ribs! With Special Sauces and Special Festive Drinks and Desserts, It's sure to be a sweet & Happy Experience here at Morganfield's Singapore! Enjoy & be Merry~

With Love, M


  1. WOW! ribsSsSs! wonderful shots!

  2. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
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    1. Hi Clotee,

      Thank you for dropping by and I wish you had a wonderful festive season! All the best for your e-store and do let me know when its up! :)